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  1. Kinda hard to find any furries onilne and I don't know a lot of furs in my area but I always enjoy meeting new ones. Just put in a Bio and start playing!


    This Furcon is set up on a beautiful, tropical island out in the Pacific Ocean. The skies are a beautiful clear blue, and the turquoise waters lap at white sandy beaches. In the air hang the songs of tropical birds and the scent of rare and exotic flowers and fruits. Just under the surface lies a coral reef, in which lives hundreds of brightly colored fish, here you can scuba dive and explore a totally different and weightless world. There areboats to row around in the calm waters of the lagoon and seadoos and surfboardsto ride the waves on. There are spare wetsuits on standby as well for those who aren't too keen on getting their hide wet! Not too far from the boat dock stands a small bar serving flavorful mixed drinks. All this and more awaits you today onFur-Island. Bring your friends and have a wonderful time.
  2. My Character
    Name: Rani
    Sex: Female
    Age: 20
    Species: Demon Wolf
    Description: All Black fur, Anthro but with a more or less human body, solid white eyes and her ears curl into little tufts of fur on the end, she has a smile across her face that litterally never fades because it can't; it's something like a chelsea's smile but she was born with it.
  3. Name: Eclipse moon

    Sex: Male

    Age: 18

    Species: Angelic fox

    Description: Purple fur with white on the chest and around the maw, black and white wings, green eyes.
  4. blah okay so it's been moved to modern and torn apart yay... oh well this works too
  5. hey do the roleplay in the furry's nation group cuase there will be allot more people that WILL join due to them well being furry's or possibly meme's
  6. How might I go about that? I'm really tired so pardon if I get pretty Derpy
  7. Name: Chot

    Age: 19

    Species: half wolf half cat

    Description: Black fur except his chest and around the eyes are white. Tall and slender. Bright green eyes.
  8. Sounds good hop in ^_^
  9. Name: Cee Cee
    Age: 21
    Species: Cat, daughter of the Cheshire Cat
    Description: She has her father's striped blue coat and green eyes; however, unlike her father, she rarely grins.
  10. That's fine go ahead. Might have to wait for more furs to join though. If you know anyone please invite them! :)
  11. Name: Kira
    Age: 18
    Species: Angelic Fox
    Description: Kira has silver fur with gold tips on each strand of fur, giving her a sort of gleaming look. She has a flirty and vivacious personality and had a reputation as a heartbreaker. She is going to FurCon to meet and find other furries to flirt with.
  12. that's fine we just need a few more furs. If you know anyone it would be nice if you would let them know