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    A theme of our beautifully fallen world. Please let yours ears enjoy while I tell you of our dilemma.

    A Utopian Wasteland

    Earth, 2278.
    The world has gained so much technology, and so many things have changed. Humans daily have surgery to change themselves, make themselves better. But it was the day when they tried to change OUR kind we will always remember. The day of failure.
    A scientist had been working for years to give animals human genes and forms, and humans animal genes and forms. The day he succeeded was also the day he failed.
    Earth, 2282.
    Four years have past and in those four years the world learned the truth of what happened. As they watched themselves and their friends change or die.
    A virus was spread throughout the human world the day Scientist Gene Cronic let out his "Anihumal" surgery.
    "This surgery will change the face of earth as we know it!"
    If only he knew how dangerously right his words were. The day after 1 million humans and 3 thousand animals tried his surgery. The earth became chaos.
    A horrible virus now deemed the "Anihumal Virus" attacked humans and animals alike inside their bodies, and millions upon millions began dying in hours. After four years, there's only around 150 normal humans left. Those who didn't die were changed, transformed. Whether they took the surgery or not. The virus had been air born, and it also effected animals.
    Though there are still animals like the ones there used to be, their minds will never be the same. When the virus hit every creature on earth was suddenly sentient. They could now speak and learn like any human. And some of them were worse for ware. Some of the creatures that had gotten too much of the virus gained more than a voice. They were given a bipedal form and now had thumbs. They're were also those in between. The humans that didn't transform into a fury thing completely either gained parts like ears or tails or for many gained wings. They're were also normal animals who were suddenly strange colors and had parts and pieces they didn't before. No one really knows why some parts were chosen and others not, the virus hasn't been able to be studied since the accident. But those still alive have learned to live in the state they now are.

    Also the day the virus hit, the earth itself was changed. People say the virus transformed the world itself, being mother nature it had to have been affected.
    I don't know why the earth turned upside down. But it did. Cities that had been miles high were suddenly all underground. But it wasn't as if they were entirely destroyed. You could still go outside, still up and see the top. Go to the ocean. But it was dangerous, because those whose minds couldn't take the change stayed outside the sunken cities. And they were dangerous themselves. Amazingly after the four years the creatures of the world have rebuilt the cities in a way and rebuilt their lives. Markets and shops have regrown. People trade and sell like they used too hundreds of years ago. The world may have been turned upside down. But life will always go on, in one way or another. Thing is, how will you live yours?

    This is Ria Nightlink signing out.

    Hello and Welcome to Furpocalypse!
    This is a world where only furry or furry type things are left!
    The setting is in a city like the picture above. Inside the windows and doors are streets and houses. There are people that can go outside and who do go outside.
    But it is very dangerous out there so most people come back to the safety of the "Shallow House" at night. There us technology in this setting, such as guns and and high tech thingy-ma-bobs. But they're really isn't any 'electricity' left. So think of it like this. You can't plug something in that has no plug in to plug into can you? But a battery can still be used. So technically there is the invention of electricity, but there's no one left to run it and nothing left to run it off of. So only limit technology to something you can build with a potato battery or is small enough to carry on you person. We wouldn't want a poor kitty to get fried!
    Anyways, the setting is earth, though a futuristic and different one. I will allow the use of magic, but it's only been four years since this virus, so please use some sense in how powerful your abilities are. Everyone is trying to survive and start a new life, so try not to take that away from them by blowing up their new house with a spirit bomb. Now onto to rule like things.
    1. This is a furry RP, so please if you want to make a human, either make them have SOME sort of furry part or a furry companion. And I'd prefer if there were only a few humans. Considering there are only around 150 normal humans left on the world. I doubt they'd all be in one city.
    2: Be cool, your character is not a god here and most likely not invincible, (whether a bad ass or not.) So please don't take away from another characters fun by never being able to die and or be hurt.
    3: Do not just attack another character because, a; you do not like the character type, b; you don't like the person playing the character, c; you're just being a jerk and want to kill everyone, or d; you just don't care. Don't be a jerk alright?
    4: Do not spam, though I am fine with two characters having some conversations with themselves if fitting do not post up a ton of messages in a row. And in this area please don't ask for your character to join over and over and over, if I have not said yes yet it is either because I am at work, working on my game and have not refreshed the page, had to go out of town suddenly, or just have gotten distracted. And AS SOON AS I check it i will most likely add you in. So please wait patiently.
    5: Please keep the amount of characters you have somewhat simple. I've fine with people having multiple characters, especially in a setting like this, just please if you have more than one make sure you can keep up with them. If you decide you want to change one of your characters, or that you can't keep up with one of them. Let me know and we can find a way to take them out.
    6: Please keep the extreme violence, cussing and sexuality to a minimum. This will obviously be a somewhat mature area since it is furry and a society trying to rebuild. But something along the lines of "Damn I wish I'd put my gun on before we arrived in this shit whole." will be exclusive enough. I will allow some cussing but please keep it clean. If i find someone cussing up a storm in uncensored ways i will ban you. I understand a rough rouge with a mouth, but i will not tolerate a nasty person speaking in unnecessary ways. Please do not get intricately into what you plan to do. Be logical. If i need to raise the rating to 16+ let me know and i will.
    7: Don't control another character. Just because someone isn't responding or isn't responding the way YOU want does not mean you can control what they say or do. If it gets to where you cannot move forward because it has been SO long since the character you were doing a part with has not responded. Please let me know and i may god-post to fix it. I.e. change the character, changed what happens, have a reason for the character to be missing. But please do not come to me a day or two after they have posted annoyed. Some people have other things they must do. And also you can always come up with a reason for you to join another part of a different conversation. Don't be a jerk.
    8: HAVE FUN, i really only want this so people with a variety of characters can join and all interact. I truly want this to be an open, creative place where characters have a huge world to explore. Please above all else have fun!

