Furry anyone?

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  1. Hello guys and gals, I have been thinking about this for quite awhile. Now alot of people when they see 'Furry' they think bad things. This is NOT what this RP would be based on. Now I'm sure some people could find a romance with another furry character but I mainly wanted it to be just a place where only Furry characters can join. Problem is i'm not sure what kind.
    I had a couple ideas:
    Mass Furry Types; meaning everything from lycans, cats and people with furry tails and ears to angels and people with wings even.
    Animal Only; meaning only real animals like a cat dog or rabbit, no shapeshifters or half mixed things.
    Only Lycan types; meaning they HAVE to be a standing animal type either like a full furry wolf or were cat or something or a human with animal features.
    Parts Only; meaning they actually have to have a humanish form but they also have to have furry parts such as a tail ears or wings.

    Now I suppose give me your opinions or a vote or whatnot, first to see how many people would actually WANT a roleplay anything like this, and then second for what type people would want. I personally like the Mass Furry since I love all kinda of different furry creations but i also know it could be a bit hectic with rules and an explanation to why there are only furry things.... I may be able to come up with something for that though. I don't really want a pet/slave thing I've seen those go bad quickly. So please just let me know what you think.

    Some picture ideas for creature types:
    Were creature (open)

    Human/Animal (Aka Neko) (open)

    Angel/Bird(i consider it different than a neko type) (open)

    Fantasy Creature(From legend or your own mind) (open)

    Regular Creature Slightly Altered(Like a blue fox!?) (open)

    Regular mostly everyday animal (open)

    Now i figure any and all of these could be mixed and matched ^^ Have fun? XD
  2. Axel's gonna have wings in this one. Him and Jace [if I decide to bring him along as well].
  3. Lol sounds kewl ^^ I know deathrillz has a kewl character planned... hopefully more people will like the idea. I may just have to put up the actual RP and see who joins ^^
  4. you and deathy bro and sis? o_@
  5. So in ^^;
  6. @Uki Lol good to know
    @Power No lmao but i have known him for many years. He has to use my internet, he doesnt live with my bf and i but he's here ALOT lol. So he usually knows everything I know and I know everything he knows ^^ So practically bro and sis yes
  7. lemme know if you need a badguy. i can do anti furry so well people forget that i'm joking!

    i wan to try my 'acting' skills on him >=D
  9. Color me interested. I'd say Mass Furry because I see the most possibilities for a story there. I've got a few characters rolling around in my head already, so I'll be keeping my eye on this thread.
  10. Oh mai, I will join *blushy, embarrassed face*

    I also find the idea of a were creature interesting. I will definitely make one of them.

    You have a great idea going on here, I know it will be successful.

    But, I am really thinking hard on the neko. =)
  11. I'll go with anything =w =fantasy is my passion
  12. Sounds interesting. I'm in.
  13. pfffft.
    You all ain't got nothin on dis.
    I'm in.

  14. I want to be a part of this! Lol. Hope I'm not too late. ;
    I liek the idea of having them all in there.