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  1. Werewolves pride themselves on keeping their packs hidden in the real world. As humans go about their day, none take notice how sometimes unrelated people all live in one house or certain apartment buildings always seem to be full. All these nuances are hidden well with strict rules and regulations. Every werewolf must have a pack, and every pack must be responsible for their werewolves. Despite how carefully these laws are constructed, Character A defies them by living alone running a cheap and small motel for humans and werewolves alike. So far they've been living a low life and avoided the werewolf council when Character B, a young female werewolf, rolls into their motel looking scraed and suspicious. There's a strange scent about her and Character A needs to figure out what it is. The whole situation only gets more complicated as a pack quickly sends out a message claiming a missing member.

    Oftentimes it wasn't unusual for a lone visitor to come to an inn and ask for a few nights. In all honesty, it was probably expected if anything. Whether it was a human looking for shelter or a werewolf waiting out a full moon while on a business trip, the occurrence happened far too often to elicit suspicion. It was just another guest, another person coming to stay for a few nights and spend their money. It shouldn't have brought up any skepticism, and yet this one did.

    The young girl looked like she should have been in college, not standing in front of the counter asking for a room. Yet there she was. Standing there asking for a week in the hotel. She fidgeted in her way too big hoodie, a black one with the hood pulled over her wet brown hair. It seemed like she had been in the rain for quite a while before stumbling into the motel. She only had a back pack, probably with only a few pairs of clothes in it. No suitcase or other bags like normal visitors. Her hair hid her face pretty well, but one could almost swear they saw bruises underneath on her somewhat tanned skin. She seemed so small in the oversized clothing, her short stature doing nothing to help her. She smelled like a wolf, having the signature sharp eyes. Her green eyes darted around, looking for some sort of threat. She shuffled as she waited for her keys, shoulders tense. The young woman looked huddled in the mass of fabric that was her hoodie, her jeans large and ripped in certain places. To most the poor girl just looked like she needed a shower. However, to the lone wolf there was a strange smell about the girl. Something smelt off.

    However, the girl couldn't just be denied her keys forever. She had legitimately paid for the room so by all means she should have just gotten her keys and left. The girl, Layla Jones she had written her name down as, shuffled from one foot to the other, her grip on her backpack tightening. She kept her posture small, a clear sign of someone low in the pack status. The strange smell surrounded the girl, seemingly permeating everything around her. How could one smell be so strong?
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  2. Andrew Conner stood behind the counter, his wolf battling with his human side. Sure he was a lone wolf, but the smell that was coming off the girl was keeping him frozen. Should he tell her that he was a wolf as well, and would help her? It was almost a full moon coming so he had to be careful of himself as well as the other wolves that stayed in his motel. He slowly reached out his hand, holding the keys towards Layla. However, he stopped right before he full out gave them to her. He wanted to see more of her face. He wanted to know why her smell was so strong and put his wolf on edge. All he could think of was protect.

    "I don't think your bag has any dry clothes. I have some in the back if you want." He found himself saying. He wanted this girl to stay near him a bit longer. At least until he could figure out what was so different about her scent. He opened up the little divider between the guest area and the back counter. He moved over to the window, looking out with a worried eye. He didn't want anyone coming to this area that might attack. He was neutral. He was a lone wolf who actually preferred not to have to deal with a pack. He would never deny the help to another wolf, but he would not be dragged into any fight.

    Andrew turned to open sigh to closed before he then moved back over to the back Layla. "I'm a wolf too. I can help if you need it." He whispered, lightly putting a hand on her shoulder. He didn't want to spook her, just comfort her. He then moved over to the back room, and unlocking it. He opened the door and held it open to Layla. He didn't know if it was her scent or the fact that she looked so terrified that was making him so concerned. But that didn't matter. Whatever it was, this girl needed help, and he would help her.
  3. The girl seemed to hesitate as the man in front of her offered her dry clothes to wear. She watched him turn the sign to closed and flinched as he put his hand on her shoulder. The flinch was harsh enough that her hood fell and some of her hair moved out of her face, revealing dark purple bruises and the beginning of a black eye. Frantically, Layla pulled her hood back up and tried to hide the injuries. "D-do you have a pack? I don't want to get another pack involved..." She finally spoke, following him into the back to try and find the clothes he talked about. She pulled her hoodie around her, trying to surround herself in the dark cloth and hide from the world. The girl jumped as thunder rumbled through, signifying the new change in the rain outside of the inn.

