Fun D&D Endings?

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  1. For all you tabletop roleplayers, I'm curious as to what some of your favourite endings to a campaign was.

    Mine happened just a few days ago.
    The DM had half way through the campaign given us magical items we didn't yet understand.
    But then at the last session, we learned they were morphers.

    So we were able to turn into the power rangers, fight all of our old party members + Chuck Norris.
    And then we summoned mega zords and fought Cthulhu in power armor. :3
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  2. It would take me a while to drum up all of my favorite campaign endings.. Will post them later.

    Also, kobold bars + magical paint that lets him create anything he can paint = hilarity.
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  3. My first ever Drow character back stabbed the entire party at the end, then started a small rebellion in the kingdom. He became the supreme despot.

    He was later killed by another party in a campaign to dethrone him.
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  4. There was one where I founded a Paladin order, went on a Crusade for a sword, found out it was glass, drew it on accident, and broke it. I was disowned by my own order.

    More recently: I ran one where they defeated the final boss at the beginning, woke up on a beach with no memory of their past, and when we got to the Final boss, I threw in the twist where they defeat him, and they end up at the beginning. (He was a demon of time.)
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  5. Peg Leg Dwarf. Ran into a dungeon with a party. Got knocked down by a giant spider. Ripped off his peg leg and threw it as an impromptu exotic javelin with a -6 to hit. Nailed a crit. Killed the spider with his peg leg. The GM felt wrathful and melted the peg leg via spider acid venom from its corpse. The dwarf hobbled along in the collapsing dungeon to a massive flight of stairs. He couldn't climb them without the peg leg.

    Goodbye Captain Peggy. You will never be forgotten.
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  6. Oh, also: we saved a princess, and took her back to her home when a dragon attacked. Everybody made it out except for our Bard named Laetus (Named for the Latin word for happy.) Who decided to hide in a room full of Gas and Gunpowder. (He had low Intelligence.) He died. We now remember that as "The Laetus Incident. 10/24/14. Never Forget." the store we play in even made a memorial Plaque as a joke, and the DM ( the store's owner, actually.) has incorporated it in other campaigns.
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  7. My rogue halfling stole half of everyone's gold and rode off into the sunset. I had to withdraw myself from the group, so that's how my character made her exit. The dice were in my favor that night. Shit was cash.
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  8. the ending of one campaign involved Moon Moon the gnoll barbarian.

    The specifics of the ending are not as amusing as the character, unfortunately.
  9. Ok, here goes.

    My first character was 'Big Mek Dakkasmiff,' a Space Ork from the 40k universe who used a wildly uncalibrated 'tellyporta' and accidentally arrived in the D&D universe. A wandering party arrived to witness his strength as he smashed the remains of his teleporter in rage and his ingenuity in creating makeshift weapons from the scrap.

    We were playing in college, and as we neared the end of the year, our GM decided to just end the campaign. He was probably going to lead up to it at the end, but he just spontaneously said that Ragnarok happened. Our characters got possessed by Norse Gods and one person started reading from some book meant to stop it.

    I got possessed by Loki, so I did the most troll-tastic thing I could. I stole his book and popped off to a pocket dimension where no one could follow me. Just as I leaned back to start some light reading, I realized I was an orc/k, and illiterate. I popped back to return the book, only to find he was dead from a falling meteor or something. I dropped the book on his corpse and disappeared to do mischievous things. Ragnarok ended as spontaneously as it began and everything returned to normal.

    I then incorporated his mischief into my second character's backstory.
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  10. Rocks fall, everyone dies.
  11. This isn't D&D, but once, in a Shadowrun campaign, We ended up summoning Satan to gain access into a cult.

    Our Group is a Christian Group.
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  12. This is how one of my players' charcter died. This game is still ongoing, but I have to share this.

    At a slave market auction, one of the characters gets into a rage, and starts killing everyone. The party loots the merchants who were going to make purchases that day, and everyone divides the loot. I decided to put a cursed bag into the loot table and see what would happen.

    Fast forward a few months later...

    The party has been captured by the Queen of Vampires, and are placed in holding cells. The party escape from their bindings, but everyone is wondering about this gigantic iron double door at the end of the prison. The bard and monk dimension door through, and after navigating through a maze of underground tunnels, they find another prison. This prison houses the Bat God. The monk is the only one who can even enter the door, the bard can't because he's chaotic aligned and the Bat God doesn't like people who are like him.

    The Bat God is bound with special chains that cannot be broken by him. They can be broken by mortals, but doing so requires the mortal to die. So our monk, sake loving Sun Wukong, sacrifices himself to free the Bat God. The bard, Orilendal, comes into the room and finds Sun dead. The bard leaves with the monk's body. Party regroups in the main prison building, only to hear the city outside being trashed. They hear a horde of soldiers approaching. Needing to get away quickly, the party stuffs Sun Wukong in a Bag of Holding and leave.

    After defeating the Queen of Vampires, the Bat God makes an appearance. He returns the sake bottle that was left to him by Sun Wukong. He also wants to know what the party has done with his body, since they left the prison in a hurry. My party's reaction:

    Show Spoiler
    Orilendal takes the bag of holding, and drags the body of sun wukong out

    God (GM): [REDACTED]
    Orilendal looks through the bag, finding no body whatsoever. Instead the bag is covered with blood and fur.

