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  1. Introduction: Hello everybody! This is a little forum I am making to try to sell people on my idea. This is something that I've been tinkering with for a long time and done with many people, but 9/10 it just sank. I think with this site and this platform though it can be made into something magical. Ill let the idea speak for itself though.

    Plot: It all began in Greece long ago. The Greek gods and goddesses live in Mount Olympus. There was of course Hercules, the son of the king of the gods Zeus himself. When Zeus king of the gods had his son he gave him a gift in the form of a winged horse called Pegasus. Since the creature was made by the gods it was a powerful beast of a creature.Hercules and Pegasus grew up around the same time as each other. (The gods worked it out so Pegasus aged the same time Hercules did) and it came to the point where Hercules went out to become a hero and save the greek's. Of course Hercules used Pegasus a lot with running and flying. However. He took things a bit to far.The demi god was a creature who had his urges. Sexual urges. He used the winged horse for that though and the only reason he would do that cause the owner of Pegasus whispered sweet nothings in his ear and said even though he was a human/god and the other was a horse that he was in love. For a whole year the horse would get such sweet words spoken to him and the two would have love. Pegasus thought it could not get better.One day in the heavenly planes of Mount Olympus, Pegasus got a gift for Hercules. Sure they could not verbally communicate, but the horse was smart and knew how to tell his owner what he wanted. He got him flowers as a way to say he loved him back. But he saw that the king of the gods and his son talked. One thing that was drilled into his brain even at a young age was that the horse was not allowed to come in on their conversations as father and son. But he could not help, but overhear what his love and father-in-law would be talking about."Look father. He lost his purpose. The enjoyment is not there anymore. If you can't fix it then just kill him and get me a new toy" A thunderous response from Zeus "I keep telling you! That was a gift from me! You need to learn to deal with it or have sex with someone else" An annoyed response "Father this is getting to me! I'm tired of having to say oh babe I love you. Did you work on your wings, your legs are buff.' Its annoying" The arguments kept going and Pegasus heard enough.Going into a corner of the world in the middle of nowhere eyes were red as the god horse was crying his eyes out. Months of lies and emotional build up for this. What was there to live for now? What was life's meaning? No ... No this is not going to be it. This isn't going to be his end he told himself. Hercules will pay. It will probably spark an uproar with the gods, but one thing that was dead set in Pegasus mind was Hercules will die. On earth Pegasus gathered every animal he could find. The ones that had been wronged by gods ... no. They were not gods. They were humans playing gods. They had human appearances and looks about them. It was disgusting. Anything that could walk or fly was accepted with this new animal army at the ready to attack. They went into Olympus ready to attack. In the heavenly Olympus the animals went for the weakest god they could find Aphrodite. The animals swarmed onto her and peguses especially to show that he was not going to mess around. Soon he drank some of the dead goddesses blood. It was an accident, but a happy one because after this the winged horse started to stand up right and got more human like feet and hands. He shared this powerful liquid with his other animal friends. Least as much as he could til the goddesses was dry. The now dubbed new super animal human god powered furries (Or just furries) were taking each god one by one. Soon they easy outmatched the gods and killed them all. They all fall and soon the only one was left was the one who started it all. Hercules himself. In the middle of Athens the demi god was hanging from a rope and was told of his crime of fooling the god horses heart. His hands were bound with the strongest chains and by a few of the stronger furries holding him in place. As the last one who could fight the new gods Pegasus made Hercules give up humanity being in control and gave it over to the furries. After this the last human god was killed. After words each furry (One male for every species) ascended to Olympus to keep there control and keep control of the human race. That is how furries got to rule the world .

    Post Plot Talk:
    This idea as you can see is very focused on animals and furries. So as you can imagine I am planning for some kinky shit, but at the same time don't let that fool you into thinking sex is all I want. Hell didn't make that long plot for nothing ya know. Now the setting can take place right after the rise of power with furs or in modern times. Or if people really want it can take place right where the war starts and do it differently. I think that all the various gods and rules that can be put in place this can be something special especially for the kink. Of course I'd like to have a top god like Pegasus or such. Not to sound selfish, but it is my idea :P anyway so ya. Anyone want in? Anyone want to make suggestions or claim any characters? This is really open to anyone who wants to take the human slave/pet side or the dominate furry or god furry side. Lots of open room.
  2. Pegasus
    Pegasus Nude (open)


    Character Name: "Pegasus"
    Gender: "Male"
    Species/Race: "I am the only one of my kind."
    Age: "Almost a hundred winters old"
    Birthplace/World: "Olympus"
    Occupation: "Keeper of the new world"
    Family: "None"


    Height: "Now that I am walking upright 9'9 though I can change my height. I don't see why I would ever want to though."
    Hair: "White on most of the tips of my limbs though my body's coat is a light grey. The hair along my arms is longer than most of my coat. My mane would have to be the darkest color on me which even then is a darker grey and falling along my shoulders. I do not cut my mane nor my tail and can grow them as long or as short as I please."
    Eyes: "Blue like the mid-day sky"
    Distinguishing Marks: "A white patch on my chest that spans outwards before fading away."
    General Appearance: "Besides what you see now? A cloth to cover me at times though I'd rather walk around with nothing on. It always made me wonder why humans covered themselves when it was not even winter. Do not expect to see me in much man made clothes."
    Strengths: "I am much stronger than most as well as faster and better. I have not explored much of my powers but rather spend my time helping rebuild this new world."
    Weaknesses: "Why do you wish to know?"
    More: "My wings, though white along the ridge of the feathers are light grey like my body. They span out to my height and are usually folded behind my back."


    Allies: "I see all furry kind as equals."
    Enemies: "The previous Gods and anyone that tries to break this new world."
    Current Goal/Purpose: "To finish rebuilding the world I broke and reform it to perfection."
    Aspirations: "Beyond all I have stated before? To have a lover that shares my views... to create something wonderful."
    Hobbies: "Reading, learning, and have sex in this new body of mine as well as test all it's limits and capabilities. Speaking, although new to me, is not a pastime of mine that I enjoy engaging in."
    Likes: "I'd have to say both men and women of the human species as well as their food."
    Dislikes: "Being treated and called an animal. It will be the last mistake you will ever make."
    Talents: "Flying is my passion. If I had more time to do it I would."
    Inabilities: "I become to passionate about things that it can drive me to the point of insanity."
    Fears: "To die. Yes, all might fear death but I wake up to nightmares about death."
    General Personality: "Strong, brave and loyal to a cause. I will not at any point show weakness or be a hypocrite to my own preachings. I will tolerate close to nothing if I see you not trying to attempting to do something. Fear is not cute to me and only the brave and bold will catch my attention. Intelligence is my only acceptation to those who I see are weak."
    Inner Personality: "Scared, alone and hopeful. Words I do not enjoy telling or showing others. As a leader I cannot be any of those things. I do not lie ever but I am a hypocrite in private. I am scared of my own dreams and the past. I do not want to get hurt again by anyone and if the moment arises I do not know what I will do if this society does not stand strong and prosper."
    Fondest Memory: "All those times he spoke kind words to me and made me believe he loved me. They are not memories I wish to remember but rather memories I wish were not lies."
    Biggest Regret: "I regret killing him and always will. Even through my blind rage I knew what I was doing."
    Secret: "I would give up the world and everything I have down to my last breath for a true love."
    More: "I have nothing more to say to you."
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