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  1. The first day of school was always the hardest, even if it was her second year at Daltamere High School. Awen parked her car twenty-six spaces away from the sidewalk that led up to the main doors. Why twenty-six? It was the farthest away she could get without parking out on the street. She shrugged her backpack onto her shoulder and started walking up the path. Neatly trimmed bushes lined the walkway, the windows were cleaned to perfection and sign was re-painted to look almost new. There were several other students walking passed her, some dressed up to look their best. Others looking as if they just rolled out of bed. Awen almost ran into the clear double doors while she was taking into account all of the things around her. It wasn't that she hadn't been paying attention as much as she wanted to think of everything BUT the fact school was starting again. She sighed, pushing open the door that led to what she thought of... as her complete and utter destruction.
    In her gloom, she somehow managed to reach the front desk.
    "Hi, could I get another schedule?" she asked the plump woman that sat before her.
    "Of course, deary. What's your name?" she replied an a loud, stuffy voice.
    "Awen Fox."
    A few moments later, she was trudging to her locker, number 222. At least it's easy to remember. She thought to herself.
  2. Scarlett reluctantly got out of her black Mercedes, wishing she could go back home as she heaved her blue backpack out of the passenger's seat and swung it over her shoulder. Only 2 more years left of this torture. She thought. Taking a deep breath, she locked her car and began to walk towards the gleaming prison. Her white cardigan, dark skinny jeans, and patterned blue scarf were a stark contrast to the clothing others wore around her. She could feel the condescending eyes of her peers staring at her as she entered the building and quickly began to find her locker. One freshman girl in a short, low-cut pink dress pointed and giggled, whispering something to her friends. Scar just walked on, ignoring her. After a few more minutes of similar occurrences she arrived at her locker, number 226. She quickly opened it, neatly placed the materials she didn't need that morning inside, closed it, and glanced at the time. A pounding headache was already threatening to make her morning more difficult. These people become more disruptive every year. If I cannot find a peaceful place to go during lunch, I may just lose my mind... She glared at the bottom half of the wall in front of her, tuning out the laughs and shouts that echoed through the halls.
  3. Serena tied her bike up to a tree behind the school. She walked through the lawn nearing the mass of students. Prattle soon filled her ears as she eased through everyone. People were squealing and yelling with joy for the reunion of all their friends. Serena peered through the bodies but couldn't spot a single familiar face. She frowned but kept venturing toward her locker at a steady pace. Rosalind slipped out a crumpled piece of paper out of her pocket and smoothed it out. She rolled her eyes at her first class, English...with Ms. Bitchface.
  4. David drove his car up to the parking lot and then listened to the rest of his music before climbing out the car and turnning the radio off. He really didn't want to be in school and deal with the teachers today but he had no choice since the principle said he was keeping a close eye on him for cutting school all last year.

    He turned his obey snapback backwards and then he fixed his denim vest and rested his hands in his loose jeans. Walking into the school he stopped by his locker and took out his books for class. He had english first with his stupid teacher. Walking into class he sat at the back and the teacher looked at him as to move up and he looked away not feeling like dealing with her.

  5. Rylynn drove along the side of the road trying to reason with his younger sister. His Mazda 3 was such a beaut and he couldn't help but show it off. Being cocky wasn't typically him but he wanted to drive up to school in something nice. From the divorce of their mother and step father, they managed to get a pretty penny out of his past actions. The car was just one of those things. He leaned over the passenger side seat as he continued to drive cautiously and slowly. "Come on Chase... Get in."

    The blonde looked over as her speed was thanks to the skateboard. She huffed and paid more attention to the sidewalk that began to downward slope. Her speed picked up as the down hill helped a lot. She even caught a bit of air as the upward slope came back. The circa's hugged her feet giving enough grip to catch the board when needed. She managed to ignore her brother the whole time to the school with him riding a long her side like an idiot. He drove his car through the parking lot and picked a spot that was a bit distant. He had no real reason. Rylynn just did it. Chase hopped off her board and picked it up. She remembered the open house. The day she loathed. Luckily, the blonde already had her locker information. Locker 189. Her board fit right inside as she grabbed her messenger bag and headed to her first class.

    The young man sighed as his sister still didn't forgive him. All this because he finished off her cereal, leaving her nothing to eat. Why get mad at that? He shook his dirty blonde hair upon exiting his car and walking on the school grounds. His blue tee was a bit loose letting the wind catch it for it couldn't catch his skinny dark skinny jeans. Rylynn locked the mazda. Without going to his locker, getting his books, or even just a pencil to write with, Ry headed to the first class. Unfortunately his unforgiving sister was there and refused to talk to him for the time being. He sat in a back corner while she sat on the other side in the the middle. His chocolate brown eyes watched the teacher write on the board. Bored out of his mind already he looked around the room. Chase watched out the window seeing a few kids skip school. They were completely obvious yet she knew they didn't care. She envied them a bit for the adventure aspect. All in all, Chase knew it wasn't such a good idea but she still wanted some kind of an adventure.