    Bat God: "I am waiting..."

    Tanaka: [is there anything we should know about this?]

    Bat God looks at the bag, his eyes growing dark. "Did you put him into that bag...?"

    Orilendal looks into the bag stunned, and pulls out a finger. "uhh. this is all we got."

    Bat God says grimly. "Because if you put him into that bag... It's cursed."

    Bat God: "Your friend has been eaten."

    Raiju says boy, you are not putting yourself in my good book

    Tanaka: :falls on his ass and sits there in stunned silence... the emotional events of the last few hours coming to a head. He's on the verge of tears.

    Bat God shakes his head slowly, eyes turning heavenward. "You adventurers knew nothing about that bag. Wow."

    Bat God stands up, a cigar appearing in his hand. "Well. I'll leave you with your emotional turmoil."

    Bat God disappears in a black cloud...

    Orilendal lets out a big sigh, and says, "douchebag"

    Tanaka: :picks up the sake bottle and just holds it.

    TL;DR: My party placed their comrade's dead body into a cursed, flesh eating bag after he made a fucking heroic sacrifice.
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  13. tl;dr, how a goblin stole my bison and flew off into the sunset

    I had this one person who would constantly DM things, but he was a pretty bad DM overall. I always ended up breaking things because I knew the system better than he did. (I was that guy).

    First campaign: we decide to use 3.5e, and get to making our characters. Starting at level 6. There was (I believe) a Ranger, a Rogue, and a Druid (me). My druid's name was Aang. His animal companion was Appa.


    First session, we're apparently escorting some lich to the king. Well shit we're only level 6 how are we supposed to contain a Lich? DM says "nah it'll be chill they have anti-magic manacles and a bunch of knights along with you." So there Aang is, just chilling on his bison, tolerating the Ranger and the Rogue who he knew were much less optimized and powerful than himself, when all of a sudden like a hundred zombies come out of nowhere and start attacking us. All the knights either die or run and the rogue and ranger are struggling to kill them all because they were only good at hurting one thing at a time. Being a spellcaster, Aang basically says "fuck y'all" and summons down a lightning storm, and we manage to stop the zombies from freeing the lich. That combat itself having taken about an hour, we're ready to call the first session to a close, but the DM decides to have one more mini encounter - a pack of dire wolves. Again, Aang does most of the work and kills all but one of the wolves. The DM is ready to move on and close the session, us having defeated them all, but I realize that I didn't kill that last wolf. So what do I do?

    "I want to train the dire wolf. I roll animal handling." This is where the campaign got REALLY out of hand. I got a natural 20 and so now I basically had two animal companions. And, fun fact, if a wolf hits with its attack, it gets a free trip attempt. And when an enemy is tripped they can't do shit while we bash on them. End session 1. Party: Rogue, Ranger, Aang, Appa, and Trippy the Wolf.

    Next session, we decide to still bring the lich back to the king because we figure it's a nice thing to do and we want to get paid. Turns out the lich is some whiny prodigal son who became a lich at 14 so he's moody as fuck despite being thousands of years old. Great. We come up on to some giant canyon with a single rope bridge. I'm like "damn who is my giant ass buffalo going to get across" but before I can do anything a bunch of highwaymen show up on the other side, and say they won't let us cross unless we give them our emo lich. As tempting as it was to give him away, or to just throw him down the canyon, the rogue and the ranger were too righteous to consider it, so combat begins. They both promptly run across the bridge, hoping to get there before the highwaymen can cut the rope. They don't.

    Lucky for them, however, I am the Avatar, master of all four elements, and prepared Wall of Stone that day. So I make my OWN bridge (with blackjack, and hookers), and we proceed to beat the tar out of the highwaymen because the direwolf and its constant tripping made the enemies look like mudcrabs. With that completed, we finally level up, and later that day we arrive in town, so that we can get new equipment and stuff.

    While in town, we learn that there's a secret passageway to the king's castle because apparently the DM wants it to be a four session campaign. So, we enter this generic cave system and fight some generic cave battles. We're about to reach the end of the cave, when suddenly we're confronted with Evil Lich Lady Who Is Way Too Strong, who is apprently emo lich's helicoptor mom. We're talking level 12 Sorcerer Lich; we're only level 7. The session quickly turns into a scooby-doo like chase, with me throwing all of my walls of stone up to delay her just enough so we might escape. Eventually though, she corners us and we have to fight. Shit, we're screwed. DM laughs, and tells us to roll for initiative.

    We roll. Lich wins. She proceeds to disintegrate the ranger. Well, fuck, we're screwed... Wait, Trippy is second! Trippy manages to not only hit Mrs. Mommy Lich, but knock her flat on her ass. Once she's down, I get my bison to sit on her and we proceed to bash her into pieces. DM is speechless, because it was meant to be a literally unwinable encounter, and we'd have to run. I think he was trying to kill me because I was the most powerful party member, with my druid, bison and wolf. We have to stop for 45 minutes to figure out how much experience to give, because the difficulty rating of it all broke every experience chart out there. We ended up going from level 7 to level 16. End session 2 Party: Rogue, Aang, Appa, and Trippy the Wolf.

