Furry Males Wanted.

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  1. Hey there I am looking for furry males, futas or shemales who are up to playing with my wolf, lioness and my ice dragon. I am looking for the rps to be over forums and I am a submissive so I am looking for dominants. I have many plots in mind and I am open to many types of anthros. So let me know what your wanting to play and which one of my girls your interested in. However if you want me to rp two characters then you have to do the same for me as well. Note I do not email, pm or messenger role play, only on forums here, sorry about that. I also play male anthros for gay rps as well which I am also a sub in. My males chars are a wolf, cheetah and my dear alien male.

    Here are lists of the kinks I am looking for and the ones I don't want.

    Kinks I Want

    Foreplay Before Sex
    Tail Fucking
    Light Bondage
    Male Pregnancy (For Yaoi)
    Leash/Collar Play
    Older Partners

    Kinks I Hate

    Rough Sex
    Hardcore Sex
    Being On Top
    Hair/Fur Pulling
    Being Cummed On
    Hardcore Bondage
    Feet Tied Up
    Pain Of Any Kind
    Too Much Teasing
    Bathroom Play
  2. Hmm I'm interested but just have one question, what is your prefered posting length?
  3. Im interested in this as well i mostly play males in MxF
  4. I am interested. Drop me a Pm sometime.
    We can discuss this more.
  5. I would like to do one with you. PM?
  6. Hey! The last conversation I think was deleted. So...you still up for it?
  7. @HollowSoul Would your dragon girl like to play with a Minotaur?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.