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  1. Most of Amestris has heard of the heartbreaking stroy of the two Elric brothers, but only a few have heard of the two Nova sisters whose lives may have been worse than that of the Elrics. The Nova sisters lived with their mother, father, and Angel, their younger sister. Their father worked at the fifth laboratory in Central, where his family lived in a small estate, before it was "closed down". Their father planned to make his alchemy strong enough to make his daughters his next test subjects.

    When it was Emily's 8th birthday, the Nova sisters were taken down to their father's lab in the basement. Emily was the first to be transmuted, she was supposed to be a full homunculus that was able to control the shadows, but her transmutation failed. She was half-human and half-homunculus, a human that could be taken over by her homunculus side, but could never become a true souless doll. Em could control the shadows, use alchemy, and had a soul. Raven was the next to be transmuted, she was transmuted into a raven chimera. She had the wings of a raven, could fly, and could hide her wings, but it was painful to make them disappear.

    The last Nova sister was going to be transmuted into a mix of a dove chimera and a homunculus, but she wasn't strong enough to under go the change. She died in the arms of her sister, Emily, as soldiers rushed down the stairs to arrest her father. soon after they left, the older sister attempted to bring her sister back, but she failed at the cost of her right arm and her left leg. Her mother took her to an automail mechanic in Resembool, Granny Pinako and Winry, to get her daughter automail limbs.

    Years pass and the Nova's mother passes when Emily turns 13 on the same day that her sister had passed. After a year had passed, Em had taken the State Alchemist Exam and become a State Alchemist. She and her sister, Raven, now live in an apartment complex that is next to the military's headquarters.
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  2. Nova Sisters, 16 and 15

    It was a warm spring day in Central as the sisters walked beside each other. Raven was the first to speak, breaking the ever growing silence that flowed between them.

    "Where are we going?" Raven asked her older sister of 16 years in her normally bubbly and sweet tone. Raven was the outgoing one who was always making friends or chatting with her sister, but there was a slight sparkle of sadness and hurt in her teal eyes.

    "I'm going to work at headquarters, but you tagged along to say hi to Riza and Roy, remember?" Emily asked her younger sister in a shy and soft tone. Em was very shy and would avoid people whenever she had the chance to, but her sister would drag her into a conversation with whoever she was talking to.

    "Oh, yeah! I remember now! Thanks, sis, it really helped!" Raven smiled brightly, revealing her perfect, pearly teeth. She was happy to pester Roy, since it was pretty obvious that Roy liked Riza.

    "You're welcome, Raye. I'll probably be busy, so you can fly around after you've had a chat with your friends." Em smiled softly as the wind brushed through her brown locks and her automail leg clicked softly as they walked. The ouroboros marking on her neck was hidden by a bandage, she had faked that she had a cut there that wouldn't heal, so no one would be overly suspicious.

    "Can I fly around before I talk with them? No one will hurt me, since everyone knows me..." Raven pleaded with her older sister until the she gave up and let her do what she wanted. Raven jumped with happiness when Em said that she could go, but she had to stay close to the military base.

    Em entered the military base as her sister unfurled her huge wings and took to the air. She smiled at her younger sister's happiness, but she knew that she was still hurt about their horrid past. A single tear slipped down her pale, smooth cheek as she turned walked walked down the hall to Roy's office.

    Marcus, 16

    Markcus was studying his medical exam, so he could become a doctor for the military. He knew he was a little young to be taking the test, but it was worth the risk. His deep sapphire eye scanned the book he was reading as he laid on his bed. The skull necklace glittered in the sun's light from a large window above his bed. His parents were doctors and he wanted to follow in their footsteps, but they weren't in the military.

    After he finished his book, he snapped it closed and put it back on his shelf. The sun had warmed his room and he opened his window, a gentle breeze blew back his red/brown hair. He smiled and turned to exit his room that was painted a warm brown that was a shade darker than his own skin. He began walking down the small flight of stairs and breezed out his front door, locking and closing it behind him.

    It was peaceful in the city and Marcus thought it was a little odd that the usually busy streets were less populated than normal. The male shrugged it off and took a walk around the city to enjoy the beautiful, quiet day.
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  3. Brian/Len

    Brian and Len walked side by side down the street, it was far less populated then the other city's streets that they visited, and not only did the Homunculus enjoy this, but so did Len. Brian smiled brightly as he looked to Len,

    "So why are we here?" asked Brian with a curios look in his eyes.

    "I need to look for answers on the philosopher stone, or on the stone I found across the sea." stated Len with a bitter tone.

    "Well, okay." mumbled Brian as they continued to walk silently for the rest of the way.


    Edward walked with his hands in his pockets, his gaze on the floor, this was until he bumped into a stranger, it must've been a new recruit or something, her name was Emily? He was unsure.

    "Oh sorry!" embarrassingly admitted Edward. He put his hand on the back of his head,

    "I didn't see you there."
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  4. Emily Nova
    She wiped her eyes quickly and smiled shyly at the blonde. Her green eyes held no emotion as she avoided eye contact with him.

    "It's my fault for being in your way.." The brunette said in a soft tone that was just barely above a whisper. She knew him, but she couldn't place a name to the blonde. Em hoped that he wouldn't ask about the bandage on her neck or about her past.

    Raven Nova
    The chimera was enjoying her flight as the wind fluttered though her wings and made her feel weightless. She perked on a tall buliding that was above Len and Brian. She smiled down at the calm city as the wind blew a feather down to the ground below her.


    Mark ran down the street and he bumped shoulders with Brian. The young male stopped and turned to him, giving them both a friendly smile.

    "Sorry for bumping into you!" Mark smiled apologetically as a black feather landed on Len's shoulder ​
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