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Welcome! Please read everything before posting!

This story will be taking place in the timeline of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (which follows the story line of the Manga, more information here - http://fma.wikia.com/wiki/Fullmetal_Alchemist:_Brotherhood)

RPers will be taking up the roles of original characters, and the rp will begin just prior to the beginning of the Ishvalan Civil War in 1901. It is well known that the war was started when an Amestrian Soldier accidentally shot and killed an Ishvalan child, spurring the people into action. What isn't as widely known is that this Soldier, was actually a shape shifting Homunculus named Envy. As he fled from the scene after the shooting, a small band of State Alchemists, Soldiers, and Civilians witness his transformation back into his true form, bringing about a series of events where these poor individuals need to fight for their lives not only in the Civil War, but from secretive attacks by higher ups in the military, and by the Homunculi, serving the ever elusive Father. They will need to work together, using all of their wits and military training to survive for as long as possible, while trying to uncover the truth behind the conspiracy and escape to a place where they can live safely.

Important Things to Keep in Mind -

All Alchemists must be familiar with the 3 part sequence that makes up the performance of Alchemy. Even with a Philosopher's Stone, a basic understanding of these principles must be followed in order to perform it properly.
  1. Comprehension - Understanding the inherent structure and properties of the atomic or molecular makeup of a particular material to be transmuted, including the flow and balance of potential and kinetic energy within.
  2. Deconstruction - Using energy to break down the physical structure of the identified material into a more malleable state so as to be easily reshaped into a new form.
  3. Reconstruction - Continuing the flow of energy so as to reform the material into a new shape.
The Laws of Equivalent Exchange must be followed under most circumstances. In order to achieve something, something of equal value must be lost. In order to make something out of wood, one would need wood to do so, the same goes with making something from any other material.

The only time that this law can be broken, is when the alchemist in question has a Philosopher's Stone. While the process of the stone's creation is not known to the general public, they can greatly augment an Alchemist's abilities, allowing them to break the laws of Equivalent Exchange, and transmute anything, from anything, and in any amount. However, the stones are not unlimited. Each use shaves off a small piece, depending on the alchemy performed.

All State Alchemists participating in the war will be given a small Philosopher's Stone. If this stone runs out, they will need to obey the laws until they can acquire a new one from their superiors. If the stone is damaged, or if the alchemist tries to break the laws while they do not have a stone, they risk causing an alchemical rebound, which can have disastrous consequences.

Transmutation Circles are required in order to perform Alchemy. Any trained Alchemist can perform any type of alchemy as long as they know the required alchemical equations to draw the circle necessary. As State Alchemists, you will by default know most, if not all of these. I will not require you to know them personally, as long as you take into account the time it takes to draw the circle when necessary in combat, or in other situations. State Alchemists tend to keep the circle designated for their most commonly used transmutation (or their 'theme') drawn onto some part of their clothing, or carved into their body, weapon, or automail prosthetics, if they have any.

With all of that in mind, RPers will be able to play as State Alchemists (as long as they are not too overpowered, and their abilities are plausible). Soldiers are also allowed, as are civilians. Any outlandish, unethical, and otherwise crazy ideas should be asked of me here in the forum, or via PM before you spend the time coming up with the other character information. The Character application form is below, fill out and post here, and i'll let you know if any changes need to be made before we begin.

Also, keep in mind when writing your bio that the shooting that started the Ishvalan Civil War Has Not Happened Yet! The opening scene of the RP will be the moments immediately following the shooting, your characters will witness it, and the fleeing Envy, and they will have the opportunity to decide for themselves what they would like to do with this information. Before this moment there have been tensions with the Ishvalans, but no open declaration of war. The military has been gathering there, supposedly to try and quell the Ishvalan tensions before they can escalate (if you're a state alchemist, or a soldier, this could explain what you're doing there, unless you'd like to come up with your own reason).


State Alchemist Title: (if applicable)



Alchemy Specialization: (if applicable, what is the transmutation theme that got them their title?)

Weapon(s): (if applicable)

Gear: (clothing and other helpful items that they carry around)

Appearance: (describe how they look physically. accompanying picture is okay, but not necessary, and try to write in at least a bit. this can include scars, piercings, tatoos, automail, etc.)


