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  1. Both Elrick and Alexander lied on the deck of the large steam boat, witch sailed calmly along the sea. The boat hald 2000 passengers, all coming from different country's to see the land of Engliten. The country was discovered after a large fleet of Engliten ships crossed the sea decking at a Xing and a Aerugo port. Making those country's close allies after many years of friendship. The current year was 2010.

    The front deck was rather large, leading to many of the passengers to mingle, or sit upon it's Patted Metal furniture. A long large table sat agaisnt the far wall with a blue cloth covering it, The table was lined with dozens of different types of meats and sidings. The decks floor hald dark brown wood, witch sat in planks. Short safety bars sit among the side of the deck, made of metal.

    Elricks hands sat gently among the metal safety bars, a small smile siting upon his lips. Engliten could be seen in the distance, large stone buildings lined the coast, with a tall stone tower climbing the sky from the middle. Elrick have travelled with his brother for 2 weeks, moving across Xing to reach one of the few ports that would take them to Engliten. I can't believe I'm know longer human. Elricks mind drifted from thought to thought, to only land on the task on hand, he was to find the way of creating Forbidden sand and bring it to xings emperor or to be branded as a traitor. He was given a gift in return of this, the gift was immortality. However his immortality was limited, and his humanity gone.
    Alexander managed to get a lead following the Forbidden sand, and that lead lied from a women named Shara Blackhorn in Engliten.
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  2. Darrien stood against the ships wall, his arms crossed over his chest. A long trench coat rested on his back, covering up the bandages that were wrapped around his arms and chest. Tilting his head down, he looked to a small figure sitting on the deck floor beside him. The girl was much smaller than him, even more so when she was sitting down. She hid beneath a hooded cloak, keeping her head down so none would see her face.
    "Don't worry," Darrien said to the girl, a soft smile on his face. For some reason, every time he looked at her, his heart seemed to feel warmer.
    The girl looked up to him with a wide grin. "Big brother, can I get some food?" her voice was sweet and gentle. After slight hesitation, Darrien nodded, and watched as the girl nearly skipped over to the table covered in food, bobbing and weaving between the people around her.
  3. Alexander sat among the deck, siting on a Patted metal chair, reading his Research. The chair sat next to the large table of food, where many people made their plates, However, he noticed a odd sight, a hooded figure have started to make its way to the table. It's appearance was unknown due to a cloak that sat upon it's body, the only physical known fact was this figure was far shorter then Alexander. This thing gives off a different aura then humans...

    Alexanders eyes darted around the deck, untill landing on his brother, who still silently stood among the metal bars. Alexander stood from his seat, gently putting the large hard bound books back with in his brown backpack. Then quietly made his way to the table.
  4. Marion, the girl in the hooded cloak, had reached the table of delicious looking food. She didn't bother grabbing a plate. Instead, she just grabbed a large piece of ham and bit a huge chunk out of it. She ate as though she hadn't eaten in days, which wasn't true. As she munched, she rocked back and forth on her feet, humming happily to herself.
    Darrien watched her every movement, his arms still folded into his chest. His eyes shifted from her, to every person that was going towards the table of food. He was feeling extra protective today, and he wasn't sure why.
  5. Elrick was lost in thought, his mind was stuck on the Forbidden sand, a item that can grant immortality and power. However Elricks immortality only came in the form of aging, stopping time from killing him.

    Will I come to regret this?, will time become my foe?...

    Elrick stood tall, shaking away any and all Negative thoughts.

    Now where was Alexander sitting?

    Elrick was no longer facing the sea, but now he looked to the other side of the deck, seeing Alexander. His brother was walking towards a Hooded figure who stood by the food table, the figure hald a large piece of Ham.

    Alexander now stood inches from the hooded figure, Whos strange Aura have only grown stronger. Alexander grabed a small plate, filling it Ham and Turkey. "So you like ham to?" Alexander gave a smile to the figure, in hopes of discovering it's appearance.

