Furry Martial Arts Tournament

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  1. {The Furry Genre seemed to be dying, so i brought it back}

    ~Welcome to the F.M.A.T. Located in the beautiful Dashpin area.Where all sorts of anthropomorphic species gather to hone there skills on one another. !~

    He listens to the announcer go on about the match up.

    ~In this corner we have the beast of steel himself the one the only Mega Wolf!~

    He hears his name in disgust. He could have a four year old pick a better name than that.

    ~And in this corner his challenger Rogue!~

    Rogue flips on to the arena.

    ~19 years old. Weighing only 126 lbs. Here he is!~

  2. Locha sat cross legged in the audience. Her fight was god knows when. For some reason, they still haven't paired her up with anyone, but she didn't mind. She was patient. Hearing the announcer seemingly excited shouting into the microphone, Locha lazily scanned the arena scrutinizing each fighter. So far it was nothing special, but the black cat knew not to judge the book by its cover. Maybe this contest would turn out to be interesting. In the cheering crowd, Locha was one of the few who were quiet but attentive.

    ((I guess you were waiting for some to take the role of Mega Wolf, but for once I wanted to play a female character, so I hope you don't mind that ;) ))
  3. (( Naw i actually expected someone to come in like you did.))

    ~Alright let's see some action! Let me just step off the ring here~

    Mega Wolf started ranting on about how he was gonna smash Rogue.


    Rogue was a jack rabbit type anthro speed was his specialty. As soon as the announcer signaled start Mega wolf was struck into the corner by a kick to the face. Rogue appeared sliding on the ring in front of him. He taunted Wolf to come at him. "I'm gonna rip you to shreds you puny rabbit!" Wolf charged Rogue. When he got to Rogue he tried to grab his neck, but Rogue was already gone and behind him. He started kicking wolf left and right into a corner. When he was in the corner Rogue hook kicked him and spun him around. Rogue then tried to axe kick him but Wolf caught it. Wolf rose back to his feet and threw Rogue at the other end of the ring. "Man, That hurt!" He picked Rogue up and slammed him back down repeatedly. Finally he threw Rogue into a corner. He walked slowly towards him cracking his knuckles. "Die little bunny." Wolf rose his fist and hammered on Rogue for a while until Rogue caught one of his punches. "I'm so freaking sick of you!" Rogue repeatedly side-kicked Wolf in the rib cage until he broke his whole left side. Rogue let go of his hand and Wolf dropped to the ground. the crowd started chanting finish him! Rogue raised his hands and "Back in Black" by AC/DC started playing. He walked over to wolf and picked him with one hand and clocked him straight across the face. Then he jumped in the air and kicked him on the ground. Rogue skipped around the ring holding his fist up. "Perfection."

    Rogue washed up in the locker rooms and went to the main office to collect his prize money.
  4. The fight turned out to be slightly entertaining. Despite the wolf's size, the bunny rabbit won in speed. Moreover, the wolf's ego was searing of his pores in doses almost deadly so it was clear that he would lose the advantage just on that. Ego blinded everyone, that was why Locha always kept low profile. Seeing Rogue win with such a subtle touch of a good song, intrigued Locha ever so slightly. Though, what it had done was re-awaken Locha's desire to get in the arena as well. The fight was finished so she decided to go and talk to the organizers to see if they had any luck pairing her up with someone.

