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  1. Hey Folks!

    So here's the deal: We're going to pretend that the person above you has been working a great deal without a break. After several weeks, a long weekend is in order but what to do?


    1. No vulgarity.
    2. Use the person's avatar, signature, etc to make suggestions.
    3. Money is not an issue.
    4. You can use pictures or words to answer.
    5. Prizes will be awarded in the form of ratings and kind words.

    Have fun! Better yet... give me an idea that will be fun.
  2. -_-

    Watch the SpongeBob movie!
  3. I'll take you to batman land where you can visit batmans secret cave, his mansion, that asylum from which his enemies always escapes... AND YOU'LL GET TO WEAR BATMAN'S COSTUME! AND HAVE YOUR VERY OWN ROBIN! And you'll get your very own batman car :D *which you of course gets to keep for all of eternity, and it will never break*

    Edit: Damn it warrior heart! This was perfect for Raz :( Now I need to think of something new... But I'll leave this here for Raz to know what they missed out on :D

    WarriorHeart, you'll get to visit the ancient library of Alexandria. The time will have reversed in it, and everything will be as it was when it was first built. You can even take some scrolls home if you so wish.
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  4. Sleep on a sofa while trying to eat my fingers.
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  5. Chinese buffet extravaganza
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  6. Eat a hot dog with relish
  7. ,,, Let's go to Disneyland!

  8. What's with you and hot dogs

    trip to italy
  9. I like to think that your picture is Batman staring at a hot dog vendor.
  10. Imagine yourself naked in a bathtub full of raw hotdogs.
  11. *wonders if this shouldn't be in the forum games section*

    Imagine being tucked away in a massive fort of pillows and cushions.
  12. Claimed for the Mur Zombies, though we are small, we will grow. Perhaps some of you will join us, it is no burden to me though. I will claim every soul eventually.
  13. m
    maor zombie!

  14. Shoo shoo, off to the insanity thread with you folks!
  15. You should totally take a long vacation to Wonderful World of Gaia's Mysteries!

    It's a magical theme park devoted to everything witch from the dark arts that terrify children's thoughts to dancing naked around a fire in the middle of the woods!

    All expenses paid complete with meals and spell components. As a bonus, when your week is up you'll be sent for a two-day whirlwind of Salem, Mass to visit the dreadful sight of the Witch Trials.

  16. Do a war reenactment ...with real guns.
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  17. Take you to the HyperJapan convention here in London which runs a couple of times a year. Seems like your kinda jig. :3
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