    Now only a couple more things to explain. I would like this RP to be an open world. There is a theme, a relative story, but i truly want this to be a bit unending. I want it to be almost like a second life, a place where when you're there you have to plan what you'll do for the day, decide what you'll do for work. That type of thing, just as if you were having to start a new life for yourself. Yes there will be a background story and there will be times were things will change. A new part of the story may come up, a new character will show up, or a new enemy may have to be dealt with. But i don't want an end all of the story. Also as for people who used to be human. If you wish to put up a picture in your character sheet of what they USED to look like that's fine. That way they can reference why perhaps your person looks like that now. But please understand they can NOT change back into that form whenever they please. I love shapeshifters, but they will not be here. It just wouldn't fit or be truly fair to some of the others. It's supposed to have happened through an uncontrollable virus. Some things won't be exactly how wanted. And also yes this is a 'furry' RP but that doesn't mean it has to be a furry creature. It can be a snake/frog/fish person. It doesn't have to have FUR it just needs to be animalistic. Other than all of these tiny boring details PLEASE enjoy!

    Creature Examples:
    Some picture ideas for creature types:(Any and all of these can be mixed and matched.)

    Were creature (open)

    Human/Animal (Aka Neko) (open)

    Angel/Bird(i consider it different than a neko type) (open)

    Fantasy Creature(From legend or your own mind) (open)

    Regular Creature Slightly Altered(Like a blue fox!?) (open)

    Regular mostly everyday animal (open)

    Character Sheet:

    Race: (Full animal,neko,etc..)
    Age: (Only if you want)
    Weapons/Abilities: does your character carry a gun or are they trained in hand to hand
    Short Bio: what were they before the virus hit. Where they changed and do they like it or resent it?
    Extras: anything extra you can think of.

    Name: Ria Nightlink
    Race: Were Raccoon
    Age: Around 3 in animal years about 20 in human.
    Gender: Female
    Ria (open)

    Skills/Weaknesses: Ria used to be a normal Raccoon. So she now works as a professional thief for pay. She can fit into almost any tight spot and is known for her flexibility.She can see extremely well in the dark but has goggles that help her see things even she couldn't. They also give her the position of things around her and where she is facing, i.e. north south so and so. One of her weaknesses is food. She loves food and the smell of it can distract her immensely. She also hates water and tries to stay underground merely to avoid it.
    Weapons/Abilities: She has strong metal claws attached to her real ones and uses them to climb up buildings and attack very quickly. She fast and agile.
    Personality: She spunky but quiet. If you make her angry she'll tell you but if you don't bother her you probably won't hear much from her. Though she's happy in the form she has now she resents the humans who did this to the animals. She blames them for wanting to be "better" and making the entire world worse.
    Short Bio: Ria used to be a normal raccoon. One who would steal your garbage and enjoy a night stroll. Until she was changed. Once she found out why and how it had happened she resented humans ever since. Though she has human friends and wouldn't really want to go back to what she was before. She still hates the fact that humans greed did this to her.

    Name: Sheila Sorro
    Race: Human turned linx
    Age: About 22
    Gender: Female
    Sheila (open)

    Sheila looks as if she only gained ears for her transformation. She hides her short linx tail under her armor, and her animal feet and hands in gloves and shoes made spicificly to hide her animal parts. It's not that she afraid others wouldn't understand. She just feels more human when she looks more human.

