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  1. What are some funny things that has happened in your life? I have many of those but a recent one was this.

    Me and my dad was in Portland Oregon and we were talking about how terrible the drivers are there. So we park in a parking lot and walk out. We see this red truck pull out and then this small white car start pulling out afterwards. The red truck stopped and started honking. The small white back up RIGHT into the red truck (Thus, proving my dads point perfectly XD) Then the people got out, no damage nor was anyone hurt, but the guy in the car was like "I didn't hear you honk, and I didn't have my stereo on either... That's even worse DX Why would you add that? You Oregonians DX

    So whats so funny about this small crash? The timing, my dad was JUST ranting about stupid Oregon drivers, then right after his rant, insta-proof showed up in his favor.

    So what about you all? Any funny moments in your life?
  2. Well, last year at college I wound up with enough roommate stories to dedicate a whole thread to them.
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  3. Almost everything I post in General. I'm a god damn laugh a minute.
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  4. At art university, it was the first day of the new semester and we were all waiting outside the classroom for the teacher. We were all in the game design major, with most of the students being 3d modelers and game designers while I was the only traditional/3d animator and was taking a special interest in mobile games.

    Anyway, the teacher (which turned out to be the director of our department. I can have a whole thread about him and me because he hated my guts), arrived and promptly opened the door. We all walked in laughing, talking with each other, when we all suddenly stood in fear and disbelief.

    This wasn't our regular computer lab. Oh no...this was a MAC LAB.

    Of course, with me having no filter, I was the first one to say something:

    "This has to be some sort of sick joke," I said.

    So, we all sat at the Macs and as soon as we got to the desktop everything went wrong:

    "...HOW WE USE THIS?!" the entire class cried.

    We all went pretty insane. And, since we were all art students, our reactions were so dramatic it was hilarious. Some buried their faces in their hands, others were swearing, I was twirling around on the desk chair going "Nooooooo...." while the rest were asking for a room transfer to our regular Windows PCs XD.

    About an hour was wasted until someone found out that the Macs were dual OS with Windows. So, everything turned out kind of okay at the end XD

    I miss school. =/
  5. I have a few uhh...quotes...

    "Doesn't the country Austria start with an O?"
    "Why didn't the ancient Egyptians use machines like cranes to build the pyramids?"
    "Do they have shoes in Japan?"
    "Once I used my mum's eyeliner pencil for my artwork."
    "Fish is not meat, fish is fish!" this student proceeds to go "Tuna is not fish!"
    "You get Vitamin C from the sun!"
    "Is K-pop a band? Are K-pop and Exo the same thing?"(note: Exo is a K-pop group, not ANOTHER WORD FOR K-POP)
    "What's that blue stuff on the map?" (blue stuff...on a map of the world)
    "...You guys play that Legend of League?"- @Sen

    And also these quotes are very logical:

    "The Chinese have big eyes, that means the Japanese have squinty eyes!"
    "You may draw a picture, scan it onto photoshop, print it out and trace it again." -This came from my English teacher...

    Yeah school is fucking hilarious
  6. "but i love him so much I decided to give him some more flesh"
    "Is Perth a city?"
    "When I was a kid I used my mum's mascara on my eyebrows."
    "im not tall enuf and i don't have a blonde guy to mess around with, soz"
    "What does SK in SKT stand for?" - @Yata Misaki (note: SKT is a gaming group comprised of South Koreans)

    And the quote of the year:
    "So I was on the toilet, reflecting about life, when I realised that with every minute we live, we lose a minute of our lives, and losing time off our lives equals reducing our live span, and reducing our life span equals losing life. Therefore living life is losing life? Living is losing???!?!!?!??11/1?!?1?1//1! But then I realised that life is kawaii so that revelation became redundant."
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  7. So,me, the hubby and my brother are on our way to the store. We go up this really steep hill where you can't really see the top of it until you get there, but the streets at the top can see you. And some guy pulls out in front of us super fast, forcing us to slam on our breaks before we hit him.

