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Furry Art Contest!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by AzureBlazer, May 16, 2014.

  1. OK. This is basically a test of skill. I want all of you to take the few details I give you and draw/color a picture of the character I am giving you. The winner with the best artwork will become my official artist for all of my characters from here on out. The Details are as follows;

    -Man and his Wolf form side-by-side.
    -Man with muscular build.
    -Leather black hair/fur with silver tint.
    -Bright green eyes that mean business
    -Man has long, spiky hair as wolf has smooth/slick fur.
    -Scar along man's face going from his left eyebrow, over his left eye, and down to the very tip of his upper lip.
    -Man wears Blue jeans with torn knees, black sneakers, red T-shirt, and black unzipped hoodie with hood up.
    -Man is in mid-twenties in age.
    -Man has a longsword sheathed and slung over his shoulder.

    There's the details. Also, draw a decent background.
  2. I'll get to work immediately, though I cannot promise fast results.
    I will edit it into this post when finished.