"Furry" Genre???

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Alright, I love the Roleplay Resume and have used it at least two or three times in looking for players. But one thing has mystified me for quite some time. Yeah, it's in the title. Why is "furry" listed as one of the genres one might like or dislike? It seems like a very vague term with several interpretations, and as such isn't really helpful (to me, at least).
Well don't think I can really enlighten you at all but I'm guessing it's just that because I like to RP a lot as anthropomorphic characters and not many RP's I find don't allow it very often so they made the "furry" half of it. Well that's how I interoperate it anyway
It is strange, as a genre. I'm not sure. I, do, play anthropomorphic characters, though I don't really perceive it as it's own genre. Maybe if the entire cast was, but even then it could still be classified in some other genre. Maybe it was just a joke?
Its because that the term most people use what they complain about it. "Furry" mainly meaning RPs with mainly anthromophic characters. You'll need to confirm this with Diana though since I didn't write the survey.
That was just an example of what a Genre might be. XD I jotted down the first few that popped in to my head at the time. If I listed ALL possible Genre in the example form, it'd be a huge list... >>; People are supposed to fill in their own data, not just use my examples.

People could list down the genre they like/dislike as vague or as specific as they want to. .__.
"Furry," as a genre is kind of (pardon the pun) fuzzy. The term suggests very little about possible plot content. Sure there are "dealing with nature/man" plots, but from what I see, most of it is just fantasy or slice-of-life with anthros.

It's also funny how I know more than a couple of people who are repulsed by the idea of an anthro game, but when if you said "Sonic the Hedgehog RP" then they'd be cool with it. Partly from fond memories. Partly from the implicit guarantee that the plot won't involve sexual stuff. I realized I'm sort of like that myself--not quite repulsed, but at least offput unless it's clearly similar to Sonic, Looney Tunes or Aesops Fables or something like that. Aren't we human's funny creatures?

It's similar but not quite as vague as when Asmo and his minions talk about "anime." Anime is a medium, like TV, film, or books. Anime covers just about every genre so if you tell me you saw "anime" the word alone won't tell me if you're watching some realistic domestic drama, unrealistic martial arts show, or trippy psychological horror story.

If you mean stuff that uses tropes that just about never occur outside of anime, like harem comedies involving space aliens and the girl next door fighting over a bland everyman, that's cool. I understand then. High school kids with superpowers? Kind of fuzzy. Are some X-men adaptations "anime" by that classification? Schoolkids with superpowers in Japan? Not necessarily, but extremely likely, okay. The same goes for just about any setting involving Japan, though I have a hard time seeing Rokugan that way.

Okay, so let's assume that kind of stuff is what's meant by "anime." How much of that is actually in any of the games where the complainers complain about "anime shit" mucking up the game? Not much. I've been trying to figure it out so maybe I can avoid offending, but the failure to clarify makes it difficult. Heck, Asmo's favorite posts of mine are usually influenced by at least some anime I've seen(influenced albeit not copied). Is it just players with common "big-eye"-style designs for their chara-sheets that annoy the "anime"-haters? Or is it just that some posters use "anime" as shorthand for "lolrandom and poorly-written?"

Didn't mean to hijack, but, yeah, main idea="It's hard to avoid offending sensibilities if they remain too vaguely defined; it would be nice if some things were a bit clearer."
As much as Coffee's reply is brilliant and very true.... Well, that's why we have an entire resume for people to fill out in full. XD No broad genre is very detailed, but a person can -be- detailed through the resume by listing very specific things they like/dislike.

...like Diana lovese pic Space Saga Pirate Sci Fi but not Space Saga Mecha SciFi... D: and if I reeeaaally wanted to fill out a detailed resume, I'd explain where I might like mecha and where I wouldn't.

....But then we'd have a Resume the size of my Roleplay Survey. XD