    As it so happens there was a cop right behind us. So the cop pulls around us while we're all stopped at the red light, and stops his cop car right next to the jerk. We can see the dude in front of us looking worried as shit and at the cop. But we couldn't see what the cop was doing. XD We're pretty sure he was either giving the guy the evil eye or shaking a finger at him. Either way he looked REALLY concerned and we were laughing out asses off. >> Eventually the went ahead and drove off and then the light finally changed. So he didnt get a ticket, but I bet he got a good scare.
  8. One time my sweeite and were coerced by his family pressure to attend Easter festivities. We do not celebrate it, but he caved and so we went. There was a bit of a drive there and both of us were cranky and pissed off and the car was filled with angry-charged atmosphere. Then all of a sudden a hawk comes swooping past us across the highway with something in its claws. A baby bunny. The atmosphere changed instantly as we both let out startled shouts and then laughter and it turned out to be a decent day regardless of the occasion.
  9. Aren't Macs more widely used by art students, though?

    That's how it is at my school, anyways. The art students always get Mac labs. Not that I mind, being a Mac user myself (in fact, most art students seem to prefer Macs, here, sooo...).
  10. Nah, not for us game design majors that focus on the 3d aspect of video games. Most of the students in that class were 3d modelers with me being a 3d animator at the same. And, it's more common in the field for those in 3d to use PCs than Macs as PCs are better equipped to handle both the 3d programs (Maya, Studio Max, Zbrush etc) the process of creating 3d art in general, and finalizing everything (all that rendering stuff) with PCs.

    Macs are much better with anything that has to do with conceptual art, design, layout...pretty much anything that isn't 3d. It's more preferred than PCs because of the ease of dropping a specific file in different programs without having to do all those steps like on PCs, it's quicker, and in general once you learn Mac's are a bit more fun to use. It's also WAY less buggy when it comes to programs.

    Seeing a Mac after being taught on PCs for four years and more including off campus was really a shock to us. The class was also a Flash class for games, so that made it 10x worse as Flash is a 2d program using mostly vector art for the games. But, it was a required class and we did it on Windows lol.
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  11. You know those moments that are so stupid its funny? Well DO I HAVE A STORY FOR YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

    So I'm in the middle of being in the national guard and I am experiencing the WORST THING EVER... The physical process. This black hole of stupidity is so ridicules that the building literally has embassies of all the military branches within. (That's probably not WHY they're there, but I like to think so XD)

    So the process was going pretty well, but then I had to do a urine sample. Problem? I already went that morning. No biggie, my mistake. So later that night I got a headache but I wasn't able to have my aleve becaues they don't want stuff like that in your system for the test. So I power through it, throw up (On purpose) as that's my cure for my headaches. I ended up throwing up twice though (I think those (Stale?) honey nut chereo's at the hotel got me sick. So I have toast and apple juice... Problem? Apple juice has allot of sugar in it, which gave me high sugar during the sample DX

    So I had to get my glucose tested, and later they are checking me for Asperger. Why is that funny? BECAUSE THEY ARE THE ONES WITH ASPERGER!!!!! (By their logic anyway) Lets start with why I need to be tested for Asperger. Its because their dumbass admin said "Follow me" So I follow then he looks back at me and was like "Go sit back down!" Like I wasn't suppose to follow him in the first place!!! So a bit later the doctor he was talking with about me called me in and he's like "This may seem a bit harsh, but we gotta get ya tested. (I could tell the doc didn't agree with that decision) So then I'm like "Alright, whatever. I'll just pass these test because nothings wrong with me (I don't actually talk how I type XD I'm allot better at talking in person than typing, just in case my typing style got a few of ya wondering)

    So now I have an appointment for that, I passed the glucose with flying colors, and I'm going to pass this next test with flying colors. So why am I doing these things? Because they have their heads up their asses with WAY too much shit in their ears to listen or even try to understand what the situation truly is.

    And something else I find kinda funny and so do my friends is my keyboard has the W,A,S,D,N, and half of O completely scratched off. When I type, I don't use the pads of my fingers, I use the tops of my nails, since I have claws (To most peoples definition of it anyway) my keyboard is scratched up from my nails, and how hard I hit keys when I type XD
  12. If you can't understand why they're putting you through a through medical evaluation, you're probably going to be in for a rude awakening when training actually begins, especially if you already think you know everything/ the people evaluating you are idiots. If you want to succeed in the military, you start by losing the attitude and questioning why they have you do shit.

    But what do I know, I just watched a crap load of people washout of the evaluations for both medical and mental reasons and drop out of training because they couldn't hack it.
  13. You may have a point IF my recruiter and his buddies weren't the ones who created the name "black hole of stupidity" And are far more salty than I am about the whole situation.

    And guess what? I DO know why they're doing it, and They're wrong. they have already been proven wrong the past 2 times, and they're going to be proven again.