    The smell had new names to it, but nothing could quite describe the strongest scent on the girl. Faint blood and injuries tinted her scent along with a strong dose of fear, but something else took the main dose. It seemed almost innocent in a way, eliciting a strong need to protect in most male werewolves near the girl. Whenever a bout of thunder rolled through, Layla's hands would immediately fly to her abdomen, curling around her stomach. She clutched the keys like a lifeline, chewing on her bottom lip out of habit. The girl simply looked lost standing in her oversized clothes.
  4. Andrew has seen the marks but did not make a comment about them as they walking into the back room. He could see that she was not want to acknowledge them, so neither would he. He had to tread on thin ice when he dealt with her. "No, I don't have a pack. I don't intend to get one. I prefer to be a lone wolf." He said as dug through some of the clothes he had. He always kept spares clothes for wolves and humans, but mostly wolves that needed them. And he kept them away from himself that way his scent on the clothes cause any problems. He pulled out some large clothes for her, keeping she would actually like them. There had to be a reason she wore the large clothing she had on now, so he wasn't going to change anything. He turned around, smiling holding the clothes for her, but his smiled fell when he saw her reactions to the thunder. His wolf growled inside him, and his mind clouded a bit.

    He set the clothes down, and walked over to the girl and wrapped his arms around her, protecting her. He knew this was a risky move, but he couldn't stop himself. He didn't even care that he was getting wet from her socked clothing. All he knew was that this girl was afraid and he had to protect her, somehow. He kept his hold on her tight, lightly nuzzling the top of her head, rubbing off his scent on her. She was under his protection and he would let nothing harm her. He would do anything possible to keep this girl safe, and his wolf agreed completely.
  5. Layla's first reaction to the sudden embrace was to flinch away, keeping wide eyes on the man in front of her. His scent spoke of warmth, however. Her wolf urged her to trust the man, to let him in for once. However, her wolf had been wrong before. She felt her eyes start to water as she was held close. She hiccupped and started to cry. The girl froze however when he rubbed his scent off on her. No. No, no, no, he couldn't do that! "I-I'm s-s-s-so-orr-rry..." She practically sobbed. "I c-ca-an't g-get you i-i-involved... I-it's for the good of the pack." Her voice cracked as she curled further into the man, keeping her arms wrapped around her stomach. "I-i-if the pack f-fo-ound out... I c-can't break the pa-ack like tha-that..." She sniffled and hiccupped, shivering. "He's su-such a g-good Alpha a-and I c-can't take him away from his m-mate..." The poor girl was practically blubbering as she let the man hold her.

    Finally looking up, the hood fell once again and exposed her beat face. "Thank yo-ou for the room and the clo-othes... But I don't want to bur-bur-burden you... I a-already did that with my p-pack..." The woman's tense shoulders were relaxing as the protective aura started to permeate her mind, letting her wolf know that this man, this wolf was going to protect her. She looked at him with shining eyes, but more open ones. The fear was still there, but there was also a small willingness to explain... Maybe not everything, but definitely some things.
  6. Andrew didn't know what he was supposed to do as Layla talked but all he could do was hold her tighter. He didn't care what was going on in her pack. Of course he would listen to her if she wished to tell him, even if only a little but he wasn't there to fix what was wrong with her pack. He held the girl tighter as she spoke about being a burden, and lightly started to run his fingers in her wet hair. He really should get her out of those wet clothes, give her a warm shower, a nice meal. But first he wanted her wolf to trust him. He could tell that she was already relaxing in his hold, but that didn't completely mean her wolf trusted him to protect her.

