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Would you rather have automail or your normal limbs?

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  1. I've been wanting to do a FMA RolePlay with someone, but no one seems to know what it is... I would need someone to play Edward Elric, since I'd like to be my Oc. They could be teenagers, children, or young adults, but I would like for them to start out as children and grow up as the RolePlay progresses. Thank you for reading and have a nice day~
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  2. Oh! I would love to RP this with you! I've had a amazing OC or two I've been waiting to roleplay as.
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  3. Ok~ Would you be Edward for my oc and I'll be someone for yours.
  4. Hmm, must you have Edward for you OC? We could just have our OCS together. Also, doo you have a plot planned out?
  5. Yes I have a plot and no I don't need him but it would be appreciated
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  6. Hmm, I could rp him then. Would you mind giving me some details on the plot before I fully commit? and do you need any details on my OC'S?
  7. I would love for some details on your Ocs~ I'll give you some info on my girl and the plot. The plot is basically my oc's passing away, then she loses her right arm and left leg to try to trying her sister back and it will basically be the normal plot as well. I could make a plot for your oc too, if you don't have one or you could make one yourself :)
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  8. Okay! If it takes me some time to reply, its because I'm writing up some information for you,
  9. Okay~ Send it through a pm
  10. If you're still interested, I would love to play your Edward Elric!
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  11. Sure~ I wouldn't mind to rp with you!
  12. Awesome! Pm me and we can talk more about it!
  13. I'm late! !!!!
    If this ever opens again, feel free to give me a ring!
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  14. It's still open~ I haven't started them yet
  15. Pokes head in*

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  16. Oh my gosh! That is amazing XD!!
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  17. ^^ thanks
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  18. I wouldn't mind playing Ed for you, if you could play Roy for me?
  19. So, Ed + My Oc and Roy + Your oc?
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