    Skills/Weaknesses: She was once a soldier for a personal army and when she was changed she kept only her armor and giant sword from her previous job. She isn't fast due to the large size of her sword but she can swing that thing like no one else. Men two times her size have tried to even lift it and failed. When she was brought into the personal army of a high class citizen she was given treatments that made her stronger and more agile with such a large weapon. She might not be able to dodge well but she can block very well. She carries the large sword everywhere with her and calls it "lil brother" but she also has a small suicide katana strapped to her back. She will rarely use the blade but can pull it out for a second blocker and attacker if her first sword is busy.

    Weapons/Abilities: She carries her large sword "lil Brother" and her suicide katana which she's promptly named "Suey". Her abilities mostly lie in the ability to control such a large weapon. Though people have said she has hidden abilities due to the rigorous and mysterious training she took to join the privet army.

    Personality: A tad on the quiet side she tends to be the tiny one in the corner with the big sword that no on knows. She rarely talks and when she does it comes out a whisper.
    She doesn't understand why she was transformed and secretly feels responsible for her masters death. Therefore she has become less trustful and rarely makes friends.

    Short Bio: Before the virus Sheila was hired to work for an Asian Diplomat of high class. Strangely she was hired at an extremely young age and was trained personally by that diplomat. When she turned 16 she was his most powerful asset and also his closest friend. The man and Sheila had grown very close over the years and a father daughter relationship grew. The man was among the first to die in days after the virus hit and Sheila has considered her self at fault since that day. She became sick the same day he did but because of all the strange elements in her body she was instead transformed. She left the privet army and traveled for a year or so in despair. She arrived in the city around a year ago and works as a privet guard for those who need or can pay.

    Extra: Sheila searches for a way to redeem herself for not being able to save her master. She also secretly searches for another person who she might be able to serve under. But that person must first gain her trust, loyalty and friendship. So far no one has come her way.
  2. Axel Crowe
    Dark Hair Green-Gray Eyes
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    RP Color: Gray

    Strengths - Can wield his hair like flexible swords. Superior agility and uncanny accuracy.
    Weaknesses - Loses body heat in battle because of the octopus genes and it would slow his motion and reaction time if he isn't kept warm.

    Short Bio: He had a more of a 'careful what you wish for,' circumstance because he always wanted a tail and long hair. Axel was more or less snatched off the streets while drunk from a wild high school party. He had been taken into this van and was asked a series of questions which were nonsensical to his inebriated conscious mind. He was infused with both an octopus and a cat. He had the ears, and tail. His hair had grown, and was given the ability to have it extend to nearly one hundred meters. He ties blades around the ends to use them as a kind of multi-edged sword. He often wears his hair in a braid.

    Jace Vee
    White Hair; Gray Eyes
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    RP Color: Green

    Strengths - Flight. Wing regeneration. He can use his feathers as razor sharp projectiles or each as some huge, multi-edged blade. Can create a powerful, hurricane force winds with a single flap.
    Weakness - Lightning [of course], smoke and fire.

    Short Bio: Jace had been transformed into 1/3 Neko and 1/3 Falcon after his foster parents signed him off to be some lab experiment without him knowing. They had disguised it as some sort of trip to see some uncle who he'd never really heard of. He was only nine at the time. Now he has a pair of white wings, elfin-looking ears with no fur to tell of his cat-like genes other than the white furred tail he keeps wrapped around his waist and hidden from view.

  3. @power lol it's fine take your time ^^ and have fun XD hope you liked it though <.> took me a bit to finagle. ^^
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  8. Name: Maruso Akazara
    Race: Devil
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male

    Skills/Weaknesses: Flying, Speed, Wind Manipulation / Running, Endurance, Playing Nice, Kids
    Weapons/Abilities: Dark Energy Manipulation
    Personality: Insane, Funny, Likable, Daring, Immature
    Short Bio: Maruso was just a boy when he was stricken with cancer of the nervous system. His parents were rich, and paid for hundreds of Crow genes to be implanted into his body. The surgery killed him, and he made a deal with the devil. He has to eat the souls of the remaining humans on the earth in order to be a free devil.

