Furred love.

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  1. Shaki arrived at the big party that was being thrown at her friends house. She stepped out of her car and smiled looking at the windows that flashed with the lights. She then moved to the front door with grace as she smiled and thenm open the front door to the sound of music blareing and the smell of alchohol in the air. " She smiled as she took in the party enviroment as she stepped in and walked straight to the bar in the kitchen .
  2. Jamie had arrived at the party a while before shaki. He had mostly been keeping to himself upstairs just sipping from a plastic cup of weak alcohol. He looked around watching the guests coming and going "it's gonna be a long night..." He muttered questioning why he was even invited
  3. Shaki grabbed a cup of the strongest alchohol they had to serve. She smiled as she took a sip of it and giggled feeling it tingle her throat as it whent down. She then left the kitchen and whent to the backyard where other furrs were danceing and haveing fun. She sighhed lightly as she watched them wanting to dance with somebody.
  4. Jamie heads downstairs to grab another drink as he looked outside spotting most of the house party and shaki. He went back to his drink and sat in the living room which consisted mostly of couples chatting and casual talkers. Non of course noticed him
  5. She just shrugged and walked back inside. She looked around before locking her eyes on somebody of interest. " Hmmmm. " She then walked to the raccoon and smiled before speaking. " Hi im shaki. " She said as she giggled lightly her white fur glistening in the dim light of the room.
  6. His ears perked up as he spotted the artic fox known as shaki "oh uh...hey there. I'm, Jamie." He smiled softly sipping his drink again "so what brings you here tonight ?"
  7. " Well this party for one. " She said as she took a drink of her alchoholic beverage and smiled lightly. " How bout you? " She asked as she sat next to him and smiled as her tail banked offf to her right and started to wag slightly.
  8. His tail remained motionless but he managed another smile at her "well I was just invited at random really. Don't really know the one who's hosting this party all that well. That and I'm kinda a keep to myself type in and out of college" he chuckled nervously making room for her to sit down "I'm having a bit of a good time so far"
  9. She smiled more as she then looked to her right her golden hues seemed to gleam lightly as she then looked back to jamie and giggled lightly. " Well you wan't to go dance or something, and have fun? " She asked him as she fuinoshed her drink and tossed her cup away.
  10. "Well we could talk more if you're up for it. I'm not that big of a dancer but we could do other stuff" he smiled softly at her as his tail moved softly
  11. " Hmmmm sure. " She said as she smiled to him and got comfertable. " What would you like to talk about? " she asked .
  12. He smiled again "well firstly tell me about yourself shaki" he chuckled putting his cup to the side "you sound like you have alot to say about yourself"
  13. " Well there isn't much to tell. " She said as she smiled. " I am a junoir in college and well i am majoring in art and minoring in poetry. " she said as she thought. " Oh and love to play sports. " She said as she smiled hapilly her canines showing slightly as she smiled.
  14. He got a quick look at her canines and damn they looked good. He smiled and nodded "kinda interesting I have to admit, shaki. Well I'm in college as well but maybe just for a little longer. I'm a gaming freak and addict and that's all I can really think of" he chuckled with a soft blush
  15. She smiled as she looked at him. " Thats cool " She said as she then looked around again. " I play games sometimes. " What's your favorite videogame? " She asked.
  16. "Right now I'd say portal 2. I'm kind of a puzzler" he chuckles looking back to her
  17. " I've never played that before. " She said as she giggled. " What's it about. " She said as she got interested.
  18. "We'll it's your puzzle game with a twist involving...well portals" he chuckled looking to her again
  19. " Ahh cool. " she said as she smiled again this time almost her whole canines were showing as she smiled.
  20. He blushed as he saw her looks show once more "mighy I say you look very divine this evening" he chuckled with a smile