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  1. The sun is slowly setting on the tan stone, casting yellow shadows across the small streams and green foliage. As the day comes to another close the locals put away their shops and taverns, preparing for another night under the dirt. As the shadows begin to drag across the city streets those that wait for night prepare. The world is set in twilight and another time for survival begins.

    Ria softly sucked in the scent of moist air. "It'll rain tonight." She quietly whispered. "I wonder if the fish will go downstream." Turning her head from her perch on a small overhang she glared down at the nearest stream path. "They're probably too smart anymore." Pushing off the high ledge she landed gently about 12 feet down and pressed her front paws into the soft dust. Popping into a standing position she leaned her body at an angle one way and then another popping her sore back. Turning to walk towards the stream she hopped into the water and splashed it onto her face. "So how will this night go Ria? You tell me." She smiled at her joke and walked up the stream a bit to look out towards the darkening sky. "I think I'm up for a hunt."

    Sheila sighed softly as a shadow crawled onto her arm. Obviously the time had escaped her and she hadn't realized how late it had gotten. Sliding her finger gently over the blade laying across her lap she twitched an ear at a small noise to her left. Looking to the dust she watched as a tiny cockroach crawled through it. She giggled softly at the strange bug. She wondered how they had changed, if at all. Then she shook her head, trying to shake the silly thoughts from it. It'd been two years if cockroaches were sentient they'd probably have taken over by now. Then she smiled again. Such strange thoughts for her tonight. Lifting the large blade onto her back as she stood she figured she'd find something to do for the night.
    As hard as that was to do. As she stood she decided to visit the gardens. Hoping they would be lit again tonight. And if not she'd try and find something to light them with.

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    Automatic arms fire claimed the darkness in bothsound and material as bullets tore towards their target. One –former – Lance Corporal Marine Kurt Zealot, also known as Ghost,who had yet again found himself in trouble. His muzzle was curled ina hateful snarl as he continued to charge down a wide,night-blackened hallway, enormous padded feet thudding and thunderingin their each and every slam of a step as his giant right hand aimeda .357 Magnum with an extended barrel behind him to fire offsuppressing rounds. Recently he had been more than fortunate enoughto find a chamber that would allow a swap for eight rounds instead ofsix in exchange for more weight to the gun... But who wascomplaining? More weight to the gun equaled more grounding so the gunwould kick less.

    Of course, though, this was why he was introuble.

    This is why there as a squad of three humans firingoff AK's and MP5's on his six.

    It was a few seconds beforeKurt had reached the long stretch of a hallway to round a corner andtake cover, having already ran out of rounds for the Magnum due tothe suppression he attempted. So now he quickly holstered the chromemonstrosity and switched it for a smaller, if not just as heavy, USP.45 with a tactical attachment that was fitted to also use a lasersight. Kurt flicked on the Tactical light when he began to hear thesounds of guns clacking and racking before he stepped out of coverand took aim with both hands on the grip.

    The men wereblinded with a sudden light that forced their pupils to dilate to adegree in which did not permit the use of sight. The pain was enoughfor some of them to take cover and attempt to re-adjust to such ahigh contrast, but others weren't so intelligent to do so. Kurtopened fire, one bullet after another hurling down the hallway totear into their victims. The first one of the two standing still wasa bald man who looked as if his occupation was body building, butthat naturally wasn't enough to stop three of the forty-five caliberslugs for tearing through him. Another had been a complete and totalopposite of him, and the velocity of the rounds alone was enough tosend the man hurling and spinning to his eternal blackness. This hadonly taken two of his rounds.

    Seven left.

    By thistime, the other two men had finally blindly reloaded and racked, thenwith their backs to their cover, pointed the guns over the barriersand began to open fire. It was an instant reaction for Kurt to duckdown and hug the wall with his prone body's right side against thecool metal. Another popped up, and Kurt sent another round down thehallway after the man was blinded once more to hit the ground with asick thud.

    One left, and five shots were all that he had leftbefore he was on his final clip.

    It was funny how he had comeacross this situation, though...

    At approximately fourteen-fifty hours,Kurt had received a mission from a young widow that, in thisridiculously large building, there was a small cell ofterrorist/survivors that had not only killed her husband, but stoleeverything that she had to remember him by. All but one thing wasn'timportant, and what WAS important was currently around his neck. Itwas a small key that was cut from a jade stone that represented somekind of affection brought to a material rendering. He didn'tunderstand it, but apparently it was important. It was old-fashioned– medieval even, and had a leather rope attached to it. Sheinsisted that there be a fair trade for his troubles, so for themoment, Kurt was riding on the hope of extra ammunition and rationsfor this small token of her endearment for her fallen other.

    Tohim, it was ridiculous, but he was still getting supplies from it, sothere was no need to bother with the details.

    Which was why,once the bullets halted, Kurt now barreled down the hall to leap overthe barrier, slam his foot in the back of the man's head, and thenproceed to pick him up by his throat and smash his skull into thenearest wall. The sound that followed was enough to make anydesensitized survivor's stomach wrench and threaten expulsion of it'scontents. For Kurt, though, it was just another sound. The man's bodydropped with a lifeless thunk as Kurt ejected the clip to check hiscount, which was correct, then slide it back home and cock back theslide and click off the light. His black-furred body was now awash indarkness, which suited him fine because it was a perfect environmentfor his gear; pon cropped black locks atop a slim skull lays askullcap tied at the back with slits that allow his ears to protrude.Normally, his icy cold blue orbs are shielded by silver tinted shadesthat rest on his black stripped snout, but not tonight. For now, heneeded every bit of his sight in the blackness as he could get. Whitefur trails from the cheeks and under his coal black nose down to hischest which is covered by a grey button up shirt and a black,tactical kevlar vest over top. Grey tactical pants are adorned withtwo pistols, a revolver on his right hip and a USP .45 semi-autofirearm on the left outer thigh. Elbow and kneepads cover theappropriate joints. Black, fingerless gloves fit snugly upon hisgiant hands which nearly dwarf a grey and silver Barret M92A1 thatslings over his shoulder and onto his back.

    Two more floors to go and he would beon the rooftop of this building, and he would be getting out herewhat he considered the easy way. Kurt braced his left shoulder on theleft side of the door's archway that would lead to the stairwell henow needed to access in order to make his trip shorter. Two slowbreaths later, Kurt wrenched open the door with his left hand andbreached the door, sweeping from right to left, only to have the USPstripped from his hand and a right hook sail into his muzzle. A snarltore through his bared teeth as he stumbled and then returned thefavor with a right hook of his own that caught the beast off guard.Apparently, now to his knowledge, there was more than just a smallamount of humans here.
    What stood before him was a rare sight inhis short time as an Anthropomorphic; large, white wings were foldedbehind broad shoulders and a strong back. Black eyes peered throughslitted lids and a cracked beak bled with it's most recent wound –kurt's right hook – which only gave a more menacing appearance. Awhite wife-beater and khaki shorts showed off enormous bands ofmuscles underneath the thin coat of fur that it had on it's body.

    It was an eagle type... The same one, in fact.

    Andlast time wasn't pretty.

    Kurt's body immediately flung forwardas the eagle attempted to swipe with a hard left, slamming hisforehead into his enemy's before snagging his left wrist andtwisting. With the bird's body facing down, kurt drove his free handinto the elbow joint and was rewarded with a sickening crack whichwas followed with his right steel kneepad smashing upward into thebeak, completely shattering it and driving whatever was left intoit's skull, killing it.

    Kurt reclaimed his .45 and began tocharge up the steps that led him to a hard gust of wind high up onthe building's rooftop after he had flung open its door. The wind wasrefreshing and seemed to breathe vitality back into him and it wasalmost saddening that he didn't have any time to linger on it. Hisbody blurred forward as he holstered the sidearm before his left handplanted on the ledge and slung his body over the side, starting hisquick, ledge-by-ledge descent before he heaved his feet off the sideonto yet another, shorter building's top. Kurt landed and rolledthrough the movement to keep up his momentum and leaped over alleyafter alley before climbing up yet another building's side to perchand plant his behind upon it's ledge.