    I hope it doesn't attack....
  6. Marion turned around quickly. Unknowing to her, the hood that rested atop of her head fell off, revealing the wolf ears that took the place of her once human ears.
    "Oh yes!" she exclaimed happily, waving the ham hock in the air enthusiast. Two large bites were taken out of it, all the way down to the bone. "I love ham!" she continued, looking up to the man with a large grin. For being 19, she was very short, standing only at a height of 4'8. "But I love cake better!"
    Darrien's eyes widened as the hood fell from Marion's head. He cursed under his breath, and began making his way to her and the stranger speaking to her, a bit of anger on his face.
    "Foolish girl..." he muttered to himself.
  7. Elrick was just arriving beside his brother when the figures Hood fell, reveling the girls wolf ears.

    "Oh Yes!" Said the girl, her tone happy, She waved a large Ham hock in the air. The Ham had two large bites taken from it, leading down to the bone. The girl continued, "I love Ham!" She hald a grin pointed to Alexander, "But I love cake better!"

    Alexander gave another warm smile to the girl, adoring her cheerfulness "So you're a Chimera?" Alexanders tone lied gently.

    Elrick stood at his brothers side, witch gave a smile to the girl, and asked the obvious. "Of course she is! We both can sense the difference in her aura Alexander, the real questions are, Who made you? and Why are you on this ship?" Elricks tone was kind, but demanding.
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  8. Marion looked back and forth from Elrick to Alexander, and back to Elrick again. Her eyes widened as she reached up and touched her ears. They twitched at her touch. Suddenly, she dropped to her knees, covering her ears with her hands and shouted "Big brother!" It sounded almost like a cry.
    As if on cue, Darrien popped up behind the two. He was angry, and aggravated. "Get away from her." he said firmly as Marion scattered to his side. She hid behind him, peeking around his legs at the two men that approached her. "I'm sorry, big brother..."
  9. Elrick and Alexander saw the girls eyes dart between the two, then land on Elrick. The young girl touched her ears, witch twitched with the girls touch. Then, dropping to her knees, the girl spoke again, "Big brother!" however it sounded almost like a cry.

    On cue a man appeared behind the two brothers, "Get away from her" The man's voice filled with anger. The young girl ran to the mans side, hiding on the other side of his legs, "I'm sorry big brother..." was the girls final words before she went quite. With that Alexander and Elrick turned, to see a man with dark hair and purple eyes. "Who are you to tell me what to do?" Elrick took a step towards the man, "If we wished harm we would not be speaking." Elricks voice hold a touch of aggressive.

    Alexander stood staring at the man, unsure of what to think or do. "We do not wish to fight, if she is truly a Chimera there might be a way to return her normal." Alexanders red eyes stayed locked upon the man, waiting for his next move.
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  10. "What?" upon hearing that there might be help for Marion, he calmed down a bit. "What do you mean?" he frowned a bit.
    Marion listened to the three talk, and continued to peek at both Alexander and Elrick. She wasn't afraid of Alexander, he seemed like a nice person.
  11. Elrick stopped in his walk, looking towards his brother. "How dare you say such a thing, they are strangers!" His eyes filled with rage. Elrick turned to see Alexander jumping towards him.

    Alexander have moved with a swift jump towards Elrick, "I can not believe you would speak with such greed!" He managed a hit while jumping, Making Elrick drop to one knee. Spitting blood, Elrick rose from his knee, his black eyes locked upon his brother. "....I apologize.... " Elricks voice was quite.
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  12. Alexander stood in silence as Elrick rose from His knee, many of the passengers on deck have stopped their tasks to witness the scene, but none took a step towards the four.
    Some passengers gasped as Alexander hit His Brother, while others stayed silent, but judged with the emotion showed in their eyes. Alexander was only 2 feet from the stranger, Turning, Alexander looked to the young girl, who was still hiding behind the man's legs, peeking at the three. "There migh be a way we can help you." Alexanders red eyes moved between the two strangers, awaiting any movement. However Alexander's voice hald a touch of sweetness. Elricks steps where paced while he walked to His Brother, who only stayed silent with His arrival. "You seem awfully protective, are you her maker?" Elricks black eyes showed sorrow as he stared at the man, a frown falling on His lips.