    "You are not a burden." Andrew whispered, pulling away only a bit to look at her face. It pissed his wolf off to see the bruises and black on her, but he hid his anger for now. He would get rid of that anger when he saw her peacefully asleep and safe. "You don't have to tell me anything about what happened. I will protect you, no matter what. I'm a lone wolf, remember. I can mix with different packs a bit." He smiled lightly. He was glad to smell that her scent was losing the scent of fear. She really did have nothing to fear with him around. "Come on, let's get you out of those wet clothes. You can take a shower in your room, and I can bring you a food later if you want." He offered, taking a small step back, not knowing if she was fine without being held yet.
  7. Layla wiped away her tears as the man tried to reassure her. She was hesitant to leave, even if she had her own room to escape to. "Why will you protect me?" She asked, skeptical and watching the man. "I'm just a guest, another person paying for a room... Why do you want to protect me?" She wanted someone to protect her. God above, she wanted someone to lean on as she ran away from her pack. However, she had to be skeptical. She had more at stake than before. She needed someone she could rely on, therefore she had to be more skeptical of those who offered her help. Though he had already rubbed his scent off on her. That meant at least his wolf had some part in this. Though, maybe that was a good thing. The more she could cover her scent, the better it was for everyone. After all, if a wolf recognized just what was causing her scent to become so strong then she was going to be in huge trouble.

    Carefully, Layla took the clothes that Andrew had found. They were baggy. Good. Then she could hide her secret for a little while longer. She turned back to the man, looking him up and down. Her wolf urged her to trust him, to let him make good on his promise to protect her no matter what. Her wolf was naïve; her human thoughts skeptical and worried. "I don't even know your name. I know you know mine..." She watched the man, her eyes stalking his every move. A shower and food sounded far too lovely for Layla to pass up, but this needed to be sorted out first.
  8. "My name is Andrew Connor, but please Andrew is fine. There is no need to be formal with me." He said, handing her the clothes. He stayed close to her, gently resting a hand on her shoulder. He was here to protect her. His wolf was urging him to tell her to stay in his room, or ask if he could stay in her's. His wolf didn't care about the awkwardness of asking such a thing, all it wanted was to remain close enough to keep her protected. "And I'm protecting you because you seem scared, and my wolf is tell me to. I do not always listen to my wolf, but with this" He took a small step closer and placed his hand on her cheek, gently running his thumb under the black eye, "with this I agree with him. You are not another paying guest here. I have half a mind to even return you money and let you stay here free. You as human do not have to completely trust me, but let your wolf know nothing will harm you here. I will not allow it to happen. You just have to call my name and I'll do what I can to help you." He said completely seriously. His wolf wanted to continue to scent her, continue to let her know that he was here for her, but he refused his wolf again. He would let her make the next move, not him.
  9. Layla stayed perfectly still as Andrew introduced himself and once again put a hand on her shoulder before moving it to her cheek. She watched him, looking him up and down to see if he was truly trustworthy. He wasn't hurting her and had even offered to bring her up some food. She kept the clothes close to her, staring him in the eyes as he said he would help her. She wanted to reject him, tell him she could do it on her own, but she needed someone. There was more than just her own worries to think about. With a sigh, Layla nodded. "All right. My wolf trusts you, but I'm still a little skeptical." She moved away from his warm hand, ignoring how her wolf whined. "If you really promise to help me, then I won't refuse it... Thank you again for the clothes and room. If..." She hesitated, a flash of nervousness coursing through her. "If you could bring up some food later I would be really grateful. Thank you again." She nodded her head before leaving the room. Quickly glancing at the number on her key, she found the room she was to stay in and shut the door. She made sure it was completely locked before sighing. The shower seemed amazing to her at the moment as she pulled off her wet clothes, stepping into the bathroom with the new clothes in hand. She ran a hand over the small curve to her stomach, the physical proof of what controversial things had happened in her pack. Shaking her head she washed herself, taking her time to relax before putting on the new large clothes that hid her well.
  10. Andrew just watched Layla leave. His wolf whined a bit wanting to stay with her. He couldn't protect her if he wasn't close by. However, he knew she needed space. Her wolf trusted him and that was all he could ask for at the moment. He went back to the lobby but only to lock up completely and get Layla's money. He was going to protect her, making her pay for the room didn't feel right.