  6. Awen placed all of her books on a rack that was set up in her locker, then taped her extra schedule on the inside of the door. She glanced at her first class, then at her wristwatch. It was a quarter to eight, giving her fifteen minutes to do whatever the hell she pleased.
    The hallways were crowded now, making the walk to the English room feel like a walk through a sandstorm. Nevertheless, she got to her class and picked out a desk by the window with ten minutes to spare.
  7. Devin pulled up in a huge white Escalade. His music still booming. He hopped out the car and went straight into the school. Being one of the most popular dudes in school, he was stopped by almost everyone to say hi. Most of them happened to be girls. He had just gotten out of a relationship he was almost positive that'd last forever...apparently he was wrong. Of course every girl was trying to flirt with him. He didn't care for the ones that did. He was on a journey to find the right girl. He ignored most of everyone who stopped him and went straight to class. He popped his knuckles, leaving all his books in his messenger bag until the teacher walked in. Devin had recently gotten a record deal, so he pulled out his phone to see how many stars his new singe had gotten. 'All five!' he thought to himself a little stunned. He was surprised. He rubbed his hands through his silver hair, sight, and waited for class to start.
  8. Kendall drove lazily with one hand one the wheel, tapping her fingers to the beat of "Bangarang" which was bursting out of her mercedes benz radio at full volume. The music ended abruptly as she parked the car and took just a minute to look up at the torture building that was her school. She let out a loud sigh and reached out for her cross body bag and her ring binder on the seat next to her, full to the brim with work and anime drawings. She opened the door to get out, "You'll get through this Kenny. Just be strong." she muttered as she stepped outside into the sun and slammed the door behind her. She slung her bag over her shoulder and carried the folder by her side as she began to walk towards the main doors. Kenny remebered when she first came her, anxious and terrifed beyong belief. She had always been one to make a statement. Her hair was always dyed bold colours and her favourite stlye was of course punk. She was worried no one would like her, but she actually found that people took a shine to her because she wasn't afraid to express herself. There were the few who were wary, but those who knew her knew she was pratically a teddy stuffed with cotton candy, despite her tough looking exterior. Always around to give a hand. Good ol' Kenny. Today, she had decided on red and black. The colours of torture. Her hair was dyed crimson with little streaks of black running through it. She wore a red tank top with a very happy looking jewelled skull on it, a black cropped jacket, black leggings and red platform heels. Red eye shadow, black mascara and light black eyeliner sealed the deal. She had realised it, but her feet had taken her all the way into the hall by this point. She was greeted by familiar faces smiling at her and, "Looking good Kenny!" that were followed with good-natured laughs that Kenny had returned. She made it to her locker and got herself ready for Englsih, which she actually enjoyed. She walked into the class and took her seat near the middle, waiting for things to begin so the day would roll over quickly.
  9. There was something... Incredibly revolting about this school.

    It wasn't the system -- that was a helpless little thing, if ever -- it was the people that lingered in it's very hallways. From druggies, to nerds, to pornstar cheerleaders, to aristocratic rich kids, and then the outcasts. It was... A very clichéd setting, or maybe she was just over-analysing the whole scenario. Maybe, she was also generalising! But nevertheless, it was what it was. Who was she to care, she was trapped in her own universe. That was her life, the life of Analise.

    Who was she? Well, she wasn't one of those with the fancy cars -- or the one with awkward statures. She was the person who waited for public transit in the young morning, the one sitting in the furthest position in a shady booth of some restaurant, or the table near the garbage can in the cafeteria. She would sit there, quietly, and immersed in her iPod's music with her pen moving in swift motions across her notebook. She wrote a lot of things, and illustrated a few. Concepts, whimsical stanzas, ballads, and other oddities. Analise was in her own world, living in her own universe -- and the beautiful thing was that, no one ever did pay mind.

    A small curse of complaint ejected from her whispering breath, with her vividly grey eyes scanning the campus as she trudged off the bus. She purposely took the next one, for taking the usual and earlier transport would just make her look eager to go to this hell. Why can't she just go to college already? At least that way, she able to learn what she wanted. Digging deep into her pockets, Analise pulled out a small black notebook with a thin black ribbon securing a page within. Quietly, she fiddled it open -- revealing a page where the words: Rem nimium ben gerere, in solitudo esse in fine cursive, and repeatedly in each line of the page.

    Staring at it briefly, she slid out her pen -- a slick looking fountain pen -- out of her other pocket and started on the next line. "Rem... Nimium... Ben gerere... In... Solitudo esse..." she recited under her breath as she wrote. After ending the sentence with a dot, she snapped the book shut and pocketed everything into their slots before marching into the campus.