    The large steam boat came to a slow stop next to a old wooden dock, a mans voice came from the speakers. "We have reached our final stop, Engliten port. We will set sail for Xing tomorrow morning."
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  13. Darrien scoffed at the thought of himself being the creator of Marion, the Chimera wolf girl. "If I created her, why would I want to help her?" he asked with anger in his eyes. "I saved her life!" he felt the boat slow to a stop. For this, he was relieved. It even calmed him down a bit
    The subject of Marion was very uncomfortable for the both of them. It brought up unwanted memories for them both. Darrien of his own sister, and Marion of her time the lab. Marion was a bit sad, but she did not want to show it.
    With a smile, she stepped out from behind Darrien, and held her hand out to Alexander. "Hello!" she said happily. "I am Marion!"
  14. Elrick grinned with the man's comment, "If I created her, Why would I want to help her?" His eyes Where filled with anger. "I saved her life!" Continued the man.

    "I don't know, a twisted sense of pride?This girl is a Living Human Chimera, Only a philosopher stone can create Such a being." Elrick stood calmly, his blue overcoat shelves fell just past His fingertips, showing no signs of His hands. Elricks short brown hair was a mess, Much of it stood, while the back sat calmly upon His head. Removing His left arm from His side, elrick managed to pat down His hair before His shelves fell, revealing his Automail arm.

    The words Elrick spoke only went into one ear and out the another as Alexander saw the girl remove her self from behind the man and extend her hand towards him, "Hello!" Said the girl, her tone happy. "I am marion!" A smile filled Marion's face. "I am Alexander, and this is my brother Elrick." Alexander pointed to Marion's companion, "Who's that?" Asked Alexander, His voice filled with curiositie.
  15. Darrien clenched his fists so tight, his knuckles turned white. He was about ready to throw a punch at this guy. He wanted to teach him a lesson. But the sound of Marion saying his name threw his thoughts astray. He looked to her as she was making introductions.
    "This is my big brother!" she exclaimed, grabbing onto the sleeve of Darrien's coat. He winced a little. She had accidently pulled one if the bandages on his arm loose beneath the arm of his coat.
    "His name is Darrien!"
  16. Both Alexander and Elricks eyes grew, if this stranger was Darrien, Then it was true, Sarah Dextra was truly the chimera That they have discovered . "Is he darrien Dextra? Twin Brother of Sarah Dextra?" Alexander moved His red eyes to the man once again, but His mind sat somewhere else. Is he truly her Brother...? Alexanders mind drifted.
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  17. Darren's eyes widened in disbelief and shock. How did they know who he was? How did they know who his sister was?
    Darrien frowned. "My sister is dead." he said solemnly, shifting his gaze to the floorboards of the ship. "You have the wrong person." There was distaste in his tone.
    Mary looked up to Darrien. He had never talked much about his sister, and she never really asked. She decided to stay quiet and listen, hoping to learn something new about him.
  18. With Darren's distaste Elrick shot his eyes towards the sky, The sun is setting....we must hurry. "Believe what you will, but we have seen you're sister, even heard her. She's alive." Elricks eyes now layed on Darren, who layed still. Alexander stood tall even while on one of His knees, His voice sat gently compared to elricks, however it Also sat deeper. "Surly you do not wish to stay among this ship? We will be traveling to a local hotel, we could walk you there, and pay for a room if needed." Alexanders smile showed white teeth.
  19. Puella laid in her bed in nothing but her tank top and baggy military pants, in the room she paid for. She was looking up at the ceiling with her intense red eyes smoking a cigarette. She inhaled the smoke and let out a deep sigh as she exhaled it. "All most as good as a good mutilation." She said softly. She ashed her cigarette into her empty shot glass with a little bit of rum at the bottom. "When the hell are we getting to Engliten. Last time i check we we're close. Wish I could take a nap but I don't need sleep now do I. I wonder what its like." She said to herself. She got out of her bed and move her purple hair out of her face and carried the cigarette in her mouth. She grabbed her green miltary jacket and put on her boots brown on. She then slowly walked out of her room puffing on the cigarette.
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