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  1. Over 800 Members log in Daily!

    We have 1200+ Members active in the past 7 days!

    1800+ active in the past month!

    There are 1.3 MILLION posts on Iwaku!

    We're averaging over 2000 posts a day!

    The most followed member on the forum that's not a staffer is @Jack Shade . O_O Who is that guy?
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  2. Hmm interesting. 1.3 million never noticed that much, but then there is the archives. and considering the recent fluctuation of people it makes sense and the fact that I cant monitor each and every one.
  3. Lol his profile message says 'who?' but he hasn't been on since saturday... Coincidence!? XD
  4. @Diana

    I don't know who is that person.. But ! I do know for myself I am probably One Of the Most active members of this Special and Purple world of Iwaku !!<33

    Also .. That is great !:3 A great deal of a number lol
  5. Other random facts:

    Over the past month there have been 1,572,109 page views not counting the cbox.

    131,517 separate visits.

    221.32GB bandwidth used by the forums in July
    22.1GB bandwidth used by the chats in July

    10,874MB of storage used by the forums.
    234MB of storage used by the chats.

    There are currently 115 backups of Iwaku being maintained.
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  6. whew, that's a lot of bandwidth. just $100 a month covers that?
    I should donate soon... >.>
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  7. Better question. WHY are people following him?

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    also, my last interaction with Jackie was when I dared him to have a wank in his office and not get caught by his boss.

    He needs to train his ninja skills.
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  9. That is the greatest story of today
  10. More stats:

    There's a 100% chance that Ozzie knows everything about whales.

    Out of Diana's 50 cats, 2 are always pregnant.
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  11. Just 26 behind, so close. (Not really >.>)
  12. That's some pretty good stats there, gg Iwaku.
  13. Another fun stat that I keep track of because I'm weird and crazy is member numbers!

    If you view your profile (or anyone's profile for that matter) on Iwaku, in the URL there is a number next to your log-in name that, I believe the forum uses to index your user account (which is partially what allows you to keep all your content linked to you even if you change names).

    For example, mine is
    That would make my Iwaku profile number 5122.

    As far as I can see, these numbers go up chronologically based on the order in which you joined.

    I don't know about deleted profiles, but I assume those numbers remain in the system as well.

    Regardless, @Medilia is user number 10,000! The milestone account was created about a week ago.

    Happy Ten Thousand, Iwaku!
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  14. all I can say about you noticing that tidbit is:

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  15. I didn't pay much attention to it at first, until I started keeping a log of all the players in Ilium (Iwaku's current mass RP). It was getting to be such a headache for people to keep track of which character belongs to who and who is doing what and who has what plots going on with who else... you get the idea. In a small RP of five, ten, even twenty something players it's not so bad, but when the RP world has 100+ characters it's no longer effective to keep track of things just with your brain because @_@

    Anyway so I created a directory of character name and user name where the user names would link to actual profiles for ease of use. It was at that time I started using (and noticing) the profile numbers. xD

    I'm weird like that.
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  16. again, wat.
  17. That is a lot of people.
  18. Wow Jack's so popular!!!
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  19. That's really cool!
    Now that you pointed that out, I looked at @Diana and @Vay. Diana's Profile number is 8 and Vay's is 69 XD
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