Funniest online hate you've ever gotten

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  1. Just like the title says. No matter what game we've played online, we've all gotten hate thrown at us one way or another. Some minor, some possibly even serious like swatting (please don't get me started on that!). Share the funniest online hate stories that you have experienced! Let's laugh and relive good memories!
  2. When I was 15 years old and played Subeta I got a bunch of hate from 25-30 year olds because I 'stole pet names' from other users during account purges. Apparently what I was doing with these pets was not up to their standards and because I snagged the name before someone else it meant war.

    15 year old me did not think this was funny, but looking back, damn - how sad do you have to be?
  3. Wow WTF? XD I play mainly fighting games online and have had people making fun of my username (SacredWarrior88) before. Really bruh? -_-
  4. Some guy getting on my back because I was grinding in a party with his supposed girlfriend, sending me angry messages telling me to leave her alone and that she belonged to him and that he thought my genitalia were really small. Speaking of genitalia, this was actually kind of hilarious because despite the female character, coincidence had it I knew this supposed girlfriend to be a dude.
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  5. LMAO! XD Good Lord!
  6. Some kid on League told me to stop speaking Asian.

    Speaking Asian.
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  7. Oh yeah. I got a long ass hate letter after I whooped someone online playing SF
  8. "Omg your voice is so high you've gotta be like 12 years old, have your balls even dropped yet?"

    "I'm an 18 year old girl."

    "Oh my god I'm so sorry"

    Yeah sure.
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  9. I was playing hearthstone's arena mode. While using a mage, I won the game using Grim Patron(a card which is terrible in this format). The person was so butthurt that they sent me a friend request simply to tell me that I was a noob, then immediately unfriended me. I know he was trying to make me feel bad, but that actually made my day that someone was that bothered about losing against me.
  10. In the middle of an exp party in FFXI, my daughter fell and busted her head open. I didn't even bother with an excuse, just unplugged my computer and took her to the ER. When I finally logged back on I sent a tell to the people I was in the party with telling them what happened and how I didn't have a second to explain while my daughter was bleeding. Three out of four understood, the last guy called me a stupid cunt, then told me to uninstall the game because he was going to get me blacklisted by every major linkshell in game. It never happened, and the last time I heard anything about him, he ended up getting banned for a speed hack. I found it amusing how the guy thought the game was more important than my daughter's health.

    This isn't exactly hate, but it was still pretty damn funny.

    Again in FFXI, I was the healer of a party and it was getting late and I needed a replacement. I started sending tells out to see if anyone wanted to take my place. One guy responded that he was on his way, and I didn't think anything of it until a few moments later he sends me a tell describing some explicit content in detail, obviously intending it for another woman. I fell out of my chair laughing, and quickly told him I was married and not that kind of girl. Needless to say, I had to find another replacement after that.
  11. Being yelled at, and eventually banned, for hacking on CS servers.

    I'm good, but not THAT good.
  12. I had someone flip out on me on a favorite/least favorite band/artist board.
    Since I ranted about this on another site I have quotes.
    Stated in the first post: "Feel free to have discussions/defend your opinions. No one's opinion is better than other and no personal attacks though please and thank you, this is a friendly board"

    I don't have an exact artist, but I don't care to listen to female artists. I just prefer the sound of male singers more, so I posted that.

    OP reply: "I have issues with your blatant misogyny, this is one opinion I will not respect." I tried to defend myself, because there are some female singers I do like to listen to such as Avril Lavigne.

    Next thing I know:
    As a female artist that's so offensive in an industry that's so hard to break into as a woman and even harder to keep your place in if you're not stereotypically beautiful.
    Literally I don't want to argue, if you don't like female artists I don't have anything to say to you and this is not the board for you.
    Internalized misogyny x10"

    Now that I look back on that it makes me laugh. Yup, I am such a terrible person for having my own taste in music.

    This was done on Neopets. @Fauna Pet sites are insane xD
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  13. *Loads up League*
    *Moves a single step*


    Love you too League. <3
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  14. This is why I stopped playing LoL back in 2012. One of the most toxic communities I have ever had the displeasure of being a part of.

    Also: gitgud nub.
  15. I remember when someone sent me a several paragraph long tirade about how my role plays are all shitty and I should stop because they're generic and unoriginal. Because, you know, originality is the master race. Said person then went ahead and posted, without any hint of irony or self-awareness, not even a week later, a fan fiction role play about Avatar where they inserted themselves as a protagonist.

    There's also the time I kicked out a moron who godmoded hardcore and tried to bring Japanese weapons into a European-centric fantasy role play. Said person then declared that I was a racist, and tried to Allah Akbar blow up the role play unsuccessfully. They then tried to log back in under a new account, pretending to be a woman. Once immediately caught, they then tried to log into a third account, threatening that they would sue me for allowing references to their character to exist. I was then also threatened with physical violence over Steam by that same person, who then left me a steam message giving me his facebook information and how to contact him, in spite of knowing that I don't have a facebook and who had threatened me with physical violence. He then blocked me on Steam.