    Kurt's chest was heavingfor air by this time, sweat having drenched his fur and the shirtunderneath his vest.

    “That... Sucked...” He panted tohimself, taking up the key in his hand to look at it. “You betterbe worth it...”

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  3. Easy navigable though there was a dead end that appeared more than once. A long hallway would eventually end in a blank wall or a door that was locked, not opening any time soon. Buildings had now turned to mazes. It was not a good thing if one was trying to escape it. Sure, there were signs that pointed to the exits, but in this situation, there was always an obstcale. Yes, obstacles, such as humans firing rounds at the escapee. It takes a skill to get passed a several bundles of enemies that also had the advantage of having long ranged weapons. Also, try taking into fact that you are a bird.

    Asari's golden-brown eyes slit to a glare when she fluttered over to the 45th dead end she assumed was in the building. It infuriated her because she could've sworn that she was going the right way. She took several paths to avoid the men and marked every wall with a single cut of her talon to remind her where she had been and where she had not yet been. The current hallways seemed like the only way to go in order to exit, but the thought was only followed by a disappointing blank beige wall in front of her. She turned her head to both sides of her, looking for the mark of her talons but she saw nothing. That only meant that she had to start all over again.

    Asari hopped around, gold talons scratching softly across the ground while she rotated her body in a 180, and then made a movement to zip across the ground before flapping her wings once and taking off above the ground. The flight was not a magnificent one. Being in the blue sky with no boundaries or borders. No exits, mazes, and blocked off areas. Nothing but a vast blue world wit no limits. Oh how she wished she were there compared to the tight, narrow hallways of the building. Her wings were not able to spread out to their full length, making it tougher for her to fly. She also had to constantly be on the look out for any other twists and turns in the hallway, so Asari was having one hell of an adventure.

    For starters, there was the gun fire that she could here some ways ahead of her as the sound reverberated off of the walls, making it appear closer than it actually was. The last thing the phoenix wanted to do was to fly straight into enemy fire and get herself injured. Of course, before the virus, she knew quite a bit on the mythological aspects of the Bird of Flames, but she did not want to test the Resurrection theory. Not this far along in her life. The hall way continued to wind down, gradually turning left until there was an eventual forced left turn. Asari kept her eye out for the talon mark, and when she didn't see any, she flapped her wing once and zipped through the hall....

    ...and right into a human.

    They were both a frisky of squawks, yelps, skin, and feathers. A feeling of shock and fear arose in the majestic bird, not sure how to advance the situation. Never before had she been encountered in close quarters combat with a human no doubt, but now that she was...not human...could she bring herself to harm another? Asari flapped relentlessly against the force, trying to wriggle away but the weight of the human was too strong, eventually pulling her to the ground with him.
  4. Maruso walked into a narrow corridor where he laughed at one guy taking on a group of marauders and what not. When he finished, Maruso flew up and followed him up the building. When he stopped,

    "..Better be worth what?" he laughed grimly. " Are you, a human?" he asked, plastering a serious face over his grim smile.

    He used his immense speed to his benefit. He was behind the man in no less than 0.03 seconds, clenching the pressure points on his neck. It wasn't soft, like a human. The man might have been a werewolf, or a vampire, maybe. I't didn't matter. He was, immortal, to some point. He couldn't exactly die until all humans were dead. It was complicated though.

    "Well you're either a vampire, or a mutt. Either way, you are of no use to me unless you know any humans. Therefore, you must die.
  5. Draco, a name that had become long forgot by dragons of his ancestry. Not because he had no power, but because of the virus that changed him from what he was. For so long he enjoyed the comfort of over seeing with his brothers and sisters, now, he was abandoned by his followrs. Even after he destroyed his dictator of a father so long ago, just to end up in a city that requires him to hide himself from prying eyes.

    Beneath a black robe hiding most of his features, Draco had been tranquilized and captured by humans. Discovering his species, they brought him to a concentration camp filled with armed men and strong prison cells. His arms were bound by plama chained cuffs and his wings were strapped down on his back by steel grips. His vision was blurred and translucent from the drugs as he was thrown into a cell, guarded by twelve men and an energy door.

    "You think he'll get out?" one of the guards asked allowed.

    "Not unless he has help," one of them replied.

    He could hear them talking only so much, but it would send a small migrane every time he listened in. The sounds of guns firing off and yelling men shook his powerful ears, making him cringe up. They were executing humanoids like it was a sickness, even if their were so innocent. Draco and them needed saving and soon...
  6. Axel shivered, frown deepening with a darker scowl than his features were comfortable with sporting. Damn, but it was just too cold. He wrapped his long hair around him, ears flatted against the top of is head and tail coiled around his waist. Alas, his attempts were futile. No matter how hard he tried, even with his freakishly life-like hair and bits of fur, he couldn't get warm. He shouldn't have fought so hard so late in the day, but there was no other way. Now, he was left to freeze, his core temperature practically hitting zero or something because he can't keep heat stored.

    Axel shivered again, mentally cursing. He wished he had a smoke. Maybe the nicotine could warm him up.

    He sighed, burrowing into the spot he grabbed for himself on the lumpy mattress he and his friend had to share. There was the imprint of his own body, but the area underneath him was as cold as if no one had lain there in the first place. Axel sighed again, rolling over to face Jace's prone body. The white winged neko boy never slept on his back nor his sides anymore thanks to those experiments. The white haired humanoid didn't show any discomfort with it, but Axel knew better. Hell, he'd go crazy himself if he couldn't curl up on his side to sleep. It was the only way he could because it kept him warm.

    Now it was pointless.

    "Ah, crap," he muttered. He retracted his hair and wove it, hands-free, into a braid. He closed his eyes and attempted to sleep in the cold cell, not able to fight off another shudder.

    He felt something move and a comfortable source of warmth drape over him. Instinctively, he tried to have his entire lanky form become one lump under the sweet heat bestowed. Opening an eye, he saw Jace more or less scowling at him -- but that was his normal expression. A blanket of white and settled over his cold frame. Jace shared one of his wings.

    "Thanks," he said quietly.

    Jace's calm face twisted into an annoyed frown. He felt the toss and turn of his brother-figure to his left. The idiot knew he shouldn't have taken those guards on. He couldn't generate much of his own body heat anymore and he knew that for a fact. Doing something so stupid just got Jace annoyed as hell with the younger neko. Even so, he couldn't just let Axel freeze.

    He'd met Axel about a week after being held captive in what he came to know as the Facility. They guy's face was red as a cherry and reeked of alcohol when they brought him in. He was still completely human then, and Jace envied him slightly. He had already grown his wings and tail; he was no longer human. But he also felt a tiny little pain in his chest for the new human. Once they had you, they really had you. There was almost no chance of escaping. Sure as he had white wings, the following day, they dragged off a severely hungover and struggling Axel into the labs.

    Jace shifted on the mattress so that he could look at the freezing raven haired teen. Axel was deathly pale from the low set air conditioning of the Facility, and the sight made Jace frown. He unfurled his left wing and draped if over Axel's fetal form. Almost instantly, Axel practically burrowed into the feathers. making himself even smaller under its wide expanse. Jace felt bad for the other one. He really did. At least they could have left him warm-blooded rather than curse him with the cold blood of the sea creature he'd been infused with.

    They needed to get out. Jace wanted out. Axel was desperate to get out. But the question was: how? The door of their holding cell was rigged to heat up to near impossible temperatures that would scorch Jace. He couldn't take fire well. And it was like extra torture for Axel because too much heat dried the poor lad into something old looking. Like a shriveled snail.

    Axel cracked open an eye to look at Jace. "Thanks," he murmured. It was unnecessary, but Jace knew Axel wanted to say it.

    Jace merely grunted and closed his eyes, soon falling into a light slumber.