    Andrew then returned to his own room, and started cooking a meal for Layla. He wasn't the best cook, but he could follow a recipe. And besides, anything he cooked would be better than having the junk food that was around. When it was all prepared, Andrew went to his medicine cabinet and took out a few band aids and a few ointments to help with the bruises on her face, and any other ones she might have had. He put it all on a single tray and brought it up to her room. He sort of figured it would be locked, so he knocked. "Layla, it's me. I brought food and some medicine." He said, as he waited for her to answer.
  11. The she-wolf jumped at the knocking but quickly relaxed as she heard Andrew call out for her. Throwing on the shirt that Andrew gave her, she was thankful it was long sleeved and quite roomy. She opened the door, smiling as she let Andrew in. "Thanks again." The shirt was sliding off of her shoulder, showing off a nasty bruise on her shoulder and a few claw marks. Bruises on her collar bones seemed to lead to more injuries underneath the shirt. Layla took the tray of food from Andrew, looking quite hungrily at it. She noticed the medicine and tensed slightly before relaxing. "... Could you help me put on the medicine? I can't reach some of the bruises I have... I'll have to take off my shirt though." She looked quite embarrassed at this, pulling on the large sleeves. She wanted to talk about something other than her injuries, but really it would be best to get them on the path to healing than to have them bother her later. With the full moon coming up she needed to at least be starting her healing process before then. The thought of a strange man seeing her without her shirt off scared her, but Layla was willing to do so if it would help her in the end.
  12. Andrew tensed visibly when he saw the other bruises and marks on Layla's body. What scum thought it would be okay to do with to her? As he saw the claw marks, he had to force himself not to growl. This was not okay. He was not going to stand for this. He was not going to let anything bad like this happen to her again. His wolf was raging on the inside, wanting the full moon to be tonight wanting to shift. However, all anger he felt inside him vanished when see had spoken. His wolf wanted her to take her shirt off, but he was a bit more nervous than his instinctive wolf. This is why he rarely listened to his wolf, it knew very little about how things actually worked. "Ahhh.... sure, I can help." He said, taking a deep breath. He sat down on the queen sized bed in the room, battling with his wolf. He just just helping her put on medicine. Nothing right now meant anything other than that. He was only there to protect her, not to do anything else.
  13. Taking a deep breath, the young woman sat down next to Andrew and reached for the edge of her shirt. She hesitated, both herself and her wolf instincts telling her to stop before she got hurt. However, this wasn't like the last time. She was just putting on medicine. That was it. Nothing more, nothing less. Reassured by that thought, Layla took the large shirt off, showing the mosaic of different sized bruises on her upper body. She had a few on her legs but she could get those done when Andrew was out of the room and she was alone and safe. Claw marks littered her arms yet only fading scars could be seen on her rounding stomach. She shifted nervously and waited for questions or Andrew to start. She pushed her hair back, knowing that she would have a lot of things to answer for. She would answer if he asked. The man was willing to help her after all.
  14. Andrew couldn't stop the angry growl that came out of his throat as he saw Layla's back. His wolf was raging inside him. He didn't understand why his wolf was so pissed. Layla was not his mate. Sure, her scent was telling him to protect her but getting this protective was no logical. Andrew had to turn away and close his eyes to calm not only his wolf but also himself. He had no claim to Layla, he shouldn't be acting that way.

    After a few deep breaths, the lone wolf turned back to the injured girl and started to put the medicine on her skin. He tried to be as gentle as possible, not wanting to hurt her. He was completely silent. He didn't want to pry. She had said she didn't want people involved that didn't need to be. He wouldn't if that was her request, but it was almost killing him as he held back his wolf and himself from holding her again and keeping everything away from her. His need to protect her only got stronger with every wound he put the medicine on.
  15. Layla tensed at the growl, worried it was aimed at her. Obviously, the man didn't like what he saw. She hadn't been prepared for the sudden coldness of the medicine as Andrew finally started. Goosebumps sprawled across her skin as she tried to hold still. Seeing as it would take a while for the man to get each wound, Layla hesistated before clearing her throat. "How long have you been working in this hotel?" She asked, turning to let the man get better access to a bruise that stretched from her back to her front. She felt extremely exposed and starving, but she needed to start healing. The woman wanted to ask more but wasn't sure what to ask or even if she should ask. So after the first question, she kept quiet and let the man help her as much as he wished.
  16. "I started this hotel a few years ago. I never liked the pack I was born into so I ran away." Andrew said, not really caring that they talked about him. He would rather talk about himself than stay silent. As Layla started to turn, he hesitated. Touching her back was one thing, but her front made it too personal. There were a few other she-wolves here that could be helping her. He swallowed slightly before continuing. "I... I don't know why I didn't like my pack. They were good people. The Alpha was a great man, I played with his youngest son growing up. I just... I felt like my life was beyond the pack. So one day, I just... I just left, sure the alpha was pissed but everything worked out." He said, keeping himself distracted. As soon as he was done, he looked up at her face. He wanted to move closer to her, but stopped himself by quickly standing and slightly turning away from her. He felt embarrassed about this situation. Even if he was protecting her, which he was, how could he justify getting this close to her when there was no threat yet.
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  17. Layla noticed how uncomfortable the man seemed to be around her. As soon as he was done she put her shirt back on. The girl watched the man as he explained how he had started the hotel. "I can understand. At least it all worked out." She said quietly as she moved to pull the tray of food closer to her. "Was I making you uncomfortable?" She asked, looking concerned. "I'm so sorry if I was. Thank you for helping me though. You can leave if you want." Her wolf whined within her, not wanting to turn the source of protection and possible companionship away. However, she was obviously making the man uncomfortable so she would let him leave. Her situation probably would have made a lot of men uncomfortable, especially since she was without a mate. However, she didn't have much of a choice. The man had promised to protect her, but he hadn't promised to give her company. The wolf within her whined at the loss of contact, wanting to find another wolf to bond with. Her pack would reject her, but she couldn't go dragging this man down as well.