    Next session, someone else decides to join, playing an illusionist. GM seems very tired and he says that this might be the last session He actually knows how to build a character and so the wizard can actually do shit. So much for being God. We proceed down a stairwell in the tunnels we're in, looking for the castle or whatever. So there we are, going down a dark staircase with no end in sight. And we keep going. And keep going. All of a sudden, DM says, "make a will save everyone." Rogue fails, and proceeds to try to stab the life out of my wolf. Luckliy, he misses and the Illusionist casts dispel magic. Turns out we were stuck in illusionary stairs. We look around to where we actually are, and see we're surrounded by like twenty driders.


    The DM must really hate us. I think Wizzard and I spend half an hour planning on how we could survive. Most plans involved offering the rogue up as sacrifice. Finally, we're about to begin combat, when Emo Lich yells at us to let him go, that he'll save us. Obviously, we don't trust any lich, but we don't have any other real options besides running faster than the rogue, so we let him out. Big surprise: the lich was meant to be our DMPC gandalf the whole time. DMPC Lich teleports us to the capital, tells us this long backstory about how he's actually misunderstood, about how he wasn't a tyrant but actually a benevolent dictator, and that the Paladins and their religion and the King wanted to destroy his peaceful little dominion and begs us to help him. At this point we're just "eh, whatever", and decide to storm the castle. Let's overthrow a kingdom.


    So, the Lich says he'll distract the main forces while he teleports us close to the king. We end up in some courtyard, and waves of soldiers start coming at us. Knowing this is the last session, we start pulling out all the stops. The Illusionist keeps trying to do silly things like manifesting illusory walls alongside real walls, the rogue goes beast mode on anything I can flank, and I turn into a rhino (because I hadn't used wild shape yet and what was more badass than a rhino shooting lightning from its horn? a rhino shooting lightning from its horn and breathing fire). The whole combat was significantly dramatic, and the DM dropped rocks on us (but we didn't die because magic). The fight eventually ends after eleventy waves of soldiers, and we move into the palace. The lich has a dramatic confrontation with the king, kills him, and then tells us that we'll have to rule the land justly now.

    Well, the Wizard and I disagree about who should be the rule, and the rogue just wants money because he's a rogue. The DM is monologuing and I think to myself, "I could kill everyone couldn't I?"

    So, I lean over and whisper to our Wizard, "Hey, wouldn't it be funny if you could make the rogue kill himself?" and then lean over the the DM and tell him that I want to have my two animals pounce on the wizard as soon as I whistle. The wizard takes the bait, and cooks the rogue's mind. We laugh over it, and then I sick my petting zoo on the wizard and they demolish him. Should've put more than 8 into constitution, buddy.

    I'm laughing, and the DM groans, and talks about how Aang will be a just ruler etc, while the Wizard player gives me the stink eye. To make amends, I cast reincarnation on the Wizard. He comes back as a goblin, and proceeds to cook my mind like the rogue's.

    He then steals my bison, casts fly, and leaves to greener pastures.​
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  14. This one time my dwarf took ranks in religion and that directly led to the gods killing all dwarves in existence.

    This other time a gem and a drum spent all eternity discussing ethics at the bottom of the ocean.

    This other other time I proved that no where in the rules did it say a cat can't be a submarine.

    This other other other time a group of punks accidentally started the apocalypse while stealing cars because of friendly fire.

    This other other other other time everyone got hype and lost their shit over cockblocking critical successes being destroyed by seduction critical successes back to back.

    This other other other other other time, Ash, Red Riding Hood, and a Flamboyant Mage fought a collosal deadite spider that was on fire while on a train powered by happy thoughts in a library that was bigger on the inside while trying to check out the necronomicon after defeating a stone basketball goal golem and beating up some cowering goblins and threatening their children and pets.

    This other other other other other other time a fighter accidentally stared into the abyss beneath an old inn filled with cannibals and then every time for the rest of the campaign that they had to walk by the inn he took psychic damage from remembering what was beneath it.

    This other other other other other other other time an elephant pulled a chariot made out of an armoured car housing demigods through zombie infested las vegas to the safety of an airplane so they could get to a cruise ship made out of the skeleton of a dead god and relax because man some bullshit happened to them.
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  15. We played Pathfinder Adventure Paths for a while.

    Rise of the Runelords: Our party got to fight an epic-level evil archmage in a pocket dimension. We couldn't kill him (he regenerated too fast and had SOOOOO many 9th level spells....), so we had our barbarian target a magic artifact the archmage was trying to protect; by destroying it, we would force the pocket dimension to close and trap the archmage in it. Meanwhile, the rest of us flew straight at the archmage in a do-or-die, buy-the-barbarian-enough-time battle. And we did.

    To the music of Final Fantasy 6's "Laughing Mad." the 20 minute version. Much epic was had.

    And when we beat him, we played the Fanfare theme and the 20 minute-ending theme to Final Fantasy 6.
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