    [Sorry I took so long....But here they are. I'll figure something else out. But really, I think they may be in the same place as Draco.]
  7. ((This is for Iliana. I'm sorry for such a delay. Hope it's good enough! ^^))

    Now,as Kurt swung his body around to stand upon the roof, he seemed tohave more of a victorious gait rather than a bite-the-bullet attitudeto his pace. It was almost as if his wolf side, what he is now, wasdoing more than simply strutting its victory like a medal of honor.He showed up a battalion of humans and even another anthropomorphicthat had somehow eluded him up until now. Not only that, but hegained an eight-round revolving chamber for his revolver and wasnearly done with his mission. Now all that was left to do was gothrough this, for what it seemed, abandoned building and go collecthis reward!

    With a whistle and an easy pull, Kurt tugged openthe rooftop's door and began to gallop down the stairs, his equipmentjangling and bouncing this way and that with careless sways andshakes. At the moment, life seemed pretty good in the postapocalyptic cataclysm that claimed most of his old squadron and hadchanged life as they knew it eternally. But, as he paced down thehalls to scavenge what he could and let his whistle quieten to deadsilence, he finally heard and even smelled that all was not well...

    Not all was exactly in-tact, either...

    And that thebuilding had a strange, heavy odor to it. Not filth heavy, but...What was it? Kurt couldn't yet place his finger – or rather, paw,on what exactly was going on at the moment. So with a shrug, Kurtturned back to continue his descent down the stairwell he had exitedbefore. The large combat boots that enveloped his feet gave loudclacks against the metal steps until he had dropped three floors downand pulled open another door. Kurt's enormous maw of a head peekedout first left, then right, then double took to the right when hebegan to hear yelps and watch as feathers flitted about in disarray.

    Now his curiosity had bitten him and his animal instinctswouldn't let him resist. Slowly, cautiously, Kurt crept forward anddrew his revolver again. The only good thing about doing this wasthat the bottom of the barrel was a serrated blade and, admittedly,even he had an urge to defecate his fatigues when he firstexperienced the traumatic sound of a revolver's hammer cocking back,followed by the cold steel of the barrel pressing against his skull.

    Revolverswere intimidating enough without bullets.

    Kurt pressed hisback to the left-hand wall as he crept forward and brought the gun upclose to his body, barrel pointing up as he peeked around the cornerto see something that he didn't truly believe he saw. Maybe he washallucinating as the man could have been? Perhaps it was the stenchthat lingered in the building? Which, by the by, he noticed wasgetting stronger, but if he noticed that, then how could he behallucinating?

    Well, try to explain to an ex-marine that mythslike Phoenixes exist, and then come back and tell him all about it,because this wasn't something he could believe.

    Sonow, whipping around the corner, Kurt pressed the barrel of theMagnum against the back of the man's head, who now froze as he heardthe tell-tale sound of its hammer cranking back to lock into place.Slowly, almost delicately, he began to let go of the mythic creatureand raise his hands up in the air near his head. Kurt's look wasalmost priceless – not only did he whip some ass, but now he hadanother shitting hi-

    Kurt didn't have time to react as he feltthe gun suddenly bolt from his hand as his weight shifted forward.The man had twisted hard to his right to move away from the line offire and quickly snagged his wrist, then the gun and ripped it awaybefore bludgeoning him down upon the nose with the butt of the grip.Kurt gave out a harsh yelp at the feeling and found himself stumblingback, trying his absolute best to bring back his sight due to theblinding pain after he had felt his muzzle break under the impact.Two clicks rang in the air, but nothing had been produced from theaction.

    So now, with Kurt off balance and having cast the gunaside, the human lunged forward to snag Kurt by the back of the neckand shove him forward into the adjacent wall whilst simultaneouslyslamming his knee upward. The connection of the blow to Kurt's ribswas buffered by the Kevlar vest, but it didn't take away theintention of the impact. The air that was in the anthro wolf's lungswas suddenly expelled as his diaphragm raised in order to compensatespace for the blow and, as Kurt's head slammed into the wall, the mansnagged him again and decided to toss him once more.

    Only nowKurt was expecting it. Again, his training had kicked in and just ashe was tossed, Kurt grabbed up the sidearm that was in the man's leftholster and, after hitting the wall once more, he pointed the gunstraight forward and fired off two shots. The bullets connected andhit the man in the chest and shoulder. It wouldn't be enough to killhim, but of course, Kurt wasn't feeling nice, so that was no problemsince he wasn't going to give the man a quick way out.

    Castingthe gun aside and still half blind from the tears that welled up inhis eyes due to the broken nose, Kurt latched onto the man with hisenormous hands, one thumb in the man's bullet wound on the leftshoulder, and hefted him up to slam him against the wall. His freeleft hand came in with a hard, sailing left that connected hardenough to dislocate the man's jaw, and on his backswing, Kurt wassure to slam the blade of his hand into the man's throat. A sickeningcrunch due to the windpipe giving way was his reward and the mancrumpled with only a few seconds left to choke before he had bledout.

    “Fuck!” Kurt growled as he clasped his hands overhis muzzle, leaning against the wall. It was only a few moments thathe had stayed like this before he touched his bloodied right hand tohis chest and made sure that the jade key was still in hispossession. “If I wasn't turned into this damned... THING!! .. thenmaybe this wouldn't have happened! Stupid virus bullcrap gettin' mynose broken...”

    Now, though, Kurt turned his attentiontowards the bird's direction and nodded.

    “You alright?” Heasked the being. “I got no clue if you understand me, but if what Ihear is true, then you should at least be able to... I’m not evensure if you’re real...”
  8. Vectus strolled around the city and looked around at the new place. He was still in awe that he had woken up three years later in a strange new city. So much had been happening while he slept and he couldn't begin to comprehend what had happened to his family. Whether he may had liked it or not, they could have been dead. He tried to shake the horrid thoughts out of his head and removed his blade from its sheath and looked at it. The sun glistened off of the clean iron as he held it above his head.

    He stopped in place and sheathed his sword once more and leaned against a wall to his left. Vectus's ears twitched and his tail swished back and forth as he went into thought about what he could do about his living conditions. He had no money, clothes or even a place to live for that matter. Vectus let out a dragging sigh and looked up at the sky with lowered eyes. " A new world, where others like myself have taken on various animal forms." Smoke from pipes and cigarettes many Anihuminal were smoking filled the air. Alot of the others were in gossip and chattering about other things that he couldn't quite make out.

    His ears flattened and he drooped his head. Now that he thought about it, how was he going to live a steady lifestyle now. It wasn't as if he could go and ask anyone for help. Vectus raised his head and looked around the city again. This was insane! He had no idea where to even begin looking. Well, that sucked. The only thing he could do, was journey around the city a little more. Maybe, just maybe he could find some sort of clue to determine whether or not his family was still alive. Vectus looked up to the sky, shielding his eyes with his right hand.

    The sun was blazing and a flock of white birds flew overhead , blocking out bits of the sun. He started to think about the last thing that had happened, before he had passed out. Everything was in bits and pieces and he couldn't put them together. His tail swished left and right as he tied his sword on his back. The other anihuminals were still laughing and talking as well as the crowd slowly passed him by.

    "Alright, its time to figure out what the hell is going on here." Vectus said, before dashing through the crowd of people. The only thing that he could think about, was heading back to the spot where his home was located. His home was located east of town. He stopped at the center of the city and looked at a map on a giant billboard. It was very detailed and labeled the city to a tee. Right down to the tiniest blade of grass,

    He was in luck! Vectus was pretty close to the place where his home was located. All he had to do was take the path to the left then make a right and he was there! He quickly dashed down the paths that he was supposed to take. This was really exciting! Just the thought of seeing his family again made him smile. But, the smile only faded when he looked at a tall building controlling the spot where his home rested.

    Vectus dropped to his knees and hands. "This can't be....." He said in a shaky voice. His eyes widened and he picked up dirt between his fingers, as he made fists. He was so excited that he may see them again. Now, he wasn't sure whether or not they were dead or alive. "You should stand up, young man." Vectus looked up in surprise. The same cat Anihumal he had bumped into, was now standing before him.

    "It isn't a good thing to be knelling in the dirt." She held out her right hand to help him up. Vectus relaxed and placed his right hand in her left one and stood up. "My my, aren't you a handsome young neko." She said, as she smiled at Vectus. Vectus looked away with a blush and that only triggered laughter from the woman. "It is alright, hun. There is no need to be embarrassed." Even though she said he didn't have to, he still was. Vectus looked back at the spot where his home used to be.

