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  1. Basically funny stories and such about your pets.

    For me earlier today my Dog Rocky was in my room and wanted out.
    So simple enough I open the door for him to leave, and he proceeds to go...
    But mid-way through, after I began shutting the door he just randomly stops.
    This causes the door to slightly touch his butt, to which he jumps about 5 feet forward and then just gives a stare right behind him.

    Giving me a look that I could only imagine meaning "How could you... You betrayed me...".


    And then there's this noise he makes whenever he thinks he's home alone.

  2. When I was like 2-3 apparently me and my cat worked together to troll/prank my parents. But I have no memory of that and don't have details XP

    A funny story I have is that I was leaning over my cat as he was on the PC chair and I needed the computer for a moment. So as i'm leaning over I accidentally sneeze on him and the look he gave me was priceless XD At first I felt bad but then I swear his look was super exaggerated like I just did the most insulting thing in existence (Even know he sneezes on me too >.<) So I'm like "Bulllshit, you do the same thing. Don't pretend like it's an insult DX"
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  3. It was like 3am or something at night and I looked over to my right just in time to see my snoring Biscuit roll off the bed with a loud bang. I felt so bad for laughing and she was just sitting there looking so confused lolol.

    We were babysitting a neighbor's cat and kept it crated because we're all allergic to cats. Bichon went up to sniff the cage and all you hear is HIISSSSS and see my punk ass dog running into my room with his tail between his legs, screaming. -_-
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  4. Once, we couldn't find one of our cats in the house. We were searching all over, and our dog was meandering about as usual. Suddenly, as the dog walks past a chair that had a coat draped over it, hiding what was underneath it, the cat leaps out from under the coat to attack the dog. And then, as all animal confrontations in my house seem to end, the two animals just went back to wandering around as though it had never happened.

    Now for a story of revenge; the same cat decided that while the dog rested on a bed he wanted to bite his bottom. And so he did. The dog then snapped at the cat, freaking him out so much he leaped up into the air and landed on the floor. And then, you guessed it, the cat just walked off as though nothing had ever happened.
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  5. That's something I like about animals. Nothing stays personal XD My mom and my cat got into a small fight. (My cat was being overly aggressive so my mom was forced to kick him off the couch, my cat jumped back at her again after that) 5 minutes later after the cool down period my cat went back to my mother (Cautiously) seeing if all is forgiven. It was ^^

    The only thing my cat keeps personal is his previous owner. Which is odd because she wasn't abusive. (She was my moms friend) Whenever he's called his old name, he starts to freak out a bit. Whenever she came to visit, my cat would go into hiding. I think it was more he liked us MUCH better than her so he didn't want to leave us.

    But the most amazing part I think is my cat was given to us when he was only 1. 15 years later he still reacts to that name. That means that cats remember even back when they were babies o.o Wish I had that ability -.-... Okay, maybe not now that I REALLY think about it XD But still, never forget, almost always forgive. More humans needs that kind of mentality DX

    1. Another funny story though is when I heard knocking on the door, I open it thinking it was my friend but it was some giant dog that just comes baring in like it owns the place. So I'm like "oh hey... Look, mah dads gonna be home soon soooooo you should leave... Like now." But leave it to a dog to not give a fuck XD

    So after I try to gently get the dog out (The dog got a bit pissy with me.) My cat walks out to the hallway and just gives him the deathliest glare I've ever seen. Like a guy about to kill you wouldn't even come close to this kind of sheer emotion of "fuck off" So then the dog starts to go from all go happy to "I'm actually thinking about what I've done for the first time in my life" So I eventually get the dog out and I look at my cat who's like "^^" And i'm like "You are the scariest motherfucker I've ever seen. Glad you're on my side >:D"

    But in the end, I think I ended up saving the dogs life because my cat is pretty fast. I've never been able to keep up with him. If my cat wanted that dog dead, there would have been nothing me, or the dog could have done. I know that's SUPER hard to believe, but you just gotta trust me on that XD

    He was also pretty damn smart too. A few times he would bite the laser, come to me, and then drop it down to play. He KNEW full well what the laser was.

    2. Which leads to another funny story. We bought him a toy which was basically a racoon puppet. So I get it out, put it on, crawl it to my cat to play, and!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D I get the look that CLEARLY said "... Are you fucking kidding me? Do I look stupid to you? Or are you just so stupid that you think this... Thing would be entertaining?" (Like seriously, he didn't sniff it, he didn't analyze it, he looked at it for like 2-3 seconds, then looked directly into my eyes. And thus, my heart shattered and my self confidence in everything faded to nothingness. There was no way around it. My cat, was smarter than me. What I thought he would freak out over and think was real, ended up being a direct insult to his intelligence, and he let me know that quite bluntly.

