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  1. Premise:
    You have been granted a diary with the mysterious ability to fill in future entries before they even occur.
    Why have you been granted this gift?
    In order to participate in a great death battle against several other people (of whom you may or may not know) all of which have also been granted the gift of a "Future Diary".
    What is this madness for?
    The god, Deus Ex Machina, has begun to crumble and needs a successor to ascend his throne, and the last one standing in this death game shall be the one who becomes the successor

    Each diary has somewhat different abilities and their entries tell of the future from different perspectives.

    I am searching for Rp'ers who would like to join a RP based on The popular anime "Mirai Nikki" also known as "Future Diary" in English, and others who would like to see to it that this can actually work as an RP. ​
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  2. I deffinitly would like to Join, loved the anime!
  3. Haaa, I remember that. Interesting manga. I'll check this out for sure.
  4. Thanks for the interest, once we get seven or eigh people with interest, I'll get mmore into details, set up an OOC, etc,
    Also, would you guys prefer this to be an RP group or an RP thread?
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