Furrie's Adventure

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Furrie's Adventure

Well this story takes place in more fantasy times where swords, magic and summoning was more common. In this time there were two races Humans and animals but they weren't your average animals they stand on two, talk in human tongue, and wears clothing too. We refer to them as a furry well furrie's are more skilled in combat but poor in magic and summoning. Humans are well know to be equally matched in each skill but many humans differ.

Well onto the story the story goes that a group of six were traveling together to find a special item. This item was called the "Mercury staff" but never found it. For three years they were traveling and never found it so they just split up. For five years they never saw each other again until one day Seth bumped into an old friend from five years.

The rest of the story is to made up as we go, each post you can make your own but I will ask you not to play other peoples character NPC are fine. Well anyway I will also have to ask you to PM if you ever want to run into the group of if you want to be like a loner and find the staff for your self in other words the bad guy of the story. It can be equal a group of three good and a group of three bad, two good four bad, four good two bad but no one is going to be alone in obtaining the Mercury staff you at the very least need one other person with you. So if you would like to be a bad guy then PM if not just make a sheet.

Here is the character sheet to follow

Character Name:
Age: (only up to age 14 but add on an additional 5 years because they have been away for that long. Example: 15 add 5 to it so now he is 20. that is what I mean, not saying that you are dumb or anything)
Race: (you can be human or furry really. I would like it if someone would be a furry as well but you don't have to if you don't want to, also do tell me what animal you would like to be like a wolf, fox, ect.)
Appearance:(you can describe it if you would like to.)

Skilled in: (you only have three choices Combat, Magic, or Summoner. You can only have two one proficient in and one you only know very little but can still use to fight with.) (Example more skilled in/ less skilled in, Combat/Summon)

Bio: (about a paragraph or two should do it no more than three at the very least)

Attitude: (short tempered anything like that, just tell me his/her attitude)

Other Info: (anything else that I need to know)
Character Name: Seth
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Race: Furry, Wolf
Appearance: He wears armor looks like Liners armor from cross edge. He also wears an amulet and has gauntlets.

Skilled in: Combat/Magic

Bio: Seth has been in a school for combat skills and can handle a sword. He has been practicing up on his magic too but only knows a few spells. Seth's parents died when he was 13 and since then has been traveling in search for a rare item called the Mercury Staff. Later on he bumped into a group of people who were also looking for the Mercury staff. For three years they were traveling but then suddenly just split up, since then he has been traveling alone for 5 years.
Seth is now 24 and is looking for the Mercury staff alone.

Attitude: Calm

Other info: Seth only knows Thunder, Fire, Blizzard, Fira, Cure, and Cura. During his battles he has been a little careless at times and was severely injured during one of his battles. Ever since then he has been trying to clean that up but "old habits die hard".
I'll join you. Give me a day or two to get my profile up. :3
It's alright with me

PM me if you want to be the one that wants to be the one I bump into or if you want to be a bad guy.