Biography: (what happened in your characters life leading up to this point? also, why are they in Ishval? were they transferred there for military purposes? or were they just visiting?)

Relations: (friends and family that may be relevant to the story)

Extra Tidbits: (other things about your character that you'd like us to know)


Approved character bios listed bellow. Major is the military rank given to State Alchemists (or more accurately, they are an equivalent rank, but State Alchemists are still called 'Major'), they can attain higher ranks through military experience (more info here - http://fma.wikia.com/wiki/Military_Ranks). I've chosen your ranks based on military history, but if you'd like me to change it just let me know. This will also reflect your character's status in the RP. Active, being a fully capable member of the team. Inactive, being injured, unconscious, or otherwise incapacitated. Or Deceased, should that come to pass. (keep in mind that the Ishvalan war was one of the first times that Alchemy was actually used openly in war, so most State Alchemists don't have a lot of military experience yet.)

Approved Transfers to Ishval

Colonel Antonio Russo - The Glassmaker Alchemist (Krolik) Status: Active

First Lieutenant Elizabeth Rivers (My Representative in the party) Status: Active

Major Eilonwy - The Blizzard Alchemist (Farore) Status: Active

Major Reven - The Spark Alchemist (Raiu) Status: Active

Major Tyler Kraus - The Techno Alchemist (Larharl) Status: Active

Major Lene Kimblee - The Silver Blaze Alchemist (Nissa) Status: Active

Major Andre Lorenzo Fabrico - The Greenblast Alchemist (Des) Status: Active
Name: Eilonwy

State Alchemist Title: Blizzard Alchemist

Age: 23

Sex: Female

Alchemy Specialization: transmutation of water and ice falls under her jurisdiction, though her title is a result of her favourite offensive power. Draining the moisture from the air and and surrounding water sources and crystalising it to form a vicious blizzard hail of sharp ice. Restricted in that she needs water present to use the power, she's generally seen to work best close to rivers, lakes and seas.

Weapon(s): Single handgun for emergency use only.

Gear: Clothing: Tight white tank top, uniform-blue miniskirt (yes, I AM doing this). White knee-high stockings and regulation black military boots. White belt to hold her gun and the few ammo refils she carries.

Appearance: In keeping with her status as the alchemist of ice, Eilonwy dyed her hair white long ago, the only nod to her natural colour being the carefully shaped eyebrows above pale blue eyes. Her slender, girlish build combined with clothing choices often marks her out as an easy target, although she is anything but.

Direct link for large: http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs38/f/2009/002/c/c/Ice_Maiden_by_dark_spider.jpg
She has ice blue tattoos on both palms to allow her easier use of her alchemy.


Biography: An orphan twin, Eilonwy became fascinated with alchemy early on, inspired by the Military and more specifically the State Alchemists. As a child with no parents to learn from, she chose to follow the examples of the Military dogs and quickly took up alchemy. She longed to be accepted to their ranks and protect her country alongside them. In her late teens with a huge amount of learning and practical experience under her belt, she applied for the examinations that defined who would be chosen as a State Alchemist.

Since her acceptance as State Alchemist, she's been stationed in both Central and Briggs fortress to the North at various points in her life since then, demonstrating some rather deadly abilities in the snow-drenched Briggs. In central she was able to show some imaginative flair when it came to retrieving convicts and criminals, though she found it hard to excel in the middle of the city.

Relations: Twin brother Reven, Eilonwy is the elder twin.

Extra Tidbits: She's the only person that ever calls her brother by his real name, a retaliatory reaction to his skirt-flipping antics.

I'll need to chat with Raiu before filling in a few of the fields and I'm gonna need to think over the personality field. I hate those sometimes, they change so much in RP x3
Name: Tyler "Techno" Kraus also know as Techno T.K.

State Alchemist Title: The Techno Alchemist

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Alchemy Specialization: Specializes in making traps, technology, tools and tons of contraptions while being able to use electricity at short to medium range to shock his opponents. His most accomplished feat was taking out the iron in a few buildings and turning it into a steel wall, another feat was melting down boulders with the heat generated from his electricity.

