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  1. DEAR HL, JG, AGP, EAP, PS, and TCH

    I have never written a letter this formal before. This was really dificult but you insisted so yesh. You were asking about whether I could come there with my new job and pay and all, right? Well now I have figured out all of my money and schedule and I am sure I can come. Ive already looked for planes and rides from Manila to New York City and I've found a few that fits into my schedule and banck account. Most of them are only for this April though, I hope youre all available at that time. Just message me via facebook to confirm. Looking forward to meet you.

    PS I only wrote and mailed this letter as a dare. Stupid friends. Sorry if its full of errores, I wrote this when I was hi eating.

    LOVE AND SHIT Jason Macasieg

    Fun iN nEw YoRk city
    A little roleplay about crazy people.

    So Jason just received the go signal from his friends to go to New York this Tuesday (April 15, 2014). Friends he met from the internet. Friends he can't really trust.

    Nah, insane people can generally trust each other. I'm gonna roleplay Jason, the eccentric foreigner from the slightly less eccentric country of the Philippines, and the guy you, dear roleplayers, are gonna guide through NYC. Make sure he has a fun time. But, you know, without dying and doing anything criminal and such. Only six slots and such available, with each person having a name that fits the acronym of the letter above. You could be anything, as long as yer a New York native, and, well, you know, you're not a loner, and yer actually related to Jason as a friend and such. And you can also play only one character. Oh, that, and you have to be a cannibal.

    Because, well, the twist is, err, y'oure all cannibals. You're not just gonna show Jason New York City and all its lights and sounds and such: yer also gonna show him its tastes and, err, fried penises and such. Mmm. That's actually how you all became really close friends: you met in some obscure, hidden internet network for cannibals. You've all never met each other before, though.

    So I guess I should label this game a horror instead of a modern rp. But, you know what, whatever.

    Oh, and he really did write that letter while he was both high and eating. He gets kinda high whenever he eats human flesh: that's why he's a cannibal. Oh, and here are the character sheet formats:

    Name: Again, it has to fit one of the acronyms written up there. Write up some sort of name for your internet persona, too.

    Net Appearance: What's yer avatar online? (picture preferred)

    IRL Appearance: What do you actually look like? (picture preferred)

    Personality: What's yer personality (on the internet)?

    Background: Explain some aspects of yer life that you've already shared to everyone of the characters, such as yer family life, yer job, and the place in NYC where you live.

    Motivation (to eat): Why are you a cannibal?

    Special something: A special something that defines you in a good way. Something like you being always the hero, or having one of the best cars in the world, or something. Make sure it's something small. This mustn't be related to cannibalism directly.

    Unspecial something: The same as the above, only its effects on yerself are terrible. Like incredible ugliness, or Mad Cow Disease. Mustn't be related to yer eating-habits directly.

    Character Slots:

    HR -
    JG - Jenny Gillian, aka "AlwaysHungry" - @Luna Gillian
    AGP - Annie Giovanni Pierce, aka "BiteMeBaby" - @The Red Tazelwurm
    EAP -
    PS - Pasquale Sanchez, aka "Rhyme" - @Tactician
    TCH -
    JM - Jason Macasieg, aka "LoveChild" - @RiverNotch
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  2. Can I reserve TCH?
    I have the char all worked out but I'm about to go to sleep so I'll do it tomorrow
    Love this idea <3
  3. Name: Jason Macasieg, aka "LoveChild"

    Net Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    IRL Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: He started out as a lurker, doing nothing online but reading people's notes. But as his life gradually turned from shitty to slightly less shitty (and as he reconciled his strong belief in God and his strong enjoyment of man-eating), he grew the courage to start interacting. Eventually he turned into the forum's... well, "Additional participants", as besides giving a glimpse of Asian cannibalistic culture (he's the only Asian from Asia in the cannibal forums), he doesn't really give anything interesting to the discussion. He does, however, love a good debate, and he's the main fuel for arguing trolls in the site.

