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  1. I'm looking for something...

    Very plot-centric | Somewhat plot-centric | No plot, only porn

    MxF | FxF | FutaxF

    I play female only.

    I play submissive roles.
    It's because I suck at being a dom.

    Posting expectations:
    I'd really love someone who's once-a-day active, but as long as there's a post every few days, I'll be okay. I understand life and just because I'm a jobless sack of shit doesn't mean I expect absurd things. :P As for length, a paragraph is fine. I can usually do 1-2. Quality over quantity; just give me something to work with.

    Best friends -- They've known each other since the beginning of high school. Now that they've graduated, they decided to move in together. However, he has feelings for her that he never expressed before. (This can be something deeper, like romantic feelings, or just lust.)
    Cam girl/customer -- As usual on a weekday night, he finds himself trawling through websites, trying to find something to keep his attention. Eventually, he turned to porn, and ends up looking at cam girls. He found one he really loved, and kept going to it. He becomes a regular and on a slow night, they end up being the only ones in the room. They start chatting and end up getting along. They exchange information so they can talk more. As they start talking more, they become friends, and secretly start to harbor feelings for the other. And then she has to move -- and ends up moving near him! (This one is obviously plot-centric.)
    An awkward situation -- Somehow, they both end up at an orgy. Neither of them know each other, and soon discover that they don't particularly want to be there, but feel pressured into participating. They make an awkward pact to stick together and stay on the fringes of the... activities. After they leave, they find themselves lusting after the other and have a crazy idea -- why not show up to the orgy again next week and try to find them there!
    Drunken hookup -- The two meet at a bar/club and instantly hit it off. They retire for a night of fun in each other's company, and when the morning comes, they don't immediately part ways; on her way out, she sees something that catches her eye and strikes up a conversation about it. They then discover they have quite a bit in common and decide to exchange numbers. They agree to be friends with benefits and as they become good friends, stay fwb. (Insert other plot device here, 'cause that's all I got for this one and I know it needs something more.)
    Father/daughter -- He had always had this hidden kink of incest, but never acted on it -- how taboo! how gross! how his wife would kill him or leave him! However, his wife left him anyways due to unrelated things, and after a long and vicious divorce, he ended up winning custody of his young daughter. The years passed and the pain of the divorce faded, and he started noticing his daughter grow into a teenager and had... thoughts. When she turned sixteen, he decided to act on them.
    Master/slave -- Homeless, hungry, and desperate, she broke into a house to get some food. While there, she noticed some valuable items that she decided to take and sell. He catches her selling them at a pawn shop the next day and; 1) decides to blackmail her, threatening to turn her into the cops if she doesn't comply with his wishes or 2) pities her and offers her his home to stay in on the condition that she does what he wishes. (Plot-centric, but also willing to do just smut. I have ideas for where these could go...)

    Experienced dom/inexperienced sub -- She knew she had a kink for dom/sub but she was just so shy. She could never do anything about it. One day, she finally worked up the courage to find herself a dom and be trained and exposed to the life, to figure out what she liked and didn't... As it turns out, one of her close friends/crush was willing to train her! She was iffy about doing it with someone she liked, and her best friend, but her infatuation overcame her doubts (and besides, why hook up with a stranger instead of a trusted friend?) and she entered an agreement with him to be trained.

    Feel free to tell me your own idea(s), too! Also, I'm totally down for a silly rp with hilariously bad euphemisms and craziness (as indicated by my orgy setting idea, haha).

    Things I like:
    If you couldn't already tell.
    Dom/sub dynamic
    Random shit (I got 'tentacles' in the tags, c'mon)
    Incest (also included in above point)
    Rough play (slapping, choking -- to a degree, being shoved around, etc.)
    Pet play
    Rape (or rape scenes, consensual)
    I'm not gonna list any more out, so you should just ask if you have a question.​

    Things I don't do:
    Under 16 years old​
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