Furry modern (character driven)

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Which city should this take place in?

  1. New York

  2. Tokyo

  3. Paris

  4. Other

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    Basic Plot

    In the large metropolis of New York (or Tokyo, or Paris open to suggestions) multiple species of anthropomorphic mammals and reptiles live together. But that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. A group of friends must find their way through the maze of politics, bigotry, technology and other blockades in order to stay together. The balance of city life, school and jobs is hard enough, but this group is made of individuals that are extremely different than one another. It’s a wonder that their friendship has lasted this long. Whether that will change in the future or not… is debatable.

    The RP

    Small group RP of 3-5 people, each playing one of the friends and multiple side characters.

    RP would span multiple arcs featuring one of the friends. Each role player should be prepared to take control of the RP at some point (though if anyone is uncomfortable with that we can work something out) The arcs can be simple everyday things and problems, to life threatening mysteries, to comedies.

    The friends should be ages 20-30 so some of them could still be in college, and others can be in the work field already. Their job can be anything that’s believable. Anything from CEO – Janitor.

    If anyone is interested in this I’ll put up the Signups once we have two other people besides myself. It’ll be Open Signups until we have 5 people, and then I will close it.


    AU Modern city with furries instead of humans. I was thinking New York, Tokyo or Paris. But if anyone has a better idea let us know.

    Technology is equivalent to present day, but there may be some extra things that help animals rather than humans. Feel free to come up with ideas and let me know about them.

    I’m thinking the friends should share a large house/condo with multiple rooms and wings.


    Open to suggestions.

    Should be the basic culture of the city that we choose in our world. Added onto that I’d like to add some form of bigotry against certain species in the city. This can be debatable.
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  2. This seems rather interesting, count me in
  3. Awesome, now we need one more person to get started. Do you have any preference where the main city should be? Or any other questions/thoughts?

  4. @adabotcon Nah not really, the location doesn't matter to me since i can easily adapt my character to pretty much anywhere (Yup, got the concept already :P) What comes to questions, nothing comes to my mind at the moment at least. Excited to see what comes out of this.
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  5. I would love to be a part of this :D

    Sadly I only have a PS3 right now, but I could possibly talk my way into borrowing my grandmother's if I tell her that I miss her :P
  6. @Summer Nights
    You're writing on a PS3? That's impressive I'm terrible with my phone let alone a console.

    I will get the of OOC up some time today! Witching the next few hours hopefully.
  7. Yep.... I'm better with a phone, since I can text like those 5 year olds who can use their parents' phones better than the parents XD

    But hey, it was either use a 3DS with a stylus or a PS3 on a flat screen and controller (sucks when people walk in though....)
  8. Writing with 3DS would take forever.... urgh
  9. And OOC is up
    @Rauzi @Summer Nights

    The IC will be up in either a week or when we get two more players. I still haven't decided on the city yet though I'm leaning toward New York.
  10. Still looking for one more person.
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