Fullmetal alchemist, The Forbidden Sand

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  1. Attention:
    I will need a player who can play TWO characters .

    The philosopher stone, The black star, these stones have been known by many names, but only one fact is certain, the stones creation will cost human lives. However, there is one item strong enough to face the philosopher stone and to reverse the stones affects, such as humunculus transformation, and returning chimeras to their normal state. Though it's name have been lost in the ages, it's placement and creation have been wishpered. The item have been given the name 'Forbidden sand' by rumor, however it's appearance is also uncertain. You will travel across the sea, to a new land known as engliten (Eng*Lit*en), in search of it.








    Alchemy and Alkahestry:
    Alchemy- The understanding of comprehension, Deconstruction and reconstruction of matter. Alchemy can used in many of ways, however it will always follow its first law, equal exchange. With out a philosophers stone Alchemy can not be used to treat wounds.

    Alkahestry- Its difference is slight from Alchemy, normally used to treat minor wounds and basic medical needs. Only citizens of xing know alkahestry.

    Playable Races-
    Human- A mortal race cable of learning and using Alchemy alkahestry.

    Human Chimera- A man/women who's DNA have been spliced with an animal. However there appearance varys. They can not use Alchemy or alkahestry.

    Faux Humaine- A immortal race created by the Forbidden sands, only 2 lie in existence. Just like homunculus they also hold a tattoo among their body.

    1. No God moding.

    2. At least two sentences per post.

    3. I am open to any ideas, feel free to suggest.

    4. I will need decent spelling, along side decent grammar.

    Character sheet:
    Name: first and last.

    Age: between 13-40


    Race: Pick from above.

    Appearance: Picture or description.

    Inventory: everything you're Character carrys or haves must be listed here, besides clothing.

    Have You Seen The Truth: Pick yes or no. (The truth is only seen when a alchemist performs human transmutation. This ability gives alchemist the use of Alchemy with out transmutation circles)

    Automail: Does you're character have automail? Yes or no.


    Home country: Pick one from the list above.

    Background: Anything can go here really, I want four sentences at least.

    Knowledge: Pick if you're character knows Alchemy or alkahestry, or if they know neither. A can character can know both.
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  2. I'm interested! Should I post my characters here?
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  3. Yes please
  4. CS1:
    Name: Darrien Dextra
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Inventory: The basics. Food, water, a map.
    Have You Seen The Truth?: Yes
    Automail?: No
    Sexuality: Straight
    Home Country: Amestris
    Background: Darrien is one of a set of twins. They were separated at a young age of only 6. His sister was taken by the authorities. They said it was protocol. She had potential, but they never said for what. For years he lived with his mother, wishing more than anything his beloved sister would return to him. News soon reached the family that she was dead, killed in a severe accident. This drove Darrien made. Being at age 13, he had trained in the arts of alchemy for years, and attempted Human Transmutation to try and bring her back. But of course, it failed. For the price of seeing the Truth, parts of his flesh had vanished, leaving only the exposed muscle tissue. Struck with grief and shame, he covered the flesh taken away from him with bandages, and left home, never to return. In his travels, he found a girl, a girl that seemed to be very familiar to him. She felt like his sister, but she didn't look like her. Hoping to fill the void in his heart, he allowed her to travel with him, and they are still together this day.
    Knowlage: Alchemy. Specifically Ice Alchemy.

    Name: Marion Dread (Mary for short)
    Age: 19, but looks younger than she is.
    Gender: Female
    Race: Chimera (HumanxWolf)
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Inventory: Extra bandages so she can change Darrien's wrappings, a hat to hide her ears on occasion, and a cloak for when she wishes to hide her tail, food, water, books on the history of alchemy/alkahestry.
    Have You Seen The Truth?: No
    Automail: No
    Sexuality: No preference
    Home Country: Amestris
    Background: Marian was nearly raised in a lab. She was used for harsh experiments in the study of Chimeras. She doesn't know anything about herself before coming to the laboratory. She doesn't remember who she was, or how she got there. She was given the name Marian by her captors. One night, an explosions sounded in the laboratory, and she escaped. There are still people searching for her, but thus far she has avoided them, thanks to Darrien, the man she calls "Big Brother."
    Knowledge: She knows of both Alchemy and alkahestry, but cannot use either.
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  5. Name: Elrick Firestone

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Race: Faux Humaine

    Appearance: Elrick stands at 5'10, while His seal lies on his chest, over his heart. He wears black pants with a blue button shirt. He wears a large blue overcoat.

    Inventory: 10 Throwing daggers. 1 Flash bomb.

    Have you seen the truth?: Yes

    Automail: Yes

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Home country: Xing

    Background: Elrick was only six when he first learned the basics of Alchemy, However he would soon become one of the strongest alchemists known in Xing. Elrick just turned fourteen when the emperor called his family to a summons, ordering that Elrick use human transumation on the emperor's dead wife, who have died due to sickness. Elrick did as he was asked, only to lose both his arms and legs, However he also failed at bringing back the dead. With rage and bitterness the emperor ordered Elrick to return on his 17th birthday. Three years later elrick returned, his limbs now automail. Xings emperor gave Elrick immortality, However his immortality was limited. He was also given a Forbidden gift, this gift was known as Forbidden sand. The only price was elricks humanity, and loyalty to xings emperor. Then, elrick was ordered to find the other Forbidden sands, leading to him and his brother to travel across the sea.

    Knowledge: Alchemy and Alkahestry.

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  6. I like them!
  7. Yay! When do we start?
  8. Whenever you ready, However I do have a question. Do you want me to make my other cs? If not you will see him in the rp.
  9. Yes, that would be great. And I am ready to start as soon as possible.
  10. Name: Alexander Thomas

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Race: human

    Appearance: Alexander stands at 6'1 with dark tan skin. Alexander haves red eyes, with black hair. The back of his hair sits in a ponytail while the front sits just above his eyes. Alexander wears a white shirt that holds a large unknown transmutation circle upon it. He wears long white pants, along side brown work shoes.

    Inventory: 10 throwing daggers. 3 Books of personal alkahestry research. 2 books of personsal Alchemy research. Basic medical kit.

    Have you seen the truth?: No.

    Automail: No

    Sexuality: Homosexual

    Home country: Ishval

    Background: Alexander was four when a war broke out in ishval, leading to his father to go fight for his country, and die. The war would only end with extermination of isvalens, making Alexander and his mother to flee their homeland, in search of a new country. This country was known as Xing.

    Knowledge: Deep understanding of alkahestry and A decent grasp of Alchemy.
  11. I will start the thread now, so do you like my characters? Lol.
  12. Yes, I think they're great. (: looking forward to starting!
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