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  1. So, as the Sci-Fi festival nears its end, I ask myself: What's going to happen next? Which genres will be focussed on, if any? Personally, I think a genre should be drawn out of a hat. No bias whatsoever, as far as I recall. Of course, catchy titles and slogans are a must. I can't say I have very many to put forward, but my meagre offerings shall be placed...

    Iwaku Mystery Month: Get an Iwaklue
    Iwaku Modern Month: Because real real life is boring.
    Iwaku Fantasy Month: A wizard did it.
    Iwaku Horror Month: Watch those plot bunnies. Alfred Hitchcock's moved on from birds.
  2. As a matter of fact we are already planning future festivals and working on ways that members can help be festival hosts once we get a timeline and system worked out.

    So people should start brain storming ideas! >:D
  3. Mature Month is a must.
  4. No. No. Mature Month is not a must. ._. Don't even get me started on you! I'LL GET STARTED. * ^* -waves fist at.-

    I like Horror Month
    And Desu Month.
    - w-
    And Nerd Month.
  5. Dude, like....Every month is "Mature Month" >.>;

    I'm all for Horror Month, since that could be quite interesting, especially with the horror buffs on this site..
  6. Given the success of this month, we do indeed have things in the pipeline for the near-future. It'd be great to hear what you guys would like to see happen.

  7. Horror month horror month horror month Horror month horror month horror month Horror month horror month horror month Horror month horror month horror month Horror month horror month horror month Horror month horror month horror month

    Onegai, horror-getsu wo shimasu ^^ (please, do a horror month) x)
  8. im up for a horror month....but i also love the idea of the mystery month...of course idk if i would want to be watson, sherlock, or poirot....
  9. I came to Iwaku during Sci-Fi month - not really knowing what it was all about.

    Now Sci-Fi month is coming to it's close and I'm involved in two well thought out, highly detailed Sci-Fi RPs that I would NEVER have ventured into otherwise! I think themed months are a great way to broaden horizons and explore rp genres that you haven't given much though into or even considered before!

    That being said - Horror and Mystery months sound amazing! With all the tips, hints and tricks that are given through out the month, it's hard to make the excuse that you're too intimidated to try being a criminal mastermind or a cold-hearted serial killer :)

    Keep up the great work staffers :D
  10. We need more ideas than horror month. There will likely be a horror month.
    We need more than just that.
  11. Role reversal Month - no just flipping gender roles, but a big month of genre twisting.

    This is what you get from your demands Kitti when I'm half asleep!
  12. I agree with the Horror month, we really need to do that as I do not see too many horror roleplays on this forum. I was thinking about setting up a sort of "Experimental Month", where new, strange kinds of stuff are tested, which you would not even dare to post otherwise, or something you have been working on for a long time, but never quite decided to try.

    The reversal month is a great idea as well.
  13. I like Ocha's idea. It's like the genre-bending challenge but for a whole month. =D I also quite like Mystery Month.

    Another idea: Comedy Month, Whatever-the-Katamari-rolled-up Month (or perhaps "I might be on shrooms Month"), Historical Month
  14. Romance Month. Steampunk Month. Classic Month (take classic story and change it/put it in different genre)
  15. Here is the group for future theme months. Please join and lend us ideas!

    You are all totally in luck because Horror Month is happening in October, and I am helping to run it! So you guys should think about OTHER festivals you want for now!