Fun times lost in the Czech wilderness

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  1. Sitting around a campfire looking at a map, cigarette hanging out of his mouth, Maxwell pushed his hair back and sighed. Taking a pencil tracing the path he though they had traveled. Something didn't look right. It looked like he doubled back along the creek when it turned from the river. And it feels like it will be a good night though.

    He hated not being on the right course, especially in an environment he wasn't used to. Especially with the wilderness he is in as harsh as it can get.

    Taking the half smoked cigarette from his mouth, "You want the good news or bad news first?" He asked Adara.
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  2. Adara watching a bird fly down from the ground. No, it was flying up to the sky. She smiled and shifted her head, which hung upside down off the log she was laying on.
    Maxwell's voice startled her for a moment. He had been looking at that map silently for what felt like ages.
    She sat up and leaned over, snatching the cigarette from his fingers and taking a long drag. She tucked it in the corner of her mouth, slowly exhaling the cancerous smoke.
    "I like dessert before my vegetables!"

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  3. Watching her take the cigarette Maxwell was amazed at her audacity but not surprised, "Well the good news our little get away we decided to take is going to be extended a few days if I can't track the trail back down." He took the cigarette back and put the coffee pot over the crackling campfire.

    "Now the bad news is that we only have about 3 more days of food left so we either need to ration it or," pausing to pick up his rifle, "we have to hunt." He added water to the pot, the earthy aroma filling there campsite. He gave a smile as he handed her the cigarette back.

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  4. She pouted slightly when the cigarette was taken. As He talked, Adara was barley listening, transfixed on the beautiful smell of coffee.
    Maxwell's hand crossed her vision, and she slowly took back the cig, taking a couple small drags.
    "Listen Maxy, you do your manly thing. Hunt, Fish, Get in touch with nature. Your in charge. Im just here to enjoy the view!!"
    She leaned back, cig tucked in the corner of her lips, loking around her and finally her sights landing on Maxwell.
    "Just tell me what i need to do, besides that ill be here enjoying myself."
    She giggled softly, swinging her legs.
  5. Smiling as Adara took the cigarette back He waited for the coffee to brew. "I just think it won't be that hard once we get moving and find better land marks to base direction off of." He said looking back down at the map. His biggest regret was not packing a GPS system by hindsight is 20/20. At least he knew enough about map reading to find a decent path to get back to the main road and find his jeep.

    As the coffee finished up he sat the map aside on a log and got two cups out and made himself a cup, "Would you like a cup Ads?" He asked before pouring a second.
  6. She flicked the smoking bud and bounced on her bum.
    "Yes please!!"
    She wrapped her hands around the steaming mug, and sipped on the liquid.
    SHe winced, her tongue throbbing from the scorching black cofee.
    "Frickin ow!"
    She held the cup close to her chest, and eyed Maxwell.
    "Well, Your the expert. If we run out of food least we'll die together right?"
    She battered her eyelashes, a smirk resting on her lips.
  7. Taking a sip of his coffee he smiled at her comment, "I don't think we will die I will do what it takes to keep us alive." He gives a sly grin. He searched around for his cigarettes to light another. "And another got thing," pausing to light the cigarette,"is we get the soothing sounds of nature at night." He said laying back against the tree behind him, caressing his coffee close to his chest.
  8. "Oh yes, the sounds."
    Adara crossed her eyes and mimicked a loud owl. She laughed and sipped her coffee.
    Sighing she looked up, watching clouds shift anf form above their heads.
    "Though i guess your right. Nights here are peaceful and beautiful."
    Careful not to spill her coffee, she scotched closer to Maxwell, hiding her smile behind her mug.
    "I believe you when you said you would do anything to keep us alive. But obviously im more important so i should be saved first in any case of a bear attack or similar threats."
  9. A wolf howls in the distance, and from the multitude of miles away a call is retured. Maxwell reached for a long stick and drew a circle around himself and Adara in the dirt. "Just stay in your anti-seabear circle and you will be fine." He laughed.

    He really wasnt to worried about a bear or any other carnivores at the time as long as he didn't have raw meat out. "I honsetly think we will be fine. Tomorrow we will start walking along the river to see if it brings us to the road and be out of here in no time.". He sipped his coffee. Reaching for the coffee pot he fixed him another cup.

    Little to his knowledge the path he had planned is longer than a days hike and one wrong turn would send the two deeper into the wilderness.
  10. Her cackling laugh echoed around her as she watched Maxwell draw their protective circle.
    She shook her head, giggling to herself, and set down her empty mug, then stood and stretched her limbs out.
    "Well let it be known this is the last time i ask you to take me on a vacation!"
    She walked to her bag and a messy pile of her discarded things.
    "I think i saw a pond around those hills..." She mumbled softly as she searched through her bag, finally standing and holding out her bathing suite.
    "care for a dip?" She asked, giving her best British accent and curtsy.
    "Love a good British accent!!"
    She giggled and moved off behind a bush to change.
    She tossed her clothing back over the bush, and ran off towards the pond.
  11. Watching Adara run off to the pond Maxwell stood up and added some more wood on the fire before digging through his bag. "I swear girl you are going to drive me mad." He yelled hoping she heard. Finding his trunks in his bag Max stripped down and slid them on. Grabbing a lantern and a towel he started to the pond.

    Making it to the pond Max hangs the lantern and the towel a bit for waters edge. Looking out across the water he sighed, "Beautiful." He just stood there taking in the beauty that was before him.
  12. Adara spotted Maxwell on the edge of the pool and swan closer. She layed back and kicked some water at him.
    "Get in slow poke!"
    She ducked under water and swam to the other edge.
    She popped back up, looking around for maxwell.
  13. Hearing Adara he stepped back, then full on runs into the water. Getting to the deep part of the water he started swimming. As he got closer to Adara he dove under water, coming up beside her and as he surfaced he tickled her side. "I was just taking in the beauty of the night." He laughed as he pushed his hair back. "The water feels nice." He floated out into the depths.
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