    The cat didn't know whether she had that effect on others but whenever she was making a contact with anyone, they seemed to get antsy for some reason, as if her presence irritated them. Or maybe she was just talking to the wrong kind of people. Anyway, due to that, as she was leaving the office, instead of a polite good bye, she nearly slammed the door. Breathing out heavily, to calm her nerves, Locha leaned against the wall no far away from the office, crossing her arms over her chest. At that point she saw Rogue all patched up from the fight, or at least cleaned up. "Good fighting." She said with a certain amount of appreciation, not caring whether Rogue was the same type as everyone else. She always had to acknowledge a positive thing.
  5. Rogue paused before going into the office. "Thanks. Are you a fighter as well?" Rogue folded his arms and gave a smile.
  6. Locha nodded, pushing herself off the wall she stood at 5 feet and 6 inches, slender body but not losing the female curves. She was muscle toned, but more of an agile and flexible type. "I am, but I don't do the same style as you," she said in a light and friendly voice, extending her hand forwards. "Name's Locha."
  7. [​IMG]Reyna is strong but fast at the same time shes also very flexible giving her a good chances of winning. She is seductive but also still very kind. (Hey shiro!)
  8. (Hi Riu.)
    Rogue took Locha's hand. "Nice to meet you. Name's Rogue. You fighting soon?"
  9. "Tomorrow. They finally managed to pair me with someone. Still don't get what took them so long." A hint of annoyance flashed through her voice but it was gone fairly quickly and Locha returned to her old self. "How much are you getting for this fight? If you don't mind me asking."
  10. Rayna walks by Rouge her tail flicking back and forth hitting rouge 2 times before she ran off to the locker room to get ready for her fight. "Man i was paired up with another brawny and stupid guy" She makes a pouty face she hits the locker door she uses with her fist creating a dent in it "Wow these gloves do protect my fist nice!"
  11. "Oh, Well that's good..." Rogue was completely nervous the annoyed tone in her voice occured when that other girl walked by. And only dimmed when she went into the locker room. "Well, I think I'm getting about five-hundred. Your average match wager."
  12. Rayna walks out as the announcer starts to announce who will be fighting "We have in the first corner.... Ray rabbit And in the next we have Rayna!" "Would you mind going easy on me?" She says looking at him "I am probably weaker than you." "Uhhhhhhh *He rubs his head* Sure lady haha" "Start!" Rayna welcomes the rabbit with a flip and a kick to the top of the head. The rabbit looks dazed and tries to swing but rayna dodges by doing a split lifting her leg and kicking him in the ankle. He falls to one knee and tries to punch her again moving from side to side limping. "I never said id go easy on you" She punches him dead in the face knocking him out and winning.
  13. Rogue looked on unpleased. Ray was too easily swayed. He got up and left the cheering crowd. "What a waste, I'm going home." Rogue left the F.M.A.T. building. His apartment was in a broken down neighborhood. People passing by congratulated him. The only way word got around in this neighborhood was either radio or word-of-mouth. Rogue walked for a bit and then came down an alley. He ran into some thugs. Rogue clenched his fists. "You ready?" In a flash everyone of them was down for the count. "Pointless." Rogue unlocked the door to his apartment and slammed it behind him.
  14. Kara was following rouge being intrigued by his personality. She knocked on his apartment door banging louder each time. "hello?" She waited outside his door fixing her shirt and skirt.
  15. Rogue came to the door with a juice box in his hand. He wasn't wearing his jacket and was only in shorts and shoes. He was wearing MMA official gloves. He was obviously training. He opened the door and saw the woman standing outside. "Who is-- Your that girl from earlier. Congratulations. So what did you need?"
  16. The girl let herself in "hey can i stay here tonight i dont have an apartment...." She looks around her eyes setting on the couch and she scratches her head. She seems nervous
  17. "Sure." Rogue opened the door more and signaled for her to come in. "You can use my bed, I'll sleep on the couch. Shut the door behind you." Rogue walked over to his equipment area and started training on the bag. 3:00 minute intervals, 1 hour total. The bell went off and Rogue was throwing all sorts of kicks and punches. "You'd have to know the neighborhood pretty well to find my place with such ease. Where you from?"
  18. "nope i just followed you and i just got here from cano" she laughs a bit and looks up seeing thick metal bars with spacea near the cieling " ill sleep on those "she points
  19. Rogue stops the clock on the timer and looks up, breathing heavily. "The support beams? Are you sure?" Rogue threw his hands up in surrender. "Well then I'm going to take a shower. You need anything else?"
  20. "nope im fine" she runs up the wall and does a flip off it grasping the support beams and pulls herself up. "thanks for being so nice" she looks at his small kitchen and thinks maybe i can cook for him.