  9. @Xenos Alright ^^ can't wait to see it. Put it up whenever you're ready, I'd be honored to have them with us ^-^
    @Overcast..... definitely not something I would have ever imagined for this roleplay but he is also extremely unique and crazy ^^ I'll accept him and see how it goes XDD
    (I wonder if i should put a location part in the character sheet like : Location: Are you from inside the Shallow House or are you one of the ones on the outside. Let me know what you guys think! ^^)
  10. Name: L. Cpl. Kurt “GHOST” Zealot
    Race: Were (Sentient Animal HumanWolf)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: upon cropped black locks atop aslim skull lays a skullcap tied at the back with slits that allow hisears to protrude. Normally, his icy cold blue orbs are shielded bysilver tinted shades that rest on his black stripped snout. White furtrails from the cheeks and under his coal black nose down to hischest which is covered by a grey button up shirt and a black,tactical kevlar vest over top. Grey tactical pants are adorned withtwo pistols, a revolver on his right hip and a USP .45 semi-autofirearm on the left outer thigh. Elbow and kneepads cover theappropriate joints, and black combat boots with thick soles adorn hisenormous feet. Black, fingerless gloves fit snugly upon his gianthands which nearly dwarf a grey and silver Barret M92A1 that slingsover his shoulder and onto his back.

    MarineSharpshooter. Being quick, lithe, and trained in Parkour, Kurt canscale tall buildings and any kind of terrain in order to either bepointman for his crew or to take up appropriate observation andsniping positions.
    Though he IS a parkour runner, thisdoes not mean that he has any kind of augmented strength. When facedwith larger and stronger opponents, unless he can out-maneuver hisopponent, he is left at a heavy disposition, even with his marinetraining before the virus.

    Barret M92A1 Sniper Riflewith 16x zoom
    .357 Extended Barrel Magnum Revolver with 3xscope
    USP .45 caliber Semi Automatic Pistol with Tac-Lite/laserSight for CQC battle.
    Hand-to-hand, as with all Marines.

    After the virus hadovertaken and shifted his being to one of Anthropomorphic, Kurt hadfound himself to be very unhappy – to say nicely – with who heis. Therefore, Kurt prefers to be withdrawn from those who surroundhim and doesn't take too kindly to personal conversation. Duringskirmishes, though, Kurt's Marine training kicks in and pushes him tofully co-ordinate with his team until either they settle theirskirmish or they are defeated.

    Short Bio;
    At the age of Nineteen,Kurt Zealot enlisted into the Marine Corps in order to follow hisdream as a Recon Sniper. Two years after enlisting, the Virus hitand, being subjected to it earlier as a battle-augmentation, Kurtquickly found himself transforming into the Wolf Sentient he is now.Filled with resentment, Kurt became extremely withdrawn and closedhimself from people and fellow anthropomorphic beings alike,preferring lonesomeness and quiet to the crowded teams that werelikely to exist within the new world.

    Kurt is afull-on cannibal. He WILL eat his kills, as Primal Instinct, thoughresents it as well as every aspect of himself, and will not back downto any kind of authority since his training has rendered him to bemore Alpha than Omega though he prefers quiet and solitude. Kurt'sbark is enough to -sometimes- deafen humans.

    (I apologize for any spacing errors. When I C&P, it crams, and since I'm dyslexic I don't always catch it.)

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  12. Zuza's Theme (open)

    Zuza Renn Slusarczyk
    [Zoo-zah Ren Slew-zar-zick]

    Mousey Mouse/Neko

    [In human years]


    Magical Mouse Chan (open)
    Magical Mouse Chan (open)
    Her tail is the same color fur as her ears that are pictured. It is fairly long, kind of thin, and covered in fur.

    Clothing not pictured:
    PANTS are essential.
    The stockings are included as well.
    SHOES are good for walking.

    GLOVES are nice for furry hands.
    Her giant spell book, which is pictures, is carried against her back. There are leather bands that wrap around it to secure it against her, that go around her arms like a backpack would with straps.

    Zuza is rather a fast little bugger. She has carried Mr. Book around enough on her back, that the weight does not bother her, and has even built up her strength.
    She also has rather giant eyes and ears, which sometimes are a good thing, and add to her level of being adorable. A simple pout, if given to the right foe, could help her get out of a battle. However, it is not always something she can depend on.
    She is medium strong, fairly stronger than most would be at her size - which is about 4' 9''.

    She can also jump pretty darn high. Mice gots hops.
    Zuza sometimes acts brave in situations where she should most likely back down. This brings her into confronting trouble where trouble wasn't even suppose to be found out. She brings it upon herself.
    She is obsessed with blueberries.
    She is still learning through Mr. Book. So, she has a lot to discover about Magic over time.