Weapon(s): Tends to carry a rifle, a combat knife, brass knuckles to amplify his electricity while fist fighting.

Gear: Carries a Survival Kit (including first aid kit), A small bag of tools and even a few notes on alchemy.

Has his alchemy symbol tattooed on his feet and insides of his hands so he will always be able to use his alchemy even when tied up. Has a few scars on his back from farming accidents and some shrapnel marks from his work as a state alchemist and mishaps with his own alchemy.

Personality: Changes depending on his mood.

Biography: T.K. was just a simple farm boy who grew up like any of the others. His muse for alchemy was inspired by a traveling performer who happened to use Alchemy for his tricks. Tyler became so engrossed in it that he followed the man all around town for his visit and pestered him constantly. When the man left he gave Tyler a few books on the theories and properties of Alchemy. Since then Tyler practiced alchemy for about seven to eight years. He graduated the state alchemist test a year after that and was shipped out to Ishval about a month ago. Since then nothing extraordinary has happened.

Relations: His family lives in the country side in Resembool and Eilonwy is his state alchemist friend from the academy.

Extra Tidbits: N/A atm.

Farore here is your edited pic

http://s764.photobucket.com/albums/xx282/haxor32/?action=view&current=Farore.jpg&t=1319610083371 Link as well just in case.
Don't worry about it Farore, we're not in any major rush or anything so talk it out with him and figure out whatever you need to. Don't worry about the personality chunk too much. I know it changes a lot depending on the characters mood and feelings, but it's really just a 'general' sort of thing. if you don't want to put it, you don't have to since it's really something that would need to be found out in character anyway.

Also, Ed's hometown is called Resembool. If you ever forget anything important about the FMA universe it's usually pretty quick and easy to check the wiki, or at least that's what I do.
Name: Lene Kimblee

State Alchemist Title: The Silver Blaze Alchemist

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Alchemy Specialization: Skilled with the knowledge of chemical interaction, which she channels into the ability to create a bomb from nearly everything, provided it has chemicals with which to force an interaction. In the failure of all else, she has been known to react volatile chemicals despite the fact that it is unsafe.

Weapon(s): Carries a revolver, mainly for show.

Gear: Dons the regulation uniform of male alchemists, hypothesized to be because it protects more surface area. Carries with her a pouch of powders that can be used to create explosions.

The symbol for sun on one palm, the symbol for moon on the other.
She stands at a mere five feet, two inches. She contests the belief that this makes her less of a threat, countering that she is less visible the smaller she becomes.
Scars across Lene's back are homage to her brother's sadistic tendencies.

Patient and unyielding, Lene has a fierce sense of devotion. Her determination to finish any task she is assigned shows a predilection to use any means to accomplish her end, a trait which has earned her much notoriety and also some infamy. She does not often make any attempt to make her feelings known and her difficulty expressing herself or much emotion leaves a feeling of a cold personality, despite her frequently warm words.

Raised together as children, Lene and Solf Kimblee are siblings, with Lene being the younger of the two. Throughout this time together, Lene often served as a willing participant in her brother's curiosities regarding alchemy and humans, especially since she herself was also curious. When punished by their parents for the wounds he caused his younger sister, Lene displayed the buds of her stubbornness and devotion to an end, without regard for the means.

When Solf became a state alchemist, Lene decided that she would not be left alone while her brother was free to continue his experiments and test his abilities. Taking the alchemist test as well, Lene excelled past her brother's mark, which was especially evident with their utilization of the same alchemy style.

Solf's nature, which was to many repulsive, did not bother his younger sister and for this fact, they were often assigned to work alongside one another. Resenting this, Lene has done her best to be assigned away from her brother, though without his notice. She does not mind him, but would rather be seen as an independent entity, not half of a pair.

For this reason, she is not assigned with her brother but rather in a different unit, though still at the frontlines of the war.

Relations: Solf Kimblee; brother.

Extra Tidbits:
Name: Colonel Antonio 'Tony' Russo

State Alchemist Title: The Glassmaker Alchemist

Age: 32

Sex: Male

Alchemy Specialization: Forming earth into crystalline substances, Super-heating most items then flash cooling them into a crystalline formation akin to glass. The substance's color varies on material used but it tends to be all the same atomic makeup and transparent in nature. He has been able to form the substance into a variety of shapes from large walls to weapons. All tend to have extremely sharp edges., and are much harder than normal crystal.