    Speaking of which, he liked to drink from the sink in the bathroom. The water is actually really good from there, I tried it XD But something he would do occasionally is look up at the mirror, and fix the unevenness of his cheek fur o.o My cat was ALWAYS cleaning himself, always super soft. Every time I pet him, he'll clean himself after wards. He had a look, and he kept it (I preferred a different look for him XD But whatever) When he goes for a drink, he'll look in the mirror, see his reflection and where his fur was messed up from his drink, and instantly fix it. According to like everyone, including apparently scientist, that's suppose to be impossible, he's not suppose to comprehend what he's looking at. But here my cat is, using a mirror AS it was intended, to make yourself look pretty.

    So WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS MY CAT THEN????!!!!! O.O O.O O.O O.O O.O By most peoples logic, he was far too smart to simply be a cat. But everything about him... Well was cat XD So what glitch in this matrix created such a creature? Whatever mutation he had, I am like 99% sure it's been passed down. My cat was the king of the neighborhood, like all other cats seemed to see him as their god. All who opposed got their asses beat. The only injury he's ever gotten from a fight was one of his eye lids being sliced (Key word 1, if I remember right, cats have 2 on each eye. meaning that whatever sliced his eye just BARELY got him. Why do I say whatever? Well I wasn't there, so I can't say for certain it was another cat.) I miss my little king of everything. I thought I was over his death, but after seeing his ashes and my entire body getting chocked up, it was a grim reminder that I was not over it. I don't think I'll ever fully be over it DX
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  6. Here's some more about Bichon the bichon.

    He does not like giving his mother kisses. I'll ask him a million times to give me a kiss and he acts like a little boy who doesn't want to be seen in public with his mom. Yes, he knows what it means lol he just refuses unless I ask him in Spanish.

    When I ask him to bark...he sneezes. Like I don't know how I taught him this lol, but he always sneezes multiple times and then he barks maybe once. It's like a big warm up for him.

    When he was a pup, he found his treats in my bag and I caught him skipping away with his treats in a zip lock bag lol.

    Biscuit the fearless.

    Once, we were living in a one room situation and there was a piece of wood like a plank out the window which was like 5 stories high. We left the window open because there was no ventilation and when we came back, she was at the very edge just barking at everyone. I was so scared she would jump, I had to race up those stairs and yelled at her for doing that. We had to leave that window closed as a result and thank God she didn't fall off.

    She did however jump off our balcony in our new place. Luckily we're on the first floor tho and because she was getting upset with another dog, we put her back inside only to discover she escaped through my brother's balcony and was running around like a lunatic. By the time I got to her, she was sitting and barking at my brother who was on the balcony. She got scolded for that too lol.

    Biscuit I can walk off leash, she's pretty good with being next to me unless she sees a cat then she's after it. Bichon likes to wander away so he has no choice but to be leashed.
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  7. [​IMG]

    Jinx here used to looove climbing in our Christmas tree, almost knocked it over once.
    Unfortunately, he's too big to get in it anymore, and I'm pretty sure he realizes that because he never even tries to nowadays.

    Nope, instead he likes to claim all our boxes for himself.

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  8. When my cat Minnie was a kitten, she was this little tubby dumbass who loved drooling everywhere and cuddling up to people. After we let her and her brother out of their kitten cage for the first time (when they're really young and feeble it's better to keep them away from the other cats and dogs), she wandered off and disappeared. Everyone started freaking out because she was smaller than her brother and really stupid, and I was yelling for her over and over for like two minutes. I opened the fridge for a classic "my kitten is dead" box of apple juice when, lo and behold, she was sitting in the bottom shelf between the milk and beer, meowing.
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  9. Haha, well, I haven't really got specific stories. I mean.. I had a dog that I'd gotten at age three and had til age twelve, who always ate bubbles.

    Although, I do very distinctively remember this one time that my friend left out the crayons after coming over... And the same dog got them and ate them. He pooped rainbow. :D
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  10. Ooh! I've got another one. So Minnie's brother, D4, is generally a sweet cat, but back when I had a hamster in 5th grade, the cats went totally nuts around them. One time we cleaned the hamster cage and put the hamsters back in, but we missed a cap or something and it left a part of the cage open to the desk it was on. This cage was in my room, which was closed basically all the time to protect the hamsters from the cats.

    We don't notice this security breach until at least an hour later, after we'd left and come back from lunch or something. I open the front door and see D4 sitting in the hallway with something in his mouth. Getting a really, really bad feeling, I run over and pry his mouth open and drag my hamster out of the jaws of Satan, basically. She was alright, just scared out of her tiny hamster mind. The real kicker is the fact that my room is upstairs, meaning the damn cat probably dragged my poor hamster all around the house. :C
  11. I have several, but I will tell you the shortest.

    So my cat was trying to decide between sitting on my lap and sitting on my mothers, so he looked to the floor and meowed at it.
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