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  1. Furi Kuri Ep.1

    "Set you feet shoulder width apart, get your body tight then swing- Kaking-bingo! Oh, the sky is pink there!" Toru pointed toward the sky with the bat held firmly in his hand.

    "What are you talking about?" Naoko asked.

    "Once you conquer the left side, you've got it! The hardest part is setting perimeters..."

    "Are you talking about a video game?" Naoko looked up from the paper sitting in her lap to the older boy. He was swinging her bat carelessly, facing the river as if she wasn't even there. Toru had shoulder length, unkempt red hair. He wasn't handsome or even much fun to talk to, just some friend of her brother's that hung around all the time. Sometimes he was even someone to talk to every now and then though he didn't usually make much sense. He was wearing his navy blue high school uniform but without shoes or socks. His coat was tied around his waist. She rolled her eyes and looked back to her paper.

    Toru looked back over his shoulder at the girl sitting in the grass. She used her upper thighs like a table to support a folder she was apparently working on. The way she sat he could see just how short her little tan shorts were. Dark brown, short cut tresses fell around her face, which made her look even more like a kid. She had a hair clip on either side to keep her bangs from falling in her face. He found it strange how she wore that light blue hoodie no matter what the weather though. It was particularly warm that day too, he thought. Toru looked back to the river and continued to swing. "Hmmm? What are doing anyway?"


    "You know, it's called 'home'work for a reason," he chuckled.

    "It's not cool doing homework at home," she said flatly.

    "Since you're here you can do mine when you're done too."

    "Huh?" She looked up from the paper. "Oh, your hands are upside down."

    "Whatever..." Toru let his arms drop to his side and turned to face her. "You should play baseball too Na-chan. You'd probably be as good as your brother. Why do you always carry this thing around anyway?"

    "Why do you always hang out around the river?" Naoko retorted. "It's boring here."

    "Well, you know... Umm... Now why was it?" He tilted his head in thought.

    "You sure are in a good mood today. I can't get this much out of you on a good day," Naoko said with a sigh. She looked back to her homework but could hear the bat hitting the ground. Toru walked around and knelt behind her. He slid his hands over hers, making her put down her pencil. "Ugh, you smell like cigarettes... The strong ones." Naoko turned her head to look at the river.

    "I haven't smoked yet today," Toru assured her.

    "Do you always have to do this? Ow..."

    "Yes, I need ear lobes. If I can't do this I over flow but you're always here so..."

    "What do you mean? What would happen to you?"

    "I don't know... Maybe something amazing..."

    Naoko gasped as Toru put all of his weight on her and they fell back into the grass. She closed her eyes against the blue of the sky.
    Nothing amazing happens here. Everything is ordinary. The huge factory that can be seen from our town, the Medical Mechanica plant, all the adults got excited when it came here, like it was really a big thing. The white steam that billows out every day at the same time, it looked to me like smoke that signified some kind of omen. Smoke that spreads out and covers everything.
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  2. " A policeman on the run.... Running from the law! And a forbidden lover, an electric cello, and a motorcycle! Someone should make that into a movie, or an award winning novel.... They could call it 'On The Road Again!' Or, something with a good title.... " Nakamura, more formerly known as Naka, took a bite of his curry bread and snickered. He was close. He was so close. Naka threw it on the ground, and gave his Cafe Racer a jump start. He could feel the energy around the bridge. It was enough to move his chain on his ankle.

    Nakamura was wearing his helmet with his goggles well over his eyes. Gotta be safe while riding, right? Well, it was a pilots helmet, for flying, so how safe could that be? He wore it over his shaggy black hair, and he wore it proudly. Even if it was stolen. The black and white patterned scarf he was wearing was stolen, too, along with the black jacket. He stole all of this from a local biker. But, the bike remained unstolen. It was his. His pants were black, and they came to a halt near the lower portion of his knees, because that's where his white boots began.

    " Alright. Here we go- oh! " As Naka raced full speed down the road of the bridge, he reached behind himself to receive his battle weapon- the one he opened N.O channels with. But, he hit a bump in the road and fell off of the edge, and thus, sent spiraling down onto the bank of the river. With that, he ran into a small girl- but that was his target! But wait... Did he kill her? Was it a him?!

    The other was about to help her up- but no! He couldn't let him ruin his plans! " Stop! " He said, and with that, he jumped off his bike and jumped towards the other. " Foreign boy must stop! He- er, she- uh.... This... young... boy! This boy just hit his head, so you can’t move him yet. Understand? " With that, Naka walked towards the motionless body, and flipped it over.

    " Oh lord! " He screamed, as he pulled away dramatically. " You're dead! Oh, you've died! How could I have let this happen? Oh, I killed him! I finally find him and I killed him! But.., it was an accident, kinda... Ooh, let’s face it, I definitely, totally killed him! " With that, Nakamura stood up, and took off his helmet, goggles and scarf with one quick motion.

    " COME BACK TO LIFE! " With that, he pressed his lips to the unconscious body, and performed Mouth to Mouth.
  3. Toru got up first, drawn by the low sound of an approaching vehicle. But they were on the river... Naoko quickly stood up and brushed the grass from her hair and shook it from her hoodie. "Now I smell like cigarettes..." Toru turned toward the bridge and froze, his eyes wide in terror. By the time Naoko noticed it was too late. A motorcycle- that could apparently fly- crashed right into her and sent her rolling across the ground. Toru acted quickly and ran to grab her bat but before he could poke her possibly lifeless body someone shouted at him. The owner of the hazardous motorcycle ran towards him.