    " I wonder where they could be..." He said, in a sad voice. The lady looked at the same spot, and then back at Vectus. "I am sure they are fine. But, the city hasn't really been all that safe since the whole gas leak. Its best if you come and live with me." The woman turned away and placed her hands on her hips, and looked up at the sky as it became cloudy. They weren't rain clouds. More like white ones, that just floated by.

    "By the way, My name is Corella. I own a local bakery just a little further up the way. It is also my home. You are welcome to stay with me, since you don't have a place to stay. Corella was a tall, heavy set Neko. Although she did have beautiful crimson red eyes and beauty to match. "My name is Vectus and it is a pleasure to meet you Ms. Corella." Corella giggled a little. "Well, aren't you just a gentleman. You don't have to be so formal with me. Corella alone will do just nicely. Now lets head home and have dinner. I made my famous potatoe and beef stew!" She said, with a bit of excitement in her voice. Afterwards, she turned left of the building and walked down the path.

    "Y-yes mam...I mean Corella." Vectus said, as he followed behind her with a smile on his face now.

  9. The compound holding Draco was fluttered with humans armed to the teeth. They held rifles, explosives, heavy weaponry, and plenty of ammunition to back them up. The smell of dead hunimoids lingered close by the camp site tingling senselessly at his nose. They were far away from the city, so far that authorities wouldn't give anytime to search out here. With that in mind executing 'freaks,' as these people called his kind, was nothing more than rumor to most. Draco finally fully came to his senses from the drugs, his vision cleared up quickly, and his fatigue wore off just as fast. Looking around the hostile camp he spotted families of humanoids, locked away like what they were half of; like animals.

    Why Draco had to be awaken to something like this he'll never understand. The last thing he remebered doing was soaring high above the clouds, finding his way to somewhere secluded. And then like that, he was ambushed, drugged, and captured. He did not believe in living with humans, especially those who are like this. Most of these trapped were human first and a creature second. Maybe on the otherside of this place it was different. Maybe they did have humans that lived in harmony with creaatues. But as far as Draco was concerend, revenge was all that pumped through his viens.

    It was time to start by making a quick escape, then freeing the trapped in this place. He closed his eyes and took his time to figure out what was holding his body. His wings made small twitches against the metal of their binds to listen to the sound of it. The sound was light and high pitched, like the ding of steel, letting him know he could break them when the time as right. His cuffs however, were powered by energy. If a generator was near, he'd have to break that before getting his claws into a fight. Now informe of his binds, he was ready to begin. Then one of the armed men strolled over to his cage pointing a gun at him.

    "You're up first for execution, freak! I'm gonna open your cage, so don't try anything funny." the man snarled at him. Draco sat there giving him no response at all, not even a quick open of his eyes. Draco knew it would agrivate the human's nerves if he didn't answer to his smart remarks; giving him time to start loosening the bolts on his wing's locks. Continuosly, he started folding and unfolding his wings, bashing them against the locks and lossening the bolts. "Hey, freak! Knock it off!" shouted one of the men nearby. But Draco continued on like they werent there. Soon after, he heard the silent sound of two major bolts pop out. He was ready...

    "Get him out and execute him already!" the other man demanded. "Y-yes sir." the other replied, he pressed a botton on the side of the cage and disabled the plasma door. Draco listened close for the sound of it, then jumped up and grabbed the guard by the throat. Draco's grip disabled his use of the gun and made him struggle to break away from him. "Put him down, Freak! I'm warning you!" yelled another armed human. Quickly all the yelling attracted tons more guards and they surrounded him, but would they fire? A surrounding pack of thirty humas stood between Draco and the innocent locked away.

    "You're out matched, you can't fly. Put him down and just die like the freak you ar-" he was cut off as Draco spread out his wings, breaking the locks into pieces. They stood there in awe as his massive black wings broke free, and soon after he began his escape. "Fire!" yelled one of them. Draco leaped up and glided across the air using his hostage guard as a shield, the spoitted the generator and threw him into it; freeying his hands. Then he quickly dove down at a guard and tackled him into the dirt, sliding across the ground for a moment. One man tried to rifle but him from behind; Draco turned quickly and kicked him hard in the ribs. Two came at him at the same time, one shooting and the other charging. He grabbed the charger and slung him into his supporter.

    Twenty-seven left to finish off. Draco charged a ball of his azure flame in his hand and cast it at a group of five, quickly reducing them to dust. He did a quick sprint over to another group of ten and punched one straight into five other guards. one shot a series of fists at him, but Draco countered each strike and struck him with and open palm to the chest. Then took out the remainig five of the group with strong kicks and blows to the head. The remaining captors fleed at the scene, leaving Draco to free all of the trapped innocents. Draco fired small sparks of flame at their cage's code panel and disabled the doors. They'd been freed; and Draco took flight.
  10. It was tough. Oh, so very tough. A human on human fight was one thing in itself. Take boxing for example. It involved padded gloves for both opponents, not much of a safety feature if one took the time to really think about it. I mean, really sink down into that thought. Why would the two wear protective gloves to protect their knuckles when every other part of their body was exposed instead. Does damage to the face or the stomach not matter as much as damage to one's knuckles? Interesting thought, but completely unnecessary for the situation. A human on human fight was one thing; a human on bird was different. Even if Asari had enough strength in her eyelid than the man had in his entire fiber of his being.

    It was hard to flex that statement when she was taken by surprise.

    First, her flight was completely thrown off pattern. There was no longer the rhythmical "push, heave, glide, push heave, glide glide, heave" process any longer. Asari was glad that she collided into the mass of flesh head first. Why? Simply because she would rather do damage to her head than to her wings. Those two large and beautiful things were her primary mod of transportation. They took her places and even took of out of some. Without them...well, she would not be much of a bird, now would she? Try taking tires off of a car and see how far you're going to get to the grocery store. Asari's beak was the first to feel the pain. Even though instincts screamed at her to lower her head just in time, Asari was not much of a listener of instincts. She preferred logic above all else, but that logic only got her beak tucked under the man's arm. So, in short, she collided straight into a headlock.

    The two of them were dancing to say the least. They moved with one another. Oh, not by choice, of course. If Asari attempted to pull away one way, and the human decided that he did not want to go the same route, Asari would have broken her own neck. She...really wanted to avoid that. Instead, she pounded as much power in her wings as she possibly could in a struggle to be released. Unfortunately, she didn't have the slightest ounce of coordination in her movements whatsoever. True, Phoenix strength is immaculate, and if Asari was using 96% of the strength she possessed to flap her wings, the two of them would have been crashing into the ceiling above them. However, one wing can't do everything. Without proper poise and focus, Asari's strength might as well has been compared to tossing a stick.

    That was not the only thing working against her. The human had the advantage with holding her writhing neck in between his tight forearms, biceps clenching and constricting around her neck...but Asari had a secret ace up her sleeve, and that secret ace, was the smell of fire. It was a far off wafting fragrance, like soot and ash mixed into a heavenly ball of flame...but it was stronger than natural. There was a tingling vibration in the down of each of her feathers that could not go unnoticed. A deep feeling bubbled in the base of her stomach, a bubbling that spluttered through the cracks of each of her feathers. Asari could feel the strength growing and she was loving every little second of it. Though it still would do little to nothing with her being unfocused and whatnot, just to feel it alone was enough.

    Giving all of the things working both with and against her...none of it made a bit of a difference when the wolf man appeared.

    Asari's body went from tangled, to weightless, to on the floor with a loud and very uncomfortable thud. Once her side hit the floor, her right wing tried to bend to compensate from the lack of gravity, only making her side smash violently down on the large thing. A large screech echoed out out of her beak and bounced around the 2 walls of the hall way. At the same time she could hear grunts and even guttering and cracking symphonies playing in her head. Of course, she was much to preoccupied on the pain in her wing. Her head snapped to the direction of the stinging and instantly, her beak went to work, separating feathers to dig into ti her skin enough to nuzzle the soothing pain. A couple of gunshots rang out but Asari was not phased. She had taken a good look at the wolf man before he held a gun to the human's head. An anihuminal of that size was no competition against the human; there was obviously an advantage in him.

