Funny, Crazy, Stupid

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  1. "You father is good with his tongue." Harmony chuckle a little, emphasizing the double meaning in the word tongue.
  2. "Are you positive you wanna know?"
  3. Also, I'll be sure to bring 45 cookies when I finish tomorrow.

    I'll be just like Thad!

    And if I start publishing poems secretly, I'll also be like Herminia.
  4. "You hurt my feelings. I don't like you, I don't know how you could possibly make up for that." Harmony sulk.

    Lyra nods meekly.
  5. @Sodika Whopsika Just a few notes before I will approve.
    1) What type of spells can she cast? Is she an elementalist? A shadow controller?
    2) I would like more on personality, how sweet? How innocent?
    3) Weakness. She needs weaknesses. Not character flaws, weakness.
    4) What's the diamond dimension?
    5) Also for appearance, what does she wear?
    Also, more of a side note, spell casting would be considered a power.

    Once these are all covered, I will look over the sheet and reconsider.
  6. I downloaded the entire Spirited Away Soundtrack to my phone, and I'm crying right now.