Furrynapped (Filled)

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  1. Bella is the daughter of a mob boss and is kidnapped by a rival mob trying to move in their territory. Bella fought against her capture's but ends up falling in love with one when she realizes he is not much different then her. She may be the daughter of the mob but she doesn't want anything to do with it, she just wants to go back to nature and live off the land, she hates her fathers crime life.

    You will be playing both captures and have free rain on if one is human, however the one she falls for must also be furry wolf. This is pm only so please email with any questions and a cs already done please, thank you!

    Kinks: (Wanted)
    Age difference (No more than 10 years)
    Dirty talking
    Orgasm control
    Pegging (MxF obviously) (Optional)
    Public sex
    Risk of/or being caught masturbating or having sex
    Rough sex
    Sex with an audience
    Forced masturbation

    Kinks: (Big no-no’s)
    Extreme pain/torture
    Honestly everything in the body stays in the body! (scat, golden showers, throw up)
    Vicious stretching
    (If not on this list assume I’m okay with it ask if you want to make sure)​
    Basic cs

    Pic (open)

    Name: Bella
    Age: 17-20 (Can flex if you have a certain age type)
    Type: Wolf furry
    Personality: Bella is egotistical and stubborn, she can be very sweet but hardly shows her softer side under her sarcastic shell.
    History: (My rp idea)

    Your cs:

    Age: 23-27
    Type:wolf furry
    History: Son of rival mob boss, (May add more if you like.)

    Age: 18-27
    History: The man who is sent to get the job done, (May add more if you like.)​
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  2. Could I Do The RP With You?

    Age: 26
    Type:wolf furry
    Personality: Energetic, smart-a$$, tries to please some of the time.
    History: Son of rival mob boss, basically he was in the Mob society as a little kid. Now taking a slight interest in Music. However, that doesn't change his smart-a$$ comments and his accuracy of a Tommy Gun.
    Theme Song: Saint by Playmagic

    Age: 18
    Type: Domestic Cat
    Personality: Out-going
    History: The man who is sent to get the job done,
    Themesong: Brazil by Happy Enemies & JETFIRE