    That, and Asari could recognize the sound of revolver shots from anywhere.

    It pained her to wiggle and wobble on her side before she was finally able to stand up right. She had her wings to help her keep balance, but that balance was way over due! The smell of burning was still as strong as ever and there was no more warm and fuzzy feeling in the bird's body. Instead, a need to escape was ringing louder in her head than anything else. She was kind enough to give her savior time to swear and massage his large nose, before turning her piercing, golden-bronze onto him.

    "I am as real as your wound and in your debt, no less."she spoke without moving her beak in the least. Phoenix's spoke telepathy and it was glorious! How easy it was for Asari! To simply think of what to say and allow the other to hear her as if she had spoken from her throat (which she hadn't done in a while.) Asari cricked her head towards the door, the top 4 curling feather on her hair falling with her.

    "I suppose you also would like to know if the fire I smell is real. It is."she said. Her "voice" was surprisingly soothing and resonate, despite the pain in her right wing. As of then, she was in no mood to take matters into her own hand. This...wolf man looked decent enough to help her, although to ask was murderous in itself. What's an eternal life without risks?

    "You may call me Asari. Now, I do think we should leave...and soon. You and that fur are no match for the heat in this building, take my word for it."
  11. The giant church towered in the midst of the early afternoon now. The building it's self looked weathered and rugged from all the weather, breakage of the apocalypse.The embedded steps and painted markings only showed human-signs of contact with it. Inside it was more of an indoor garden than a organized ceremony. Ivy veins
    hung the roof as the dug up boards on the ground showed dirt. Ahead of the nave of seats and in front of the faded-painted lectern blossomed differences of flowers andweeds. Behind the chancel area where the huge glass windows peeked in little light into the brush of plants showed the picture of Mary, holding the iconic god, babyJesus. The high top roof of painted angels and a dusty chandelier were all very mystical, it once experienced the preaching and singing of the gospel. No sound or distant tweak broke the silence. It was almost an odd atmosphere... distant and glowing as the chapel laid near the flowers it was as if a historical medieval era was reborn in ahigh-futuristic world...

    A drop of water echoed in the whole church. It set a restless sound from the benches, from under soft blankets an a withered pillow, showed curly fleece like hair, horns peeked out from beneath. The being rustles until it turned on it's back. The face showed of a woman, now that she awoken her bright blue eyes she quickly got up almost fidgety. It was as if she felt unsafe from where she was. She looked around the familiar place she never quite knew... She looked up at the ceiling to the dancing human-babies with wings. Everything in this place made her fascinated almost welcoming... she knew that if she had been somewhere else it wouldn't be quite like this place. It was the only time she thought something that was man-made could be not so scary or threatening... It was all overwhelming and intimidating in some stance.

    The ram woman slowly got to her feet. She felt the rumbling of her tummy placing a hand over it... She hadn't eaten in a day since the last time she ate the moss. It tasted more gross than she would have thought with her new taste-buds and adjustment to this new body. She soon jumped over the bench, she now was walking towards a bunker door that was at the far left of the room. She found it the first time she was here and discovered jarred fruits and such... She hopped they were still there, still not confident in her eyesight. She opened the latch and now slowly walked down the creaking stairs. The bunker had a smaller roof which made her crouch her head. It was all dirt and smelt of dust and mold. She saw the shelf of goodies. Grabbing a jar instantly she found herself having trouble opening it... She thought of breaking it, but now with a sense of logic she knew it would get everywhere and she would only get a few from off the ground. She looked around for something to possibly help her. When she took a better glance around the area she saw a mirror...She had to stop and stare at the different being looking back at her. She went stiff but soon she saw they were also carrying a jar of fruit. She soon connected the two and got a realization that it was her... She thought of it as a magic where humans took stilled water and hung it... She walked closer to it and saw how clear but rustic it was at the edges. She pressed her hand against it... She looked at the top of the mirror. It read "Arnise". It rung in her ears as she read it aloud. She blinked and looked walked away, still eyes looking at the haunting figure that was her...

  12. The wind beat gently against Draco's wings, einding smoothly beneath them as he flew through the skies with ease. His eyes became locked on the ground as he witnessed parts of the forest opened to reveal camps for the poor among them. It made him crindge slightly at the sight of it all, but he pushed forward on to the dawn and kept flying for now. At the moment, it was his best choice to find shelter; to keep out of sight just in case things got out of hand. Simply fleeing a concentration camp didn't always put you in a safe zone, especially if you stood nearly seven feet tall and large black wings.

    Draco brought himself to a stop in mid-air, hovering lightly around a more urban area. The buildings seemed abandoned and tarnished, but they were perfect places for hiding. He made a quick turn of his body and glided himself over to the roofing of a church, it had a hidden hole at the top. Luckily it was big enough to fit him through.

    When he came inside, he placed himself among an angel statue at the center front of the church, near the altar for the preacher. Looking between himself and the statues, he found almost an amusing similarity in appearance between them. His wings appeared like black feathers while the statues had white, but that was all he could see in similarity. Draco got in position and kneeled over the edge of the platform, folding his wings, and looking down as the statues did. Draco was focused souly on hiding when he heard the sound of something approaching.

    The sound made him freeze up and lock in place like the statue. The sound that alerted him appeared to sound... like hooves. Almost as that of a sheep. If it was an animal, than it wouldn't be a problem. But what held in in place was the smell that lingered with the sound: A human female's scent.
  13. Ria casually stepped up and along the stream that led towards the top side of the city. As the world slowly cast tiny shadows across everything a fanged smirk cast across her face. Only barely out of the city and she had already found what seemed to be dinner. As she squatted into a crouched position her nose pointed straight at her prey. A tiny rabbit slowly bounced around in the weeds beside the river, and it jittery nerves had made her body tingle. Ria never used to be so violent. But after realizing she'd have to do more for food than trash cans, she became a regular hunter of beings smaller than herself. Calmly and quietly crawling towards the rabbit she stopped suddenly, growling beneath her breath.
    "Damned Virus, the things it did seem to leave alone aren't safe to eat." Still staring at the rabbit she had seen it's eyes when it turned. Blood red and still bleeding the poor thing would likely die in an hour or so anyway. The virus had been strange. Some things it had affected right away, other things like now not till years later. And others still it was still affecting, over time. This rabbit had probably crawled through or snuck over some highly contaminated area, and was paying the price for it unknowingly.
    Softly sighing Ria began to climb higher towards the outside air, hissing at the rabbit as it bounced away when she came closer. And she carefully tiptoed over the rocks and pebbles her soft feet played between the rocks. As she finally made it to the edge of the sunken city she nodded carefully to a guard that had posted himself there. Now being dark she could barely make out his figure, but she could tell if he'd stood he'd have been two to three times her size. Crouched and half curled into a ball, his shoulders hunched over his furry body Ria smiled at him as she made her way onto the barren landscape. Before taking off in a run to search for something to chew on the shadowy figure cast his dark voice towards her.
    "Be careful, and if you're not back before sunlight, you better hope I remember you." Turning to glare at him she noticed his unearthly eyes settle on hers. He had been looking away before but now as she looked his face over his practically glowing silver eyes bore his sentence into her fur. Nodding she shivered down her spine and pounced off to find dinner.

