Furrie's Adventure

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  1. Good. I mostly been reading fanfics.
  2. A couple other, random good things:

    I applied to be part of Iwaku staff!

    I started using the tab bb code, and it works so much better for quotes that infinitely nesting spoiler text! And the tab system doesn't screw everything up for me, even on mobile!
  3. Black: When I woke, I didn't prepare myself for ___.

    White: Pokémon bullet punching Captain America.

    White: Throwing pacifists into a warzone.

    White: Lasers, beams, swords, whatever

    White: A crossbow bolt to the leg

    White: Zerberus

    White: A Vocaloid sniper

    White: An update post with no ETA as usual
  4. "The girl running the bar Alena keeps running to." He paused to take a sip from his tea.