Funny July Holidays. ^.^ 7/14/10

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July is national wheelchair beautification month, national horseradish month, and blueberries month.
the 4th through the 10th was Be Nice to New Jersey week
The 5-11 was Nude Recreation week
the 16-19 was National Ventriloquism week
the 2nd was I Forgot day
the 3rd was Compliment Your Mirror day
the fourth was Independence from Meat day (o.O?)
the 7th was Chocolate day
the 10th was Don't Step on a Bee day (i think i did that that day though.... O.O)
yesterday was Embrace Your Geekiness day (epic holiday! XD)
Tomorrow is Gummi Worm day!
the 17th is Cow Appreciation day
the 27th is Barbie-in-a-Blender day! omg!!! i wanna celebrate that one!!
and it's also Take Your Houseplant For A Walk day... O.o?
the end XD (if you have any other funny holidays post them here!)


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Personally, I am all for Don't Sleep on a Bee Day. People need to be more Bee-aware!


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