Full Metal Alchemist: War Torn Lands OOC/APP Thread

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Thank you for reminding everyone, Krol. Just so everyone knows i'm mostly going to be using random chance (a random number generator or a d20) to figure out whether most of the attacks hit. Unless it's something that I'm fairly certain would be avoided, or would hit anyway.

I believe now we're just waiting to see whether Laharl and Des follow their orders or follow the others outside. Depending on whether or not I get word from them we'll continue tonight, or tomorrow. And Ancient, if he decides to take the lead in that I gave him.
Yeah, I'll be in good Internet access in three days so I'll post then.
Rawr i posted. Sorry for the delay. Btw i prob wont be able to reach t he interwebs friday saturday and not until late sunday. Just a heads up
Thank you for letting me know, both of you. We've seen everyone except for Des now and the alleyway is really too crowded for anyone else to get involved, so we'll continue for now, assuming he's the only one who actually followed orders. (unless he gets something up between now and when I get my followup post up, but we'll see what happens.) The fighting will, doubtlessly, get much better later on when we're fighting more than one opponent, in places other than cramped alleyways.
ANdre is a crazy mutha trucker... Expect him to get in the way every once and awhile....
Is everybody okay? I'm just surprised that we haven't seen any other replies yet. I'm assuming people are busy what with the holiday and other stuff... just want to make sure nobody died, or maybe got upset about something. *worry*
Everyones fine. Like i said extremely busy for next few days. will post asap
I've been lacking brainpower cos I'm ill, plus thought I should wait up for Raiu. Since he doesn't seem to want to go first, I'll post something up when my damn brain wakes up.
Huh! Oh! Sorry. Its just late for me and in the last sentance I have had to change things up a bit. Tired.

Is Envy climbing towards me?
Laharl - You let me know, so it's okay. I was more asking about everyone else.

Ela - I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well! take your time, there's no rush. I just wanted to make sure that everyone was okay.

Raiu - The Ishvalan is climbing up the building, away from everyone, hence escaping. The broken window is a good ten feet to his right, meaning you would have to lean out dangerously far to be able to see him.
Name: Misuki (No last name)

State Alchemist Title: Angelic Devil Alchemist



Alchemy Specialization: Rarely uses Alchemy but when she does she makes two wings both feather wings and twice her size but one is pure white other black.

Weapon(s): Two scythe but rarely use and are 'earrings' until she transmute them into two 6 feet tall deadly weapons.

Gear: Black combat boots. Black skin tight under shirt and shorts both rarely seen. Black loose fitted pants with a even more loose fitted long shirt. A big black hat that covers all her hair and most of her forehead and neck. Also she wears black sunglasses and rarely seen without them on with to scythe shape earrings.

Appearance: Height: 5'5 and a half. Weight: 125 pounds. Skin tone: Snow white. Eyes color: Mood eyes. Hair: Long but always in a bun hidden in her hat and curly wavy. Bloody red in winter auburn in fall and the other seasons depends on the day. Although built she's slender and very curvy umm ignore that last comment. Also when found she had almost every Alchemist sign on her but they don't appear to be tattoos but as if they where born on her and the refuse to come off on her but she rarely uses them.

Personality:Silent and shy. Rarely speaks even when spoken to. Appears to be nice but no for sure.

Biography: No memory to the age we think of 6. Found on a military base near central no idea where she came form how she got there. Refuses to say what had happened to her.Was adopted my ex State Alchemist and their only daughter Iris who all where brutally murdered and their family at a family Reunion Misuki is the only one who lived. Murderer is still unknown. After that Misuki joined the military and became a State Alchemist at the age of 11. Reason why she's there was because they were short on crew and offered to come.
Relations: All dead. Real family unknown.

Extra Tidbits: Though quite pretty she refuses to believe it and if commented on it you'll find yourself on the other side of town.
Space Balls? Oh shit, there goes the planet.
Now, I'm not the one running the RP and can't really say for sure whether that's gonna be accepted or refused, but I think you need to switch up your ages a bit there Angelic.

Edward Elric became the youngest state alchemist in history at the age of 12, which was I believe 10 years after the war with Ishval, plus he still seems to be an oddity at age 15 in the series. Obviously I can't say for sure there ain't more teen state alchemists, but yea. The ages need changed to stay in line with the canon...

I feel a bit mean for pointing it out but we're still in the Brotherhood universe so... >.> *clings to an Edward Elric plushie*
It's alrght, I'm already talking to them about it via pm, don't worry. =3
While i'm not usually the type to rush people if they're busy or otherwise indesposed, we can't really continue on without hearing from at least a few more people... Only Des has posted. I know Laharl is busy, but it's been quite a few days now, and I haven't heard from anyone else who's in the scene right now...
so who am i berating? just wanna make sure in get my plot nuggets straight
Well, none of the actual player characters just yet. He could try to break up the Ishvalans and the Amestrian soldiers outside of the alleyway, but I don't think anyone could make a lot of progress there. You'd be best off holding off for now, methinks, unless you don't mind yelling at a bunch of NPCs with little result.