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  1. Good evening (or for those of you in a different time zone that is hours ahead of me) good morning!

    You can call me Luna, but really what you need to know is that I am searching for a couple of new roleplay partners. I really do mean a couple, so just two more. Why? Because I have no illusions about my ability to make many replies for many partners and still uphold my standard of posting quality. Also, I am working part-time, and in school, and training for another half marathon, so you know… Life. That doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t have time for the fantastic art of writing and crafting stories with like-minded folks. It does mean, however, that my reply times may vary drastically, especially if school gets busy (prime times for that include, middle and end of both terms) so if there are a few days with no reply, do not panic. I’ll still be on to at least chit chat and keep you apprised of when I’ll be able to get you a reply.

    Enough of that, grab your trusty steed and let us move onward to Luna Do’s and Don’ts!

    Luna’s Do List:

    - Share your ideas. I may have a plot in mind, but I’m always open to collaborating with my partner. This way we make the story something we’re both happy with. My plots are just a basis to work off of more often than not, so adding and reworking them is often necessary.

    - Chat with me. I find things are more enjoyable when I can get to know my partner and have pleasant chit chat with them, while also using the PMs to plot our next move or several moves. I don’t bite, I promise… Well, not hard anyways. (I would prefer to keep all planning and chatting or questions confined to PMs.

    - Let me know if you don’t like something, need me to change something in a post, or if something makes you uncomfortable (preferably beforehand for that last one). Likewise, I will do the same for you. I promise not to take anything personally and hope that you won’t either. Of course if you go out of your way to rudely state what needs changing etc. I’ll probably ignore you.

    - Let me know if you’ll be a while replying. I know life is crazy and can be hectic sometimes (case and point above) so I am completely understanding. Let me know when you can and we’ll be square.

    - Pay attention to grammar and punctuation. I am not a grammar/punctuation Nazi, but somethings can be a pet peeve of mine. A comma in the wrong place can be the difference between coming off as a crazy person and being deemed relatively sane. Also, please give me enough to work with in your replies. I believe strongly in quality over quantity, but at the same time cannot work with only a few lines.

    - Help move the plot forward. I like equal parts leader and follower in my partners. I don’t want to have to do all the work and I would not expect you to do all the work either. Conversely, if there is a particular scene you want played out, just let me know and I’ll help make it happen.

    - Be kinky if you want. I like a bit of kink in my role plays, ladies and gents. (See Luna’s Don’t list below for exclusions.)

    Luna’s Don’t List:

    - Give me one liners and I will cry. I cannot handle them and if given them will put my foot down and ask for more. As a measure, I generally aim for three meaty paragraphs with enough for you to work with, so if you could meet me there that would be splendid. I can also go as high as seven or more if I am truly inspired, but please don’t feel like you have to match that length. At least two to three chunky paragraphs would suffice.

    - Try to take over the role play or have my character doing things that they clearly didn’t do in my previous post. If you need to semi-control my main character (ie. Have them move in a certain way), simply ask and explain why, I’ll likely be okay with it, unless you plan to maim them.

    - Post questions or ideas on my wall. All role play related discussions and questions should be confined to a PM.

    - Luna’s no-go’s for kinks: (including but not limited to) toilet play, gore, rape, incest, hardcore BDSM (light BDSM is fine). When in doubt, simply ask. There are lots of things I am okay with and few that I am not.

    - Not ask to role play on another medium other than Iwaku. I don’t do that, my apologies.

    That’s about it for those lists. Best practice is, if you’re not sure just ask me. I’m a pretty easy going person on here and in real life.

    I also have a little lady I have yet to use and would love a chance to if anyone is interested. She is here.

    Potential Pairings (any parts I would prefer will be underlined.)

    Queen or Princess/Demon Prince or King
    Supernatural Human/Hunter
    Detective/Falsely Accused
    Witness in hiding/FBI Agent

    Whatever else you may be able to think up. This is not an exhaustive list :)
  2. I recall we had a roleplay a little while ago. Somethint like an oracle who worked for a mob boss and a secret agent trying to take the mob down. Would you be interested in restarting that?
  3. Hm, I do believe you are right good sir! I would not mind at all starting that up again. I'll see if I still have the thread in my watched list and get it moved :)
  4. I know I do, so if you cannot I will for sure. Thank you, that one was quite a bit of fun.
  5. I did not have it in my watched list for some reason, but it was a thread I started so I looked on that list. I put the request in to have it moved ^_^
  6. Great, can't wait to start that again. I just need to remember some of the things we were planning.
  7. Oh gosh, I'll have to think on that myself. At least we have time while we wait for the mods to move the thread :)