    At the front of the door, a letter was pushed under the door of the hotel, addressed to any and all wolves staying there. It was thick, full of papers that begged to be read.
  18. Andrew looked back at Layla, shock on his face as she apologized for making him uncomfortable and saying he could leave. Touching her front had been uncomfortable, but because he could feel his wolf wanting more. He wasn't repulsed by her, he wanted more of her. Andrew kneeled down at the foot of the bed, taking one of her hands in both of his. "It is not you who is making me uncomfortable, it is my wolf. I told you I don't like listening to him, and for good reason. All he wants me to do is to hold you longer, t...touch you more. He..." Andrew stopped and looked away a bit, but quickly looked back at Layla. He reached up a hand a gently cupped her cheek, rubbing his thumb softly over her skin. "When I see your wounds, I get so mad because he wants to go and kill who did it. I'm not your mate, yet he is acting like you are. I am only pulling away from you to remind him of that your not mine. He has no claim over you." He said. He removed his hand from her cheek and held her hand again. He couldn't stop himself from raising her hand and kissing her fingers gently.
  19. His kiss scared and embarrassed the young woman. Here he was, saying his wolf desired her as a mate when she had already been taken by another. She didn't want to try another relationship now, even her wolf agreed for once. "I-I..." She started, trying to fight the blush. "I don't want a mate... Not so soon. B-but..." She could feel tears well up as she realized just how alone she was. "I... I really could use a friend..." She could feel herself shake as tears started to fall. "I-I've always had a pack, e-e-even if I didn't deserve them, a-and I-I ju-ju-just do-on't want to be alone..." The woman tried to smile as she hoped to joke, "Y-you've been so-o nice to me and I'm already crying." The smile wasn't that effective as she tried desperately to wipe her tears away. "Th-thank you for the food, by the way. I-I'm n-not sure i-if I already tha-anked you for it." She enjoyed the comfort as she let the man hold her hand, not quite ready to go as far as his wolf wanted, but willing to at least try a friendship with him.
  20. Andrew look away for a brief moment. He was never asking to be her mate, yet he still felt rejected. He looked back to her with a smile as he helped her wipe away the tears. "You don't ever have to accept me as a mate. Like I said, I try not to listen to my wolf. I won't act how he wants me to." He said. It stung, it really did. He could see Layla was a nice girl. She was kind and beautiful, and she would be even more beautiful once all her wounds healed up. Andrew had never really wanted a mate. He just wanted to be a lone wolf who did what he wanted, be his own alpha and pack. "But you will always have me as a friend. I will still protect you, no matter what, that part hasn't changed." He smiled, wanting to hold her again, stop her tears. "You should sleep. You obviously had a long day. If you need me just give a shout. I'll hear you and come." He said, standing up. He really wished to stay with her, help her fall asleep, and be there if she woke up in the night. He quickly put her money beside her on the bed, and smiled. "Goodnight Layla." He said before turning to leave.
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