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  1. The title says all. What are some of the funniest moments you've had while gaming either by yourself or with other people? I have some pretty funny moments of my own XD

    While playing Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix on KH 2.5, I was fighting the Lingering Will and getting my ass kicked obviously. When I FINALLY managed to beat that fucker, my PS3 decides to freeze on me! That thing almost went out the window! I was so pissed that I didn't play again for a whole week! XD

    While playing Tomb Raider Anniversary, I fell off of a high ledge swan-diving. I tried to aim for the water but wound up hitting the edge of the cliff XD I ACTUALLY SURVIVED THAT AND WOUND UP IN THE WATER! O_O I almost had a heart attack!
  2. So far Fallout 4 has introduced my favorite moment in gaming.

    Walking through the wasteland, just mindin' my own business AND A FUCKING DEAD GHOUL COMES OUT OF THE SKY AND LANDS IN FRONT OF ME. Looked it up, not a random event. I noticed that occasionally I'll step outside and enemies will "drop" from a few inches above where they were previously laying (I just attribute that to the ragdoll physics) but never like this. It scared the shit out of me.
  3. One time I did a thing, but then the game reacted in a completely silly manner not like it's normal self at all. It was funny.

  4. In recent memory, this destroyed me.
  5. Now that I have to think about it, I forgot most of my funny moments -.-

    I was playing god of war doing the challenges and there are these ANNOYING enemies I had to fight. They are kinda Egyptian themed with those double sided spear blades. So I nearly have it complete, i'm in the middle of the stage so I don't get thrown off again. One of them grabs me and throws me over his head. No biggy, I'll just get up and go back. Well the MOMENT i'm thrown to the ground, his buddy grabs me and throws me off the edge DX So I just got tag teamed and the one time I try HARD to stay in the middle, I get grabbed twice in a row right off the edge.

    Me and 3 other friends were playing team fortress 2, 2 on 2. The 2 i'm versing are taking their sweet time in spawn so I switch to sniper and wait across the map for when they come out. So eventually the heavy comes out and literally the MOMENT his head is exposed, I head shot him. So I sit here thinking that his buddy saw it and stayed in spawn but it turns out that his buddy was a medic and hiding behind the heavy which in turn, means I shot both of them at one time. My friend was laughing and the other 2 were speechless like "... Good job."

    For borderlands 2, there is this mission with a red energy shield. WELL I missed the message that said it'll kill me so I jumped right into it DX

    And for borderlands pre sequel... Well I played Claptrap for our second run XD And what's the best powerup? The fun-zerker, which forces everyone around to shoot their weapon. Problem? Beginning game doesn't have much ammo >: D
  6. And I have one more ^^

    So 2 of my friends were showering together at the hotel (That's a fun way to start a sentence) leaving me all by my lonesome. Well that's no biggie, there's a song i'm trying to perfect in Hatsune Miku project Diva F called "Freely Tomorrow"

    So I start it, mess up a bit then thought "Oh, this song can probably set the mood... Well not really, but lets have fun with it anyway XD"

    So I set the volume up to a point I know they can hear it, but probably not be able to make any thing out. So when they come out they start investigating because the last half of their shower they're like "What the fuck is that noise? It's not neighbors... It's not English... It's not people..."

    Turns out I didn't set the mood for them XP

    A funny thing is whoever I make play this game, they become addicted, even my beastly body builder friend.
  7. Jumping Puzzle in Guild Wars 2.

    Me and a Friend were trying to get through a bit that was left jump and more "Pray RNG Fire doesn't kill you".
    Said friend and died at the tail end, so it was my turn. I rush across screaming like crazy as if I was Pewdiepie or something... And ending up making it so I was able to revive him.
  8. I was playing Driver on the old PS and my car decided to rocket into the skybox forever.

    The video of me getting the Group Hug achievement in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. Starts at about 22:52. Beware terrible camera phone quality.

    Last year during Snowdown in League of Legends I chucked a snowball as Rammus then flew off the screen when I reactivated it.
  9. Final Fantasy XII - Silly side quest where you have to catch some kind of turkey. I swear I couldn't do it for the life of me. I even looked up how to do it properly, but I still spent two hours running around a building and hiding around it, trying to catch the turkey. I was so angry, and my mom didn't understand why I would play a game that was just about chasing turkeys xD I later explained to her what the game was about.

    Skyrim - I see a dragon in the distance. I start to run after it, and suddenly I see two mammoths running towards me. I run away, and two wolves throw themselves at the mammoths. I ran away and watched them from afar. As soon as the mammoths killed the wolves, they were attacked by the dragon. The dragon killed the mammoths, and then I killed the dragon. I didn't know up to that point that animals in the game could attack other animals. xD

    Pillars of Eternity - I think it happened the day before yesterday. I had a druid, a mage, a bard and a cleric fighting against some enemies. It was a bit of a rough battle, but not a boss fight, and I went into the battle with already harmed characters. They were using their spells, and the mage has two different abilities they can use in every encounter, not just regular spells. I had already used up the attacks that were balls of magical energy, and the only that remained was one where the mage basically hits the enemy with his grimoire. In the end, the mage killed the enemy smacking her over the head with his book. xD
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  10. This isn't really funny and probably no one will get it.....

    So I play league of legends and one character's personality is supposed to be really crazy and does things like blow up buildings for no reason. Her name's Jinx. And one day I played with this person who picked Jinx and he decided it would be a good day to RP and he just randomly walked into the enemy turrets without a care in the world and wouldn't go where he was needed. His teammates shouted at him to assist me, since I was playing a support character (healer) but he refused to so I was just prancing around playing a healer with no one to heal and he died... maybe 11 times within the game...

    So this isn't even all that funny unless you play league and know who Jinx is...
  11. I was playing the Chinese MMO with my Chinese buddies, and this guy that I don't know came up to me. He had way better...everything than me, so I tried to lay low since I was in PVP area. He saw me anyways, there was no way I could bet him so I just didn't do anything. He came up, and chat boxed me: "Am I handsome?"
    My mind went blank for a second and then I told him he was. He let me go.
    Apparently this happens a lot in China, cultural thing I guess.
  12. When playing Warhammer 40'000 Space Marine today, I managed to get a drop on a guy as an Assault Marine(dude with a jetpack) and was about to smash his face in with my mighty hammer

    Only for myself to die as a massive flaming hot ball of plasma hits me, why is that funny? If it was an ENEMY that had killed me, it wouldn't be, but...

    Due to a strange mechanic where if anything explosive gets sent out by you, if you die, and it hasn't hit or blown up yet, that explosive suddenly becomes neutral and can kill allies as well as enemies


    I am hilariously unlucky and got killed by a teammate
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