    Sheila stepped gently into the garden's halls, the low light from the evening casting long and dark shadows throughout the roofed rooms. Coming to the first large room she frowned as she realized the lanterns weren't lit. Stepping back towards the entrance she came to where the owner lived, a small tree like building. Knocking on the door firmly she waited for a reply. As she heard footsteps clod towards the door her breathing paused, afraid the old man's forgetfulness had finally won him over. As the large wooden door creaked open a small face peaked out from the other side. "Who is it?" The old man coughed.
    "It's Sheila, I'm here to ask about the lanterns." A moment passed and the door slowly opened, the old man's face covered in worry but also happy to see her.
    "Ah Sheila. I'm so sorry but I can't make it out to light them anymore, I just can't seem to get enough energy. Please go home now, there's no need." Frowning gently he began to close the large door. Before he could move it Sheila softly set on leg in front of the door, "Sir.... I.... I want to light them. Please." Turning his face up to stare at her a gentle smile flowed across his old wrinkles. "Well, Oh alright dear. Let me get my oil." Standing in the open doorway, she waited as she listened to the old man slowly walk across a large wooden floor, open another door and clatter around. As he returned he finally stepped away from behind the door. Sheila frowned at how bad his feet had gotten. Shaped as a fawns his tiny tail flickered as he stepped to give her a bucket of the oil and a tiny lighter.
    "Here my dear. You always come to see the gardens don't you. Perhaps, someday, I may leave them in your care." Coughing into his hand roughly again he began to stumble back inside his hooves scratching against the wood floor. Cringing at the sight and what he had said she reached out to touch his hand.
    "You're..... You're dying aren't you?" The old man turned back to look at her, then a large smile spread over his face again,
    "My dear we all die, whether from sickness, tragedy or Old age. And mine would be the latter dear, I wasn't young when this change happen and I'm far from young now. You merely are the only person I can think of who would be able to take care of my family," He pointed out to the trees and hallways which held the gardens," So when I do go, I want to make sure you want to take care of them." She nodded, "I'd love to Sir." Hearing her response he turned and closed the door. She could hear his hoofs clod along the wooden floor and up some stairs. Stepping away from the house she made her way through the halls, lighting the shadows to fill with green.

  14. Night, the worst time of the day, the most dangerous and the scariest interval of a day.

    He kept alert, his XM-32 Kinetic Caseless SMG at the ready as he hid under wreckage in a ruined alley way. The boy was trembling, his dilated pupils almost completely blacking out his striking purple irises from a mixture of anxiety, fear and general lack of light. Later, he began to nod off a little, flashing in and out of consciousness, that is until gunfire erupted. At the first cackle of bullets being fired he yelped and let lose a few round into the wall in front of him. Lightning had gotten spooked, but he was only human.

    Unfortunately, his own gunfire didn't go unnoticed, as from the street he heard a ghoulish cackle followed by a growling voice saying "Hey boys sounds like we we ain't alone!" Lightning gulped thinking to himself "SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT" fumbling around to get out of there without being seen. He was thwarted, being grabbed by the back of his shirt collar but as they tried to pull him back to the street, he threw his arm up to grab the arm that had him by the collar, and let loose a nasty surge of electricity, causing the hand to release him as it's owner fell to the ground growling loudly. The boy didn't waste time as he ran, though his aggressors weren't far behind the leader he'd guessed, screaming "GET THAT LITTLE BASTARD!!!"

    Lightning kept running, as fast as he could, but his persuers were more agile, and one got in front of him, causing him to try to skid to a stop, except that only worked in cartoons or sand, and he ended up falling over and sliding on his face. "Hahaha! Stupid little brat!" He heard, Being thrown to his feet by a white fox. Lightning trembled, the fear he felt was obvious all over his face, but he had no options, he charged. He ran at the fox, going full auto on his gun, all while the fox slashed him across the arm and chest ripping his clothes even more, blood spattering all over the place as the fox died and Lightning skidded into the wall of another ruined building while two other foxes made their approach on the injured kid.

    Not finding his SMG on him, he let out a weak, pained sigh as he struggled his pistol into his hands, firing the rounds towards the foxes, and luck smiled on him, his attackers lying dead on the ground, with him struggling up to a sitting position against a wall, his own blood covering his arm and side, slipping in and out of consciousness worse than before.
  15. "Cly-yyyyyyy-de! Clyde!~"
    A squeaky, high-pitched voice sounded out along the streets, darling black heels colliding with the pavement. Skidding along her way, close to tumbling a few times, the girl held on to her giant, magician's hat with one hand while the other clutched to a rather giant, leather-bound book. Her direction of movement pointed towards a large, run down building up ahead. With half of the roof missing on one end, it seemed it had only a few more months left of 'life' in the foundation. However, it was home. At least, it was the only kind of 'home' for this young woman in particular, and her older brother, in which seemed suitable enough to sleep in. Braids of white blonde hair bobbed around her circular, childish face as the girl rushed to open the main door, throwing it to the side. Luckily, she was not strong enough to break it from the hinges, yet.

    Staring up at her, a plump, beige mouse glared a pair of dark brown eyes, curled up currently atop of a wooden table where the front of the library use to be. Stretching his spine out with a mousey groan, Clyde rolled onto his feet and scurried over to the edge. His head moved to look her up and down, the eyes of an older sibling glinting in the dim light giving out from the lamps hanging above them. If he could, he would put his hands on his hips. Alas, mice cannot put their hands on their hips, because they do not have hands, nor hips to begin with.
    "Why is it you always come back yelling, AND come back SO late at night? Do you REALIZE the dangers of being out there alone?"
    Grunting, shaking his head, the mouse furrowed his tiny brows, which blended along nicely with the rest of his soft fur.

    "Zaza, you had me worried sick.."

    "Oh, hush your face."
    Closing the door, Zaza stuck out her tongue before turning to the side. As her shoes were kicked off from her feet, tumbling along to the side on an old, dusty rug, she moved about in a flowy motion. Twirling in front of the table where her brother was perched upon, the ends of her purple shorts fluttered against the air. Her arms shot out straight in front of her chest, fingers curled along the sides of Mr. Book, making sure to have a steady grip, of course. As she ceased the carefree dance to her faint humming, the book was brought close to her in a hug.
    She had done it. She had figured out another spell.
    Alright, so it was just the act of levitating objects into the air, but it was something! It was progress! Shiny, shiny, glittering progress, all from her own hard work and concentration! It was spectacular. She was quite proud of herself. Angling her head to the side, bright purple eyes, tinting with a pink shimmer, slid over to take in the outline of her brother.

    "Watch this."

    With Mr. Book to her torso still, Zaza focused. Closing her eyes, she let her head bow down, her chin pressing to her collarbone. Focus, focus..
    Mumbling words of another language, some sort of chant, her tone was softer than a whisper. Clyde could barely even make out what she was saying, which made him kind of nervous. But, he was always the nervous type, so this was expected of him.
    As her lids opened back up, Zaza stared directly at her brother, her iris' suddenly changed to white, eyes as clear as glass. It was pretty creepy. Yes, indeed. Clyde could not speak, he was speechless at the moment as his body felt light. He felt almost weightless, and he was! As he rose up into the air, Zaza followed him, more so, she led him with her eyes, controlling the height he was allowed to raise into the space above him. Levitating the mouse over to the opposite side of the table, she let him fall back down onto his little paws, figuring it was enough for an example of what she had been doing before arriving.

    Grinning a full set of pearly whites, the little sister felt rather boastful of her powers. Oh, was she gloating? Why, yes, yes she was. With a palm raised up to her mouth, the back of her hand to the side of her cheek, she gave a hearty laugh, setting her book back into place against her back.

    Taking a moment, actually two, to gather his thoughts, Clyde stared at his claws before he decided to speak up. Raising his head, his piercing stare was directed at his sibling once again.
    "ARE YOU NUTS?!"
    The squeaking voice wasn't as intimidating now as it once was, since Zaza was now more than twice his size, but he still felt the rage bubbling up from inside his soul as he always did when she was acting out. His tail flinched, flickering against the air, the round ears on his head twitching in aggravation. Oh, to be an older brother.
    "You know how dangerous it is to just.. just... DO those kinds of things! Especially with ME! YOUR LOVELY BROTHER."

    "Clyde, calm down.. I wasn't going to hurt you."
    Rolling her eyes, Zaza strapped Mr. Book down with rope against her spine once again. Making sure it was safely fastened in place, she shook her body around a bit, waving her hips, shoulders, wiggling about. Yes. It was perfectly set. Slipping her hat off from her head, she cleared her throat as her fingers worked at dusting off the pumpkin accessory.
    "You really are such a worry wart! Live a little!! Aren't you proud?~"

    Huffing as he skittered along the table, Clyde leaned at the edge, curling up to lay against the wooden material. If he was to argue, he wasn't going to argue in an uncomfortable position.
    "I am proud. I am always proud of you.. But, Zaza, you have to be more careful out there.. especially if you are learning more spells.. Okay? I don't want you to attract unwanted attention.. I don't want you to get hurt. Or, worse, endanger us both."
    Squinting his eyes at her, this was the last straw.