    Oh, and then there's the time I tried to say that I like eating beef, pork, and chicken, and don't think any of that is immoral, and was instantly compared by two people as someone who supports Holocaust-like slaughters of the poor, and an extremely violent human rights violator.

    People are very silly. So very emotional and so very illogical. I hold grudges against none of these people, but their responses did make my day.
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  16. I have two: one to do with an RP and one with a Fanfiction I wrote.

    In the RP I was having a relatively nice time with the guy, just doing a regular meaningless Rp on another site, but he was just really creepy. He kept trying to ask where I lived and saying a bunch of stuff that I found really uncomfortable, so I would drop hints that I wanted him to stop, and even asked him to please stop. He didn't, so when I told him I didn't want to continue the RP if he kept saying things like that, it was to the point that I just couldn't stand talking with him with all of these comments, and he blew up in my face. Even though I'd been kind and perfectly respectful, having asked repeatedly for him to stop being so nosy and creepy. Looking back, his touchiness and complete surprise at me telling him point blank to stop was very amusing.

    In the Fanfiction- which I never finished and deleted because even I couldn't stand the premise after looking at it a few years later- I was called a Weeaboo because I was attempting to be authentic to the area it was written to be in- Japan. It was the second one I'd ever written, and he claimed because I wasn't yet good enough to avoid Mary-Suedom, which I think can be fine if it's not a serious story anyway, and didn't yet know what was common in the fanfiction area and was attempting to actually explore the effects of different problems I was clique and stereotypical, after the first chapter. And because it was based in Japan, so I was of course using honoraries and such- even explaining them at the bottom- I was considered obsessed with anime. Like that's a bad thing. The kicker? I was only thirteen.
    First time even hearing Weeaboo too.

    Looking back I find this hilarious because he must have read my story just for the sake of being mean about it. I mean, he was cussing me out and everything.
  17. Some woman from WoW's husband sent me apology letters after he found out his wife was sending me nudes, naughty e-mails, and masturbating in Ventrillo to me. It was more pathetic than anything.

    Got some recently. Playing Destiny doing a Heroic Strike. It wasn't going too well. Me and the other guy were undergeared but keeping close to double up our damage. Come boss time the raid geared guy kept yelling for us to leave so he could get better people blah blah. Dancing in front of us. Trying to wipe us, etc etc. Just ended up sending him motivational words each time he belittled me until it came to be a long ass yelling message.

    It got cut off at the end and his dad came on saying: "SORRY 'BOOT MY SON. HIS CUNTS BLEEDING RIGHT BAD TODAY, INNIT TODD?" -inarticulate wailing- "LITTLE SHIT YE' ARE LEMME GIMME YA A BEARDY KISS"

    Speechless. But then I choked for ten minutes laughing so hard.
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  18. I frequent my local Card Shop for magic every now and then, and there's this one particular "White Gangster" that attends the shop as if it to be his stomping ground. Long story short I blocked the guy on Facebook so I didn't have to see how he was "Stomping" kids for talking ill of his lifestyle. Guy in question made a new account to call me, and I quote "A Fake ass boy." I am seven years older than him.
  19. I said rood once, not even rude to signal that I was joking, cause who the hell takes that's roooood seriously right? This one woman proceeded to say that's was a horrible thing to say and that if I lived in her country that I would be killed. So I instinctively said that's rood, that's the only funny one I really got. Every other one makes me regret the human race.
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  20. I have a memorable one I don't mind sharing.

    So, I was playing DotA 2 as Dazzle. I hadn't played Dazzle for a while, mind you. (In a pub, at least. It's different versus bots, where I'd own them even on higher difficulties.) I even warned my teammates of this prior to the game that if I do a shitty job, it's because I'm reacquainting with public matches. A couple of them said "Okay, that's cool, just hf." At first, like I predicted, I did a lousy job. Not with the healing so much as timing Shallow Grave properly. (This is an ability that keeps the target from dying for however long the spell lasts.) I found my groove after a short while, of course. My teammates were dying less and so was I, but there was one motherfucker on the team who wasn't satisfied with my performance. They kept snapping at me every instance I should have used Shallow Grave on them and kept insulting me for not doing what they asked. I couldn't help but laugh.

    I was too high to really care about what anyone thought about my playing. Even so, I saw it as a good opportunity to mess with them. >__> I kept casting Shallow Grave on them for no fucking reason, like if we're just passing each other in the forest or whatever. They'd keep whining "NOOO NOT NOW" and "AGH, IDIOT." They later got even more pissed and call me a n00b for not knowing how to use my character. Meanwhile, I'm doing a fine job of keeping the rest of us alive. :D (As you can see I don't play nicely with mean people.)

    Eventually I stopped being a troll, and they calmed down.. We even won the game, I think.
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