    Toru was pretty sure she didn't hit her head but he realized that the mysterious rider had said something wrong. "Her name is Naoko, but I call her Na-chan. It's adorable right? Aha!" He took his phone from his pocket and started to snap pictures of Naoko's motionless body. Saliva dripped from her open mouth as she laid there under their attention. "This is terrible, my poor Na-chan..." Toru mumbled as he continued to snap pictures. He looked on as the rider rambled to himself in guilt or just for flare he was not sure... He paused when the assailant threw off his affects and went down for mouth to mouth. Toru stared in shock, amusement and just a little surprise as their lips met for that life saving kiss. He was sure to snag a picture of that as well.

    Moments passed before Naoko's eyes flew open and she squirmed underneath the stranger. "Ahh! What the heck was that! What did you do to me?!" She screamed. Toru jumped in front of her. "Hold on, you've hit your head, you can't be moving around to much." Naoko glared at the mysterious rider.
  4. Nakamura was slightly confused at how the boy- well, girl, acted. " Hm? Ah! Alright! The.... Girl? Right. The girl is back! " Naka stood up, and wiped his mouth. " It's a shame, though... I was close then, because if she was Taro, then he would have just turned into another movie title: death by a rider. Thank God for my luck! " Naka used his hands, and pulled the cable that was on his cello.

    With that, he took the thing by the neck, and swung the instrument like a bat. And with it, he hit Naoko square in the forehead. It sent the girl flying through the air, and landing somewhere near the river itself. " Lets try this again now, shall we? " After Naka hit her with his cello, he strapped it to his back again, and walked over to the body.

    He took the girl by the ankles, and shook her upside down. " Here we go again... " He shook a few times, and only coins and wrappers, and other such things fell from the pockets of the girl. Where was it? " It’s.... not coming.... out! I guess I’d better hit you again! "
  5. "What luck is he talking about?" Toru asked absently, taking little notice that the stranger was preparing to strike again. Naoko looked past Toru. "What the heck are you- WAAAAHHHH~!" Naoko was struck clean with a direct hit between the eyes and flew toward the river. Toru was frozen, once again, in shock and semi-amusement. "N-Na-chan..." He ran after the motorcyle's owner for another picture.

    He was about to take the picture but heard the rider talking about hitting her again. Toru stepped between him and Naoko. "Ah- Wait! What happened to don't move her! You said she hit her head didn't you?" He looked back at Naoko's unconscious body lying so close to the water that her fingers were dipped right at the edge. Toru looked back at the rider, his expression almost pleading.
  6. Naka rolled his eyes. " That was before I did the CPR. She looked fine after I did it. " Naka wiped his mouth further. " And don't worry, I didn't use tongue. " He winked flirtatiously, and walked back to his bike. He was angry, yes, but mostly disappointed. " You're both useless! " He shouted, as he kick started his Cafe Racer and soon blasted off like a rocket.

    The Cafe Racer probably was a rocket. But, nonetheless, he ran into an old man on the way home, and as he did, he offered himself to be a traveling housekeeper. It worked, and he had a place to stay. Right in the household of Naoko. This was perfect.
  7. Naoko sat up and put a hand to her forehead. "Ow..." Toru shoved his phone back into his pocket and helped her stand. "He was pretty fast. He looked pretty young too, probably about twenty... Oh, do you need a doctor?"She wiped her wet fingers on her hoodie. "A stupid adult who doesn't know how to grow up..." Naoko stumbled back up to where they had left their things and picked up her book bag. Toru couldn't help staring at her forehead. "Does it hurt?"

    Naoko looked a her reflection in a car window and sighed aloud. She reached up and touched the horn that had started to protrude from her forehead. "Ow. It doesn't look like a normal bump at all... I can't go to the hospital like this. Maybe I can..." She pressed down on the protrusion until it went back into her head. "Ow, ow!" She let go and it popped back out. "Ow... What am I going to do now..." She took the bandage Toru got- er, stole- for her and put it in her pocket.

    Once home she rushed upstairs to her room and put it on. It hid the blemish quite well actually. The phone rang for her and she rushed down to answer it. It was Toru. She only half listened while nervously touching the bandage. "Huh, photos? Why would I need to see those? I'm busy right now, I don't have time. Go hang out with your friends or something." She hung up and shook her head. For some reason her mind started to trail back to the dream she had the past night.
    Tasuku was in it. I saw him batting and was completely in awe. His swing was dazzling. I never thought I would get to see something so perfect.
    She was snapped back into reality by her mother calling from downstairs. She was obnoxiously loud as always.

    "Nao Dinner!"

    "Coming!" Naoko went into the eating area and froze. "I-it's that Motorcycle Freak!"

    "Why are you yelling?" Kimiko asked.

    "Hurry up and sit down!" her grandmother snapped angrily.

    Naoko glared at her mother and that's when she noticed that she had bandages on his face.

    "I got run over you know... Smashed," Kimiko went on, ignoring her daughter's obvious anger that was blatantly directed towards her.

    "Should have killed her..." her grandmother mumbled agitatedly.

    "But, instead, we got a housekeeper out of it, so it's good right?"

    "A HOUSEKEEPER?!" Naoko shrieked, pointing at the official stranger whom she was very sure was not the strangest person in the house at the moment. "Are you serious?! You got a housekeeper?! This guy!?"

    "A live-in housekeeper," Kimiko added as if it really mattered.

    "That's no better! He could have killed you with his stupid motorcycle!"

    What in the world had she done to deserve such a punishment?
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