Futa needs some partners! (FxF)

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Hello~ Futa! I have been craving a good FxF role-play :3 I have plots and one x ones we can figure a plot out for! But first I got some rules~

*I would like someone who can message fast, like the speed of light or a few posts a day
*I also prefer teen members but I am chill with adults as well
*I would like a Dom female, I am very submissive in a female x female role-play
*Please tell me if you want it to have sexual stuff in it, I am not saying these are sexual role-play but if you want some stuff in it then please tell me.

Alright now time to the one x ones and plots!

Werewolf x vampire
[spoili](No twilight!)[/spoili]
Sister x Sister
[spoili](Step if you'd like)[/spoili]
Best friends
(Highschool or college)
(Highschool or college)
Princess x Princess
Princess x Queen
Fairy x Elf
Cafe singer x Worker

My starry night
YC moves to Portland, organ for a redo during her first day of college. In the process she meets MC, a transgender female who wanted to also have a redo but is trying to get to NYC.
Will YC called mine? Or fall in love with them and try to keep them there.

That is the only plot I have XD, if you have any ideas or plots then please tell me!

So PM me or comment to this thread! Thanks!

Not open for further replies.