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So a friend of mine came up with this idea for a great icebreaker, and I thought it'd be fun thing for Iwaku.

What is one funny story about something that happened to you this week?
Share something that made you smile or laugh, or just feel happy.

Note: This is not a thread for dirty jokes, or to bash other people or laugh at their misfortune >:( don't do it

My funny story for this week:

The window in my apartment won't shut all the way, so today my landlord came over to look at it because we think the window-frame itself might be where the problem is.
While he's looking it over my cat, a big orange tabby, is stalking his every step. And by stalking I mean not even the bell on his collar is jingling.

My landlord turns around, and my cat freezes.
I'm talking full on puffed out startled cat freeze.

My land lord looks at the cat and suddenly there's this orange streak across the room, through my tiny kitchen, and under my table.

And then we hear this tiny, innocent, meow.

I was pretty Amused :)
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