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  1. A tall but slender black wolf lay stretched out in the sand at the edge of the water, the waves slowly lapped at her legs as the suns rays warmed her dark fur. She wore a bright green bikini and short shorts with a thin blue cover wrapped around her waist. Around her neck sat a tight fitting black collar with red spikes protruding from it. She let out a yawn as a few birds circled overhead and music played in the background. A few sea doos jumped the waves in front of her and furs were laughing and playing all around her. She lifted her paw and let the pale sand filter between her fingers as the breeze twisted the falling column. The breeze brough with it the smell of strong drinks and exotic flowers. Rani ducked as a volleyball came bounces past her rolling away from some furs not too far off she stood and turned to them with it in her paws.
  2. Eclipse smiled as he arrived at the beach, he let his wings unferrel and bask in the warm sun. " Ahhhh. " He said as he set his belongings down and jumped into the air flapping his wings strongly soaring into the air as he whooped. " WOOOHOOOO!!!! " He yelled out as he sped down running his hand throught the water as he glided closer to the serface.
  3. Rani smiled slightly as she tossed them black the ball then moved her towel and items a little farther away then resumed her basking. She looked out across the water as the furs out there laughed and played, this place was like a paradise. She lifted an eyebrow as a winged fox skimmed the water and took a camera out of her bag. She took a few good shots of him playing then turned her attention on other things that were close enough for her digital camera to photograph without her having to get up. She soon spotted a hermit crab with a bright blue shell and went to taking close-ups of it as it crawled around on a peice of driftwood.
  4. Eclipse spoted somebody takeing a picture of him and got curious. " Hmmm. " He started to fly closer to the female as he flew right over her he looked down and waved, he turned his back to the ground as he started to glide . He just laid back and relaxed as he flew right up and down landing gracefully folding his wings neatly against his back walking to the female with his paws in his pockets.
  5. Rani smiled and waved as the fox flew over her and turned over onto her stomach to trail her claw tips through the sand just in front of her towel as she saw him land. She laid her camera between her arms and her chest as he came towards her. The breeze blew past toying with the edge of her cover for a moment before she trapped it under her thigh. "Howdy" She said when he was close to her then pinned her ears a moment thinking "did I just say that like that...?".
  6. " Hiya. " The fox said as he smiled lightly as he looked down. " You come here for the convention? " He asked as he looked over to his stuff to make sure it was still there, he then looked back to the female infront of him as he spoke again. " Oops sorry i forgot to introduce myself. I'm eclipse moon the flying fox. " He said as he unfolded his black and white wings from his back and shook them alill bit shakeing the sand off of them.
  7. "Yeah I did. I needed a break from all the boring ass people I live around." She said and sat up crossing her legs in front of her. "Well, Hello Eclipse, I'm Rani Morgrim." She said and smiled as she looked at his wings. "I bet your travel costs here were pretty cheap huh." She said jokingly. She brushed her paws together to get the sand off of them then pulled a bottle out of her bag and took a drink.
  8. " Actually it is i dodn't pay at all i flew here. " He said as he smiled his fluffy tail swaying side to side as his purple hues glinted in the sunlight.
  9. "Lucky you, I rode in on the ferry and fished the whole way." She said gesturing to a compact fishing rod that slid down into itself. (dad has one, realy convenient and cool) "I'm afraid of heights anyways... At least the going down part." She said and looked up into the sky. "None of that high flying stuff for me." She said and grinned a bit.
  10. " I just love the wind flowing through my fur it's just so cool and the adreanalin is amazeing it give me that rush i need to know that i am alive. " He said as he smiled sitting down infront of rani and crossed his arms.
  11. "I get close to that feeling riding in a speeding car or something." She said, looking at him. "I've never been on a plane or anything but my mom has." She said and tilted her head slightly as she caught sight of a nicly bodied stallion in a spedo off behind Eclipse but she quickly looked back to the fox in front of her and coughed slightly.
  12. Eclipse giggled as he smiled at her. He sighhed wandering where his wolf mat was and what he was doing.
  13. "Missing someone?" She asked lowering one ear. She hated to think that only half of a couple had been able to make it but it happened that way sometimes. But she herself was in the same situation... well... really she didn't know if he was coming or not; they had been arguing lately.
  14. " Yea he said he will be here soon due to him haveing to take the plane and me being able to fly would be much more cheaper so yea. " He said as he looked to the sky.
  15. "True. Though it would have probably been funner and cheaper if we could become micro furs at will and slip into someone's pocket like him." She said pointing over to a little blue fur poking out of another's pocket.
  16. Eclipse giggled at the sight as he smiled. " Yea that would be chaper. And more fun. " He added in as he looked back to rani.
  17. Chot gets off his plane and heads to the beach. He lies a blanket far enough from the water so as to not get wet and starts soaking up the sun.
  18. "Yeah and housing acomodations would be easier to find," She said making a smal box shape with her paws. "Building supplies would be easier to get." She laughed and dropped her paws into her lap. "Care for a drink? Rootbeer and Captain Morgan." She asked holding up her bottle and giving it a slight wiggle. "It's not very strong but it's here." Rani said and licked her lips.
  19. Eclipse smiled and took the bottle as he opend it and took a swig. " That is delicous! " he said as his eyes brightend up slightly.
  20. Rani nodded. "I hate being able to taste the alchohol in my drinks so when I found this out I was all for it." She said and wagged slightly. "Not that I drink much anyways." She said and smiled. "I like sweet food and drinks." She said and bit her lip. "Wish I didn't."