    Background: He just got this lovely new condo in Makati City, so he no longer lives with his parents. But yeah, right before this adventure he lived with his parents (plus granny and three younger sisters), and worked a pretty terrible job as a freelance writer in The Crappy Writer's Bazaar (a publishing group based in the internet). After a few properly shot-down opportunities, he got a much better job working as a writer for some column in some big-shot local newspaper, and that's why he got his condo. Other than that, he hasn't really revealed much about himself, excluding all of his feelings and findings and crap on everyday adventures (and sapient meals) that won't really be relevant to the story (or will be, but needn't be revealed now).
    Ooh, but here's another thing that may be important: He's still a virgin, and he's got a big crush on one of you guys. Who that person is, he hasn't revealed yet.

    Motivation: He first tasted human flesh when he went on a little expedition to the Northern mountains and met (through a funny and interesting little accident) a tribe of headhunting cannibal who, in an act of gracious hospitality, fed him his own foreskin. It was, to him, a truly spiritual experience, akin to Brian Wilson's first taste of LSD, and ever since then cannibalism has been to him some sort of drug, some sort of masturbatory escape from the pains of real life. If he doesn't get his "fix" by, say, a week, he somewhat gets mad with... I dunno, crazy or something, akin to that teenage maniac next door who can't stop dating Rosie Palms.
    As for how he gets his fix, he usually just goes out to the nearest slums, hunts down some solitary little person, and then... well, the rest is pretty obvious.

    Special Something: Still working on this one.

    Unspecial Something: Still working on this one.
  4. I'm apologize, I have to back out on this one :( Someone else can have TCH. Sorry if I've inconvenienced you
  5. Would you mind if I reserve PS? I'm currently working on the character profile.
  6. Name:

    Pasquale Sanchez (forum name: Rhyme)

    Net Appearance:

    IRL Apperance:



    On the net, Pasquale tends to be more of an observer rather than an active participant. It wasn’t too much of him being an introvert as much as a natural act for him being a writer. He is someone who when spoken to would contribute to the conversation by bringing in new insights.

    Motivation (to eat):

    Social comfort and inspiration seeking; Pasquale is a writer who in the beginning found it comforting when he’d dug out his parents’ corpse after they’d passed on when he’s seventeen. Consuming them allowed him to have a lasting connection with them although he couldn’t feel their physical presence. From there he’d developed a keen liking for human flesh and had regularly hunted down thugs and the homeless in the city because he knew that nobody would miss them.

    Approximately three years ago, Pasquale started working on a series on a cannibal and his hunt based on himself. He’d incorporated elements of it into his writing though he is careful not to reveal his true identity.

    Special something:

    Pasquale designed and built his own house and it contained a basement where he carried out his operations.

    Unspecial something:

    Although Pasquale appeared normal in the eyes of an average Joe; he is neurotic and has a couple of irrational fears.
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  7. Hope that's okay.
  8. @Tactician
    Ooh, a person who built his own house near New York! And in the current economy, too. That's lovely.

    Anyway, he's good, but please compress his Unspecial something into just one thing in yer description. Like, say, compressing all those neuroses into just one personality trait ("He's a neurotic fellow, thinking every little thing he does can kill him. His biggest fears are..." and such).

    Oh, and what does he call himself in the net? Or is his username just "Pasquale Sanchez"?
  9. Edited accordingly.
  10. Can I reserve JG?

    I'll be finished with the CS soon if I can of course
  11. Name: Jenny Gillian a.k.a "AlwaysHungry"

    Net Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    IRL Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Online, Jenny is always the first to crack a joke or point out when someone is being a drama queen. She is easy to approach when she isn't bitching at some whiny kid or when she isn't laughing at boys who try to flaunt themselves by picking sexy anime characters for their avatar. But she can be a bit of a flirt when she spots a guy she likes.