    Waving her hands at him, Zaza smirked and took a seat up on a nearby bookshelf. Scratching at one of her rodent-like ears, she shook her head, hair flying about her face. Settling the hat back into it's former stance, her hands folded out onto her lap. It was sweet her brother was this protective.. But, it was kind of suffocating to her sometimes. She needed to breathe, and this was why she wandered about away from him. She knew he couldn't always keep up, and he would just be warning her constantly. What fun would that be on an expedition? No fun at all, thank you very much.
    "I promise."
    Nodding to him, she tilted her head back as her body followed. Laying down on the bookshelf, her legs dangling over the edge, she gave a sigh. It was beautiful outside tonight, she could tell by staring up at the overhead window of the building. Watching as the clouds came into view, blocking out the moon, she wondered how far the nearest creature was at that very moment. Would they be a nice individual? Or a bully? Why hadn't she bumped into anyone yet? Were they truly alone here?
    She hoped not. That would just be sad. Zaza didn't favor sadness.
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  16. Arnies, after a long time of staring at the mirror, she finally walked out of the bunker. Arnies obtained one jar of peaches and other sorts of fruit, it would have to make due. Arnise noticed that the room got dimmer than it usually was. Arnise senses felt almost kicked at the unsettling difference to her surroundings, almost anyone that was as paranoid as her would notice. She twitched her curved ear to hear sounds other than the dropping water in the distance. Arnies slowly walked into the center of the room. She gazed up at the clear glass windows above her and the broken ones that beamed more lights upon her. Arnies turned swiftly with her body, infront of her was a much different statue that stood still... It was rather demonic in comparison to the humans with wings. Arnies knew there was something not quite right... She took a step back from it, it's details unclear from the darkness it laid hidden. Arnies took slow breaths with her slow steps.

    Arnies became stiff as a statue, glaring at the intimidating piece. She tried to figure if it was a work of art, or that the sculptures placed as a joke in the midst of angels and holly people. Arnies lowered her head, upon instinct, like any other goat would do. She took in the size of it, unsure if the thing were to jump out she'd rather pick flight than fight. Arnies still stood her ground until her nerves grew off and there was no movements from the odd being. She curled back her ears and straighten her body. For the last few glances she walked towards the cathedral, the jar of food in one grasp at the lid. Arnies sat in it paying no mind to the statue but ears still alert. She placed the jar near her, twisting the lid easily and taking a piece. She smelt it before placing it into her mouth. She began to chew, she realized the sensation of sweet and bitter. Her taste buds were very potent and strong...She'd say much stronger than before. She licked her maw and began to eat more of the substance. Her mind lost track of the scary being that hovered above her.. Now it was on food.
  17. Correllla opened the door and welcomed Vectus inside. He was hesitant at first, but her smile only reassured him that it was okay. Vectus had never really been in another's home. Just his own, with his family. Just being in a home like this, even though it wasn't his own, was making him home sick. Vectus walked inside and looked down at the floor. It was really hard for him to take all of this in. Corrella looked at him and placed her hands gently on his shoulders "Listen, I know its hard for you right now, but you have to be strong."

    Vectus looked up at her, almost tearing up. He tried his best to fight them, but he lost the fight, as his tears fell. He made a fist and Corrella gave him a look of concern. "Oh Vectus, it is okay dear. Please do not cry. I am sure they are alright." She patted his back and rock him from side to side with him in her arms, holding his face in her chest. She hummed a little and Vectus wrapped his arms around her waist as he wept.

    After a few moments of crying a river, he removed his head from her chest and sniffed. Corrella wiped his eyes and looked down at him with a smile. "So long as you stay here, I can be your family, Vectus." She laced her fingers together and held them up to her chest. Corrella had never had a son, or never would get the opportunity. Her husband was one of the unfortunate few that perished when the gas hit.

    Corrella sighed and closed her eyes for a few moments. The memory was all too much and just seeing Vectus, made her only wished that she could could have a son like him. Even though she was hurt by the fact, it was still a bit of happiness to have Vectus around. She smiled now. Vectus looked at her and watched how her expression changed from happiness, to sadness, and then happiness again. He was curious about what she was think. Although, he knew better than to pry into another's business.

    Especially a woman's business. Vectus's ears perked to the highest point, when he caught whiff of the beef stew. His senses were sharpened by the transformation, so he could smell the Ingredients. That in return, triggered his stomach into a growling noise. Vectus grabbed his stomach and looked down with a blush. It was even more embarrassing when Corrella giggled at him, before heading toward the kitchen, left of them.

    "We should get you something to eat, Vectus." She said, walking into the kitchen and Vectus followed close behind. Like a kitten obediently doing as his mother told. He took a seat and Corrella served him a plate along with a fresh glass of Apple Cider. "Enjoy." She smiled happily. "Thank you so much, Corrella," the words lingered in the air momentarily.

    It was so delicious! The flavor jumped on his taste buds and danced. Vectus's immediately finished the meal and leaned back in his chair. He was stuffed, but not too the point where he would be lazy and not able to move. He burped and covered his mouth. "Excuse me, Corrella." He said, cheeks flushed. Corrella smiled and giggled.

    Vectus stood up with his tray in his hand and then walked over to the sink. He cleaned his dishes, and made sure to put them in the proper cabinets. His mother had always taught him to be neat and to pick up after himself. Corrella watch him and her ears flickered, while her tail was swaying, ever-so-slowly. She was once again surprised at Vectus's manners. Such a kind, young boy. It is a shame that such a misfortune had befallen upon him. She propped her left elbow up and rested it on her left palm. "Vectus, maybe you should have another look around town." She rested her her left palm on the side of her face.

    Vectus's ears flickered and he stopped washing the dishes. He looked over at Corrella, tilting his head to the left, in wonderment. He dried his hands and smiled at her. "That sounds like a good idea. I need to get adjusted to how things are around here." With that being said, he pushed in his chair and walked out of the kichen. "I will be back later!"

    She waved goodbye. "Be careful out there, Vectus!" She yelled behind him as he walked out the door and closed it. She sighed happily and began cleaning the left over dishes. Vectus shielded his eyes as he was hit with a barrage of the sun's rays. He was only inside for an hour or so, but his eyes still hurt when the sun hit them.

    Vectus looked around the neighborhood at the multicolored houses. Each were lined next to the other, but left enough space in between for land, separating each house. Vectus has made a turn to the west and headed down the trail. Everything seemed so brand new and fresh looking. All except an old , run-down library just a few blocks from Corrella's home. He stopped in front of the building and looked at it. It had a ton of holes and it looked like it could crash at any minute. That, or the roof would cave in.

    Vectus's ears shot up, when he heard what sounded like spells being chanted, rung out from the inside. Afterwards, he could see furniture float and then set back into place. He was now curious. Curious about who or what was cause of the magic. His ears flattened and he was glad that he hadn't forgotten his sword.

    He walked up to the the front door slowly, and then pushed it open gently. It creaked and he was hoping that it didn't startle anyone inside. To his surprise, he hadn't noticed anyone around. It was pretty dusty and each step he took kicked up dust. He swiped his hands and fanned it away. "Hello!?" He yelled out, not paying attention to a bookshelf in front of him. Vectus tripped over it and came tumbling downward towards someone. "WHOOOOA! LOOK OUT!!!" He yelled, eyes widening.
  18. Still as the shadows, Draco held his composure unsure of his company. When it approached his direction, his mind soon changed from caution to assess. The church became slightly sounded with the echo of hoofs hitting the floor. A slit stench of fright came from the visitor, reeking like a loud color. It was a Neko of some sort, a goat. The creature seemed lost and scared from his perspective; and nearly starved to death for that matter. When she turned her back Draco found it as a chance, then moved without a sound. He leaped from the pedestal and perched himself on the roofing.