    Her book of spells is rather big.. She could throw it at people, or whack em with it. It would hurt. Maybe bruise.
    She is still practicing and learning, but she has the ability to conjure small orbs of dark energy. She may send these flying at foes as an attack. The energy orbs would then soak into the person's body and give them a type of shock, as if they ran into an electric fence without any clothes on. Yeah.
    She also has worked on a shielding spell, which means she can bring the energy into the shape of a large, round shield. She can hold onto it as if it was real matter, and it does reflect attacks like a real shield would. The only thing is if she loses focus on her magic, then the shield will disappear and leave her without it.
    She is always working on new ways to manipulate this dark energy. Thus, she is still in training with herself, and Mr. Book.

    Zuza is quite the energetic, friendly little ball of matter. Always excited about finding out things she did not know before, her curiosity is the best and worst thing about her. Even though it can lead her to a lot of trouble most times, she will give in to it. She looks at the world with a positive eye, and enjoys meeting new faces. Relaxation is a valued thing to her, and whenever she has the chance to lay back and nuzzle against her tail in peace, she is quite the happy mouse. However, a fallback to her personality is the tendency to be naive and trust those who should probably not be trusted. Also, if someone clearly does not want to talk to her, and is in a bad mood, she will ignore this and press on with smiles and pokes galore.

    Short Bio:
    The life of a mouse is quite the adventure, if one was to wonder. With everything in the world being about three times your size, a day is never very dull. That being stated, there are a lot of things that are frightening to most mice. However, this was not the case for Zuza as a small, furry creature. Before the virus struck the masses, she was constantly going out against her family's warnings, exploring the lands around her. Whether she would face a hissing feline, or a famished bird of prey, she would always keep a straight face, ignoring the slight increase in her heart rate. It all was such an adrenaline rush when she escaped those foes! Especially if she did so with an extra gathering of breadcrumbs, or, gasp, cheese. Lovely, lovely cheese.
    And then everything changed.
    Zuza and her brother had fallen to the illness, something strange, they could not describe. One morning, they rose to find their parents laying lifeless across their home. As sorrow filled their hearts, they decided they couldn't stay there, as it would always bring them memories of their family. After leaving the dead tree stump they had grew up in, and performing a respectful, proper burial for their mother and father, Zuza and Klyde began to move towards the city.
    One afternoon, along their travel, Zuza began to feel very strange. Falling to the ground with the loudest screams heard from a tiny mouth, she clutched her body, as it trembled violently. Before her brother's eyes, Zuza had transformed, it seemed. She suddenly towered above him, and looked.. almost human. It scared him right out of his mind as he squealed up at her in english. And then he realized he was speaking in words out loud that mortals had. Something was very off about this.
    Realizing they had to adjust to this new life, Zuza and Klyde made their way to the city, found a library, and stayed in there for days on end. Reading up on all that they could about human life, history, ways and all, they filled their new minds to the brim with knowledge.
    Zuza came across a large book of spells as well, buried behind many cobwebs and outdated dictionaries. This book had interested her the most above all. She had dreamed of magical worlds, knights, and all that was fantasy since she was a little mouselet. So, she studied every page, taking in all that she could. She practiced as often as she could, until one moment, she found a small ball of purple energy was floating above her palm. That was when Zuza felt she found her place in this new world. She became a magical girl that day, before things grew worse for the civilization around her.
    After everything became a wasteland, Zuza was lucky enough to have found clothing as Klyde and her continued to look for others like themselves. Perhaps someone could explain what had happened, since they really hadn't stayed in the loop of things. Neither of them felt a grudge towards human kind. They felt this was a dealing of fate, somehow. Perhaps this was meant to happen, the world making way for a new era. Or, at least, they tried to stay positive and think this way about it.
    Zuza now spends her time mostly carrying around her giant book of spells protectively; it is almost never separated from being strapped along her back. She does like to go outside in the world every now and then, with or without her brother. She searches for more like her, more who might have answers, or insight to what happened, what can be done about it, and what they should be doing to help.
    Zuza is prepared to fight. Even though she is now different physically, her fearless sense is just as strong as ever.

    Zuza's older brother Klyde is about 24-years-old in human years.
    He looks like 'dis.

    Klyde the Mouse (open)

    He is extremely protective of his little sister, and scolds her often, watching out for her safety and well-being. Even though is much much smaller than her now, he ignores this fact and still tells her what to do sometimes.

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  17. Hmmm..Phoenix's do die, but they are reborn by the ashes. So technically....not invincible, but, in a sense, immortal. That is the special thing about phoenix's. Or do i have to change the ancient mythology? :/
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    I'm supposing that, if he makes an exception, that you would likely lose all your abilities that may have been gained as well as all of your equipment, misc. items, etc.

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