    Background: She tends to not talk much about her life, but it is general knowledge that she grew up solely with her mom and that her father wasn't in the picture. Having moved to NYC when she was fifteen years old, she grew up around it but still sometimes described her country life back home as camping and skipping school to hang around the fishing pond with men a bit too old for her to be hanging around. Now she works as a nurse assistant after a month of training that she described as "a boring breeze", meaning she works cleaning up after the elderly begrudgingly for a rather decent paycheck. She lives in a small apartment, has a couch and a television along with other necessities, not one to live in luxury. Close to the apartment is a rather abandoned warehouse, where she goes to handle any unmentionable business she needs to, sharing it only with a few stray cats and some hungry dogs. Considering she hates when people rant and whine online, she doesn't complain much about her life and her personal problems are kept secret.

    Motivation (to eat): Having grown up in the country, the very deep country, she spent many hours with strange men when she should have been in school. These men themselves were cannibals, and without a father she looked up to them and grew to love them. Their list for human flesh rubbed off on her at a young age, even now when she eats flesh she feels a sense of erotic satisfaction and love. She hopes one day to share a romantic evening with a fellow cannibal over a nice glass of wine followed by kinky aftermath.

    Special something: Having lived with depression for a good chunk of her life, she always carries a bottle on anti-depressants. In the right doses they can cause stomach pains, fatigue, and a relaxing feeling. If taken too much of it could be deadly; rather ironic.

    Unspecial something: Having never really talked much about her personal problems, she suffers depression which can end up sever enough to give her thoughts of suicide.
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  12. @Luna Gillian
    I think you forgot to put on your CS Jenny's motivation to eat.
    Also, though you don't really need to change it, I suggest you make her special something a bit more proactive than that. Though it is a rather useful special something, the fact that it could be done by pretty much anyone and that most of this rp's adventures would be offline might make it useless in the long run.
  13. What would apply to the story where a skill would be useful?
  14. Well, the story is meant to be a bit wacky and open-ended, with whatever's happening just happening for the sake of happening (what?), so as for what specific skills would be important I guess it could be almost anything. Jenny can be good with guns, or she can be an amazing cook, or heck, she could even be some sort of master in anaesthetized murder. But the story will generally revolve around the characters and their relatively little adventures throughout the city of New York, so try thinking of things that could be helpful to your character, helpful to other's characters, and "showcase-able (that is, a special something that's real different from special somethings already posted, and a special something that can become the spotlight of one of the scenes in this story)"; something like, well, the examples I gave I guess. And it needn't be a talent or a personality trait, too: the special something could be a tool, like, say, a large extended family or a nice old vehicle.

    For your character, maybe make your special something something that reflects yer character's experiences as a nurse or a country girl. Or maybe it's something related to how she acts in the internet (she could have, say, plenty of male contacts she met via random dating sites), or heck, maybe something related to her depression.
  15. Ahh okay that's helpful thanks haha I got ya
  16. Name: Annie Giovanni Pierce / "BiteMeBaby"

    Net Appearance:

    IRL Appearance:

    Personality: Online, Annie acts quite cool and nonchalant. She doesn't let anything faze her and lets the hate just roll off her back, so to speak.

    Background: Annie lives in Central Greenwich Village in an apartment with a roommate. She's currently studying to be a nurse, but not because she wants to help people, but because nurses are exposed to a lot of blood. Her rent is paid by her parents, but she has a job as an online news editor for a slightly more than unpopular website.

    Motivation (to eat): She loves the taste of human blood. She got the taste of human blood when she was losing it to her clumsy and inexperienced boyfriend. Her boyfriend was already mucking up the 'special' night and screwed up to the max when he err--stuck something where he shouldn't have. The pain was so bad that Annie, bit down on her boyfriend's arm and tore off a chunk. Naturally blood squirted everywhere and a lot of it got into her mouth. It was kind of a traumatizing moment. But two good things came out of it. A taste for human blood and a biting fetish.

    Special something: She knows advanced first aid, the Heimlich maneuver and CPR.

    Unspecial something: She's terribly shy and can't get a word out without suffering from anxiety and screwing it up. Like she'll want to say "Hello, how are you?" but instead she'll say something like "You are! How! Hello!".
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