Fullmetal Alchemist (Edward Elric Needed)

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If you needed auto-mail, where would you want it to be?

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  2. An arm and leg

  3. Both arms

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  1. Title says it all, but you may also need to be other characters here and there, but we can split the side characters between us~ This will be posted into a conversation with a story and my character~ You don't need to post Ed since we all know what he looks like~
  2. I am up for being Edward Elric! He is awesome!
  3. Sweet what kinda story you have in mind?
  4. I was a little girl when it happened, I remember the day I lost my adopted sister. She passed away when we were kidnapped and taken to the Elric's house, since my kidnappers had no use for us. I didn't know why they took us from my father andkilled my baby sister in cold blood.. They dumped us five minutes away from the Elric's estate. I was a novice at alchemy, but I had learned human transmutation from my parents' studies. That's when i tried to bring her back at the cost of my right arm and creating a monsterthat was not my sister, it was a hideous creature with a distorted face that tried to say something. That's when you came outside and saw me crying over my sister, not caring about my arm. When you walked over to me I had blacked out from blood loss. After I had meet whatseemed to be "The Truth", I had awoken in your house and looked around, before I saw you...

    Do you like this?
  5. That is fine, though is this when Edward and Al are.adults?
  6. So its when Edward has seen the truth?

    It.might be better if he was younger. Maybe
  7. Want to start it when Al finds my character? They'll both be 7 at the time
  8. Hmm. Well we could do an alternate universe where they havent found the 'truth' yet so Ed can so alchemy still and be an adult to your character.
  9. What do you mean?
  10. Kinda like the FMA movie where it was an alternate universe.
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