    Looking down on the creature, she seemed to be feeding herself. Where did she found that jar of peaches? However she got them, Draco was not too concerned with her. He was more into beef to satisfy his apatite; preferably not another living being. He could only wonder how long it took for someone like her to build such guts to wonder alone. She didn't seem like much of a fighter, but must be quite the survivor. Strong or not, Draco was not about to make a friend. He was simply going to rest and go without saying word. Folding in his wings and laying his back against the boarding, he tried to keep himself in a deep sleep for now.

    But what he didn't count on was the sound of his muffled, loud breathing.
  19. ((My apologies for the time that has elapsed.))

    It was just before the phoenix hadseemed to recover that it happened. Dilation of coal black pupilsbecame a pulsating hell within shocking blue pupils. Black and whitefur quickly stood on end as huffs of breath escaped the crinkling andflaring muzzle and nostrils. What was happening? His whole body feltlight, but he was elsewhere within his mind now. Deep, far in thepast of this newer happening. Heavy footfalls thudded down corridorsas shouts of orders were given. Metal slugs hurled past them as theybegan to open fire, M4's and a SAW M-249 hailing back down inresponse. The suppressing fire of the enemy was formidable, but itdidn't slow down these Marines. The enemy's aim was sloppy and onlynicks and cuts were sustained from their hail.
    The heavyweight of a Frag Grenade was like lead in Kurt's left hand before hecould taste the cold steel of the looped pin. Pearly enamel bit downtight as his hand clamped down upon the grenade's long spoon andpulled away from the pin, then slung the grenade forward clear downthe hall. It was only a couple seconds later that there was aneruption of sound followed by more hailing of shrapnel against thewalls, followed by short-lived screams that had been choked by thecold embrace of death. The blood in these hallways were so heavy inscent that the human male could taste it on his tongue.

    “Alright!They're cleared out! Move!”

    The order came from SergeantMorris, their squad leader and dog of the Military for twenty yearsnow... and one reckless son of a bitch. He immediately began tosprint forward as did the rest of the squad besides Kurt. They werereckless as well. What if there were traps laid by the enemy for suchan occasion? If they were going to go down, then why not bring theMarines with them from the grave? Sadly, Kurt didn't have any time tobark out his reservations against charging. Another detonation hadblown the crew back except for one that was torn into pieces.


    The rest of the crew had hit hard against the floor,grunting and growling as they hit and then tried to recover.

    “Whatthe fuck was that?!” Screamed Lance Corporal Garrison.

    Kurtbegan to sprint forward, M4 level until he neared the crew. Fromthere, his lithe body crouched down and gripped the L.Cpl by theshirt to heave him up.

    “It was a fucking bomb, Garrison,”Kurt snarled as he heaved up another of the Marines. “Fuckin'Sergeant didn't even have a chance...”

    Slowly, the other twoMarines had gotten to their feet and began to check themselves. Kurtpatted one of the Marines on the left shoulder to signal them to stayas he crept forward, rifle leveled and his eye down its sight. Therewas nothing yet. The Marines behind him steeled themselves the bestthey could, but none could reach Kurt's coldness. The 122ndsimply didn't have as much cold resolve as Zealot did. No one did.For Kurt, though, it was simply about survival. About keeping allyour senses sharp and your friends distant. The less emotional traumayou suffered during, the bigger the chance of survival and the betteroff you were after everything was done...

    Kurt shook hisenormous head hard and paid for it dearly when he felt the bone ofhis broken nose shift and grind, forcing a growl to filter throughhis sharpened, canine enamel as his hand clamped over the woundedappendage. He'd give all the fuck in the world now and everything heowned to be human again, but that wouldn't be likely. It was like...well, honestly, there was nothing to compare to this besides yourlife being completely stripped from you. All your reasons to livewere gone, and you either had to adjust, kill yourself, or justfucking deal with it. Neither sounded any good to him. The pain hadgiven him a very sharp reminder of such, and that he had no time todeal with such stupid things as recovering. He and the... ThePhoenix, which was still difficult to consider, had to get out ofhere.

    Just like the old days with the rest ofhis now dead crew.

    It's why he wound up alone.

    Therewas no time to deal with it, though, since the phoenix – Asari –had confirmed his fear. It was obvious his fur would be a detrimentto him in such circumstances... At least, what was exposed, whichwasn't truly much if one observed how he had been clad. He wasgrateful that he had kept his normal long-sleeved long-panted gear.Though, with no time to actually truly be grateful for suchforesight, Kurt pushed the thought and the pain in his muzzle asideand looked from Asari to the hall to his left. It was the only pathaway from the stairwell he just came from, so it was the only logicaldecision...

    Unless of course they were base-jumping, thenhe'd like to know where the hell he would get a parachute.

    Still, nothing was that easy. So, as heholstered the revolver, Kurt paced over to Asari and took one goodlook at her. How the hell was he getting a wounded Phoenix out ofhere? She couldn't fly, so their pace would be slowed unless heassisted. But what was the best way to do so? It was either cradlethe bird or perch her on his back lest she preferred to sprint behindhim.... Which wouldn't exactly be the best of options since he hadmore than enough speed to outrun anyone who would pursue him orotherwise.

    “I believe you,” he said in his growlingcanine tone, reaching out his arm. “Now let me carry you out ofhere or we're gonna be in a worse situation than we already are...And, not to be pushy, but it's not the best time to debate otheroptions...”
  20. Lightning simply wasn't conscious, the bleeding had stopped but he'd lost so much that he passed out. Still, even in his unconsciousness he dreamed. In his dream he was younger, it was his tenth birthday, and his parents as usual were fighting over work. It didn't bother him that they fought so much, it only bothered him that they were too busy working or fighting to be real parents, instead having the neighbors be nice enough to throw him a small celebration in their back yard.

    His Neighbors were the closest thing to parents he had in his mind, kind people with a little girl he liked to play with. His tenth birthday however, was the day of his first kiss, the little girl, Qaya, he remembered her name being, grabbed him and pulled him away during the little party her parents threw him, and although he was only 10 and she just a older she kissed him hard. They never spoke of the kiss after that, even after the virus broke out they never spoke a word. He never saw her again after the virus made its way to his home.

    His dream skipped, like a scratched record, to the day the virus infected his town. Everybody had become crazed mutants, half man half beast, all psychotic. The city, broke down into chaos, not the chaos of a normal natural disaster, this was a nightmare, people getting mauled by tigers who used to be people, Gorilla-men leveling building with their fists to catch a bird. It was a bloodbath, and in the middle was this 12 year old boy, afflicted with the Virus but still human. In the opening acts of this catastrophe, the virus only hit him like a bad case of influenza while it seemed that everyone else lost their minds and their genetics. When he felt good enough to venture from his house, he found his city in shambles, streets burning, explosions in the city center,to a twelve year old boy it seemed like a war in the zoo.

    From then on, he was alone, in his childhood he'd become exceptional at machines, and building them, with that knowledge he was able to research the mechanics of firearms and build a couple that he carried with him, he also had to research the makings of a bullet, and that was more difficult as he was unable to reverse engineer the explosive inside the blast cap. Knowing he needed a way to fire the bullets, he then researched the properties of blastless kinetic propulsion, and it struck him Electromagnetic propulsion, and after a long time of crafting and then shrinking the components he made an electromagnetically propelled polar operated submachine gun. The same couldn't be said about his revolver and the ammunition was limited to the normal bullets he could scavenge.

    His dream kept replaying his memories of learning to survive in this new world, mainly teaching himself athleticism in the more dangerous parts of the city. His body had become stronger after the virus, it healed faster, his reflexes became faster, his strength increased by a marginal degree. In addition, he gained a unique ability to add a powerful electrical attribute to his hands, and upon seeing his reflection noticed his eyes were no longer brown, but a striking purple color that sparkled with blue bolts when he used his electrical abilities.

    Oddly enough, the memories of how far he'd come to survive in this world were something that strengthened his body, slowly though still at a speed that would be considered science fiction in older times, his wounds started to close. His dreams gave him the will and the strength to keep surviving even while unconscious, but he still had a long way to go to recovery.