Future Breaking News: U.S. President Discloses UFO Reality

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  1. [video=youtube_share;ozriOtrUVlg]http://youtu.be/ozriOtrUVlg[/video]

    Note: This is hypothetical, not a debate if aliens are real or not.

    Let us pretend that one day, you woke up and discovered that the President (or who ever your nation's leader is) mention that contact with other intelligent life forms has been made.

    How would you react to such news? And why?
  2. I'd be pretty worried, to be honest. First of all, I'd be glad that the public had been informed, but then I'd be like "EH? WHAT TYPE OF ALIEN?!". What if they were like future Nazis? We wouldn't know their philosophy on contacting other civilisations or their philosophy on rights and freedom. They could just be playing us along before they snatch us up and eat us and stuff.

    OH MY!

    To be honest, I reckon I would engage in mob mentality and have them all captured, tested and all that. SOZ FOR BEING HONEST.

    I'm an awful human being...
  3. Scared as shit. D:

    Anything more advanced than me (us) = scary as balls. They could so easily wipe us out if they wanted to, and we would have to trust that they don't. IT'S SCARY.

    You can see how we just as human beings have treated other less tech/society advanced cultures over History. Using our own history for an example of what's possible for -other- species out there... It's just, super scary. D:

    i think I would go on with "life as normal" and be stressed as fuck until it all developed and fell in to some sort of normalcy. And HOPING that the normalcy isn't the destruction of our kind. O____O


    Really depends on the aliens in question, I guess. If Westminster tomorrow alerted us to the fact that they'd made contact with some sort of gribbly eldritch deity from beyond the stars I think I'd start shitting my pants/preparing my cultist robes.
  5. If there really is a threat of a devastating alien invasion like the most over-the-top of our first person shooter fantasies, I imagine this would be a good idea for Earth to basically unite under a "New World Order" (also because it would be fun as hell to piss off all the tin-foil-hat morons busy fellating David Icke) and take an incredibly cautious finger-on-the-trigger approach.
  6. Oh Shit...

  7. Ok thinking logically for a second.

    WHat do we have to offer them.

    There much richer resources in out asteroid belt than on out planet (and unguarded bu nuke-weilding xenophobes) so thats not what they're after.

    If they're watching up it must be because we are different and they want to know about us.
    That said the bigger threat is what we would do to ourselves because we know they're there. Many would reject them or refuse to believe they exist *cough* earth is flat right? *cough* and so I wouldn't worry about the aliens themselves beyond fascination. I'd keep my wary eyes on my fellow man.
  8. This!

    But first I'd be dancing and chanting, 'I knew it! I was right. -Flips people off!- In your face!'
  9. Actually here's a thought. What if Aliens invaded...

    And life is still exactly the same as it is now?!?!?!?!

    Oo oo shocking.
  10. You are evil, mate.
    Now I'm going to be pondering that all day.
  11. How would I react?

    "Told you so."


  12. Actually, thats the idea of the roleplay that I have made recently. The name could be better though...

    Its in roleplay talk.
  13. I personally wouldn't be that shocked or care that much in terms of an alien presence being real. We do have a tendency to think that other life forms are hostile so people panicking would be pretty normal. Would be interesting to see how religions of the world would react.
  14. It's interesting to note how religions would react. I'll have to find the text, but I've read cases in the past where certain passages in the bible could be interpreted as an "alien" presence, such as strange lights appearing in the sky, the presence of strange beings, and so forth.

    Being a book written by Man, the bible can be interpreted in many different ways. That just happens to be one way I've heard folks interpret some of the passages.
  15. Gotta catch 'em all.

    Seriously, Pokemon are aliens.

  16. I wonder if Tom Cruise would dance on Oprah's couch again.
  17. No. I hear he's gay for someone else now.