    If anything, she felt like this year would be... A very interesting year.
  10. Agitated, Serena stuffed the paper back in her pocket. She continued to her locker and shoved her backpack inside of it. She gathered a few things for class and headed toward the English room muttering something unintelligible under her breath. Serena took a deep breath and tried to compose herself; why should she stress herself on the first day of school?
    Serena went through the door that she dreaded so much and took a seat near the back of the room. The place didn't seem to be very full for only having five minutes until class began. Serena shrugged and went on to doodling in her notebook.
  11. The more he sat in class the more annoyed he got. He watched as the students came in, looking at every single one of them as they did. He reconized some old faces from last year and then new faces that he never seen before. The teacher had just came in with her bag and he adjusted her desk before writing his name on the board, Mrs. Simmons. He rolled his eyes and sloched even more in his seat tapping his pencil on the desk. Comming back to school was not the highlight of the day. The only ups about school were the girls, they loved him and the football team being that he's the star WR, there was its perks but sitting in class wasn't one of them.
  12. Brigid Healy climbed out of her dad's car, and waved goodbye to him, before turning around to face the school building, biting her lip worriedly. This was her first day at this school, and she wasn't exactly the most outgoing of people. In fact, she was actually really very shy, and didn't usually talk to people.

    Her parents had hoped that with this recent move from their home in Ireland, she would become more confident, but Brigid silently disagreed.

    She sighed, and made her way to the front office, where she was forced to repeat herself several times, due to the secretary's inability to understand her strong Irish accent.

  13. The two were undoubtedly bored. There had been nothing to do. The teacher just arrived to her own class. School had just started thanks to the bell that echoed the halls. She just had made it. What teacher is almost late to her own class? The siblings huffed as they both realized it was going to be a long day. Chase opened her notebook and jotted a few things down about the teacher while she spoke. It was for nothing more than a label to remember these new teachers. Chase was a great student and would take notes even if it wasn't necessary. As people around the room acted one way she added them to the first page of the class notebook. Rylynn on the other hand looked around but quickly grew tired. Sure he loved women but it wasn't a hobby of his to pick out the ones to approach besides... That's what the star football player was for. He laid his head on the desk with his arms being the pillow. He slowly drifted to sleep until someone would normally wake him. Chase's eyes occasionally found their way to staring back out the window. Freedom. As she caught herself yearning for something she probably never would have, Chase set her sights back on the teacher hoping for the teacher to talk about something besides herself.

  14. Isaac and Tyler were both running towards the school, almost out of breath, and knowing they weren’t going to make it in time for their classes. Tyler mostly blamed Issac for their tardy because he was so busy playing and teasing his sister, and his mocking smirk. Ugh! That smirk has always gotten on her nerves. And Issac however was just laughing and smiling about the whole thing, he was more focused about the people he was going to meet and have fun with.

    Finally able to make it into the school the twins both put their hands on their knees, bent over. Getting back the air they needed they both go in the office grabbing they’re pass and all the information they needed for the lockers, who their teachers were, etc.

    They both quickly run down the halls finding their lockers, Issas’s 223 and Tyler’s 209. They both found their class and ran inside, both smiling that they made it, hopefully.
    Issac smirk while dragging his sister by her hood jacket to a seat and sat her next to him. Tyler however just sat there, use to her brother’s actions.
  15. raven mom drives her to school late. when raven came out some one was there to help her out. raven was blind. she got to her class and want to the ofice she was new to the school and didn't know it vary well. she got her class room number and want to class with the lady. the teacher told me to sit down in the back next to the window. alone. scared. she never felt this scared in her life. she wants her freands back.
  16. in the same day a new transfer student by the name of frost uchia who has white hair with blue bangs and pink eyes had walked into the office at the same time as he noticed a girl (Raven) walking out. He spoke to the Office Lady and Princapal then got his class schedule and walked out towards his class. he had noticed that he had gotten the same class as the girl he saw walking out of the office. he took a seat in the back of the class room then pulled out a bag of dried sea weed and procieded to eat it.
  17. the teacher looks at him and tells him to put the sea weed away.
    raven giggles a little thinking he noy next to her and starting to hope dor that. she all ways looks forword to the taecher and didn't write anything down. i wish my friends where here so we can chat, I'm not sure if this is the best thing that happend to me or the worst. she looks down to her desk.
  18. Brigid sat down in the seat next to the girl, and pulled her book out of her bag. She glanced sideways at the girl, and softly ventured, "Hello - I'm Brigid." Her brown eyes flickered - this girl was actaully quite pretty......
  19. "Is there someone next to me I did not know, my name is raven" she smiles but does not look at her. there was not books on her desk and she was not taking notes. "I wonder what do you look like, I'm sorry I'm blind I can see" she asked. she was small for her age she was wearing a black top and riped jans. she hair whas long and out with a black bow in it.
  20. "I just sat down just there now." Brigid looked at Raven with a small smile. Maybe she was getting more confident.... "Well, I'm wearing a pale green t-shirt, and a long blue skirt. I have long black hair, and brown eyes." She hesitated, wondering whether to tell her secret......
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