    I don't know why you're trying to defend them. If their innifeciency carries over to the military it's self, then I truly Fear for this country o.o

    And just to add, a little before for the computer testing they sat us down and 2 HOURS LATER! Someone in our group walked up to them and they were like "Oh, we forgot all about you guys"
    So no, I don't think they're idiots, they ARE idiots >.< And them forgetting about an entire section of people right infront of them proves it.
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  14. People thought I got arrested. I laughed.
  15. The other day I was walking to my friends and I see this crow eating something on the road. So I whistle/chirp twice lightly and the crow quickly faces me with THE most insulted look I've EVER seen from anyone. Like the crow was like "UG! I can't BELIEVE! You just said that to me!" So it grabbed it's food and flew away (kinda pissy like too >.>)

    So I think I discovered a cuss phrase/mega insult in bird language XD Which is stupid because I was trying to be friendly. DX
  16. Some of ya may not find this funny, so maybe I have a bias because of who it was, so yeah.

    So I have this friend who's an all around asshole (for good reason, the people he deals with XD) but he's funny about it. So this one person was being super pissy and ruining everyones mood so my boss/best friend was like "Okay, just talk to her, find out what's going on, you know, be a good person for once" So he goes to her and was like "Okay... What's going on? How can I help?"

    So a little bit later he calls up my boss and was pissed off so my boss was like "Okay, what happened?" And he explained that her problem, AND the reason why she was ruining everyones mood was because her father got her coke instead of Pepsi. So my boss was like "Wooooowwwww, i'm sorry I made you do that. Clearly it's a sign from god for me to never have you do something nice again XD"
    (The best part is we HAVE somebody to deal with peoples problems, I think my boss just wanted to see what would happen XD)

    So anyway, he was on this hook up app and some girl shows up in it and is like "Are you down to screw" And he's like "What are you talking about?" and she was like "Well you must not be getting me if you don't know what that means" so he's like "No, I get what the fuck that means, I just don't want some ugly dude hitting me up asking me if i'm down to screw" So then she got pissed and was like "I'm not a dude!" and he was like "Your fucking name is "John" and it says you're a male so... Yeah, get the fuck out." So he got blocked and all that good stuff XD

    I don't know how he gets involved with so much bullshit drama, or how all the wrong people end up being attracted to him. Like this one girl got a major crush on him one time XD I tried being like "Trust me, he is NOT the kind of person you want a crush on, especially considering how you have a heart, he doesn't, and that you're 15 and he's like 22. He's GOING to piss you off, so just don't DX" As you would expect, she didn't listen, she got majorly pissed off, and she never wanted to have anything to do with him ever again.

    But I find just about each of his stories HILARIOUS XD Like whenever I hear that he's about to vent, I drop what i'm doing RIGHT away because I know it's gonna be a gem one way or another. >:D
  17. Funny Moment:

    All of Henry and Henry II: The Withdrawl
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  18. Me: I'm gonna go take a shower.
    Roommate: It's 3 o' clock in the morning.
    Me: *flipping a towel over my shoulder* Don't judge my life choices. *leaves the room*

    This conversation happened once while pulling an all-nighter at college.
  19. This happened a while ago at an event. We were leaving and on the other side of the door I see someone coming so I jump back so the door doesn't hit me. My friend looks at me like "What the fuck are you doing?" And I was like "There was some guy on the other side... Who hasn't opened the door yet..." So I go take a look and notice my reflection, the "guy" was my reflection DX

    Another reflection thing was I was walking in my Halloween costume, look over and see my creepy ass costume in the a reflection. So I jump back all scared and then my friends like "Did you just get spooked at a reflection?"

    Another one is I was at my PC and I peak up to see out my window as I thought I heard something. When I peeked up, so did my reflection, so I was like "Dude! what the fuck?" Then a second later i'm like "oh... It's me XD"

    I find it funny how humans give animals so much crap about seeing a mirror and getting jumpy, but here I am, a human, getting jumpy at my own reflection just like they do.

    Another funny moment was I see this guy that looked similar to me so I assumed it was my reflection, so I go through the door while walking and talking to my friend and bump into him. He's like "Really? WE MADE EYE CONTACT!" And I'm like "Im sorry XD I thought you were my reflection."
  20. Mom once thought I vanished from home without a trace...
    I was sleeping in bed.

    She had even checked my room before declaring me missing... Apparently she missed the body of flesh occupying the bed though.
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