Weapon(s): Service pistol

Gear: Standard Amestrian state military uniform with a red sash helping to signify him as Russo. He also tends to carry around a pair of lightly armored gloves, the top sides metal plates with transmutation circles inscribed upon them. The gloves themselves are a thick fibrous weave so he can handle glass without being cut. He also carries a small black leather book containing his alchemical research notes either on his person or with Rivers.

Appearance: Antonio appears as a tall Ishvalan man at a distance, his white hair tied back in a short braided ponytail. Closer up the differences become apparent that he is not of Ishvalan but of Aerugoian descent. His tan skin is a lighter shade than most Ishvalan, an olive tone and his eyes are a dark forest green. He is in very good shape for his age and his hands are heavily scared from his work with glass.

Personality: Calm, but adaptable depending on the situation. He is very loyal to both his family and subordinates and would do nearly anything for those who were in his unit. He has a mean streak however and is a peerless soldier and tactician, cold when cutting down anyone who threatens him or his people

Biography: Antonio was born into the prestigious Russo family, tracing their lines back to the founding of Amestris always saying they were part of the bedrock that founded the nation. The family line originates back to Aerugo, after the founding of the nation their family was cast out as a dissident tribe and forcefully exiled to the north. Around the year 1550 they threw in support for the Amestris republic supplying man power and arms to the fledgling nation with a separate guarantee that they would be allowed to sit upon the first parliament and have some say in the nation's military activities. His family line continued to hold sway over the government until the beginning of the conflicts with the kingdom of Aerugo. Due to their previous relations with the kingdom in the far past the house was under suspicion for any signs of traitorous activity's from the ever suspicious Amestrian government. A new deal was struck up during this time, the family would provide their children into Amestrian military service and remove itself from any official government business, and that was the end of that.

Antonio was born and held to the deal. The first fifteen years of his life were relatively normal save for the emphasis of physical fitness and education on military tactics. Due to his family's wealth he was able to explore the arts and had some of the best alchemical teachers that money could buy. For him however even with his talents, alchemy was always a side project. He learned it well enough but always focused more on battle tactics or swordplay, both of which he had become very adept at. When he turned fifteen the deal struck long ago was kept and he was enlisted in the Amestris military at his young age the family clause was the only way. Through basic he did well enough, never the best but close to the top on most things. Military strategy was his best field and within a few years he had proved his leadership skills but never tested them in battle. His unit was shipped out to the border war with Aerugo, and the first taste of combat for the boy was something that changed him greatly.

It was during the war that he met Elizabeth Rivers, a woman who quickly became one of his good friends and confidant. He never really talked about the war that much but after coming out of it he was awarded several medals and quickly took the state alchemy exam to better use his ability's and as some thought to remove himself from the position of an infantry squad commander. The official report says he used his alchemy in a combat situation when ammo had run out, allowing for his unit to hold off Aerugo assaults on their position. The official report does not tell of the bloodshed that was given on both sides. When the bullets ran out they fought with knives and bayonets and swords of glass. The ground turned into a sea of blood and bodies, and Antonio changed. From that wrath the Glassmaker Alchemist was born, and his assignment to Ishval seemed like a peaceful side note compared to Aerugo. He had Elizabeth join him as his Adjutant and over the past three years since his assignment to Ishval he has buried himself in his research, perfecting his ability's as a state alchemist.

Relations: Adjutant First Lieutenant Elizabeth Rivers, Extended Russo family

Extra Tidbits: -Has a fondness for animals
-Is actually OK being mistaken for an Ishvalan
-despite the heated relationship between the Ishvalan's and Amestris he has several Ishvalan friends,, including a priest who he plays chess with and debates religion.
Name: Reven (While it isn't his real name, that is the one he gives, simply because he likes it more.)

State Alchemist Title: The Spark Alchemist

Age: 23

Sex: male

Alchemy Specialization: Reven specialized in fire, particularly the inital spark of fire that grows into a wild fire. If he really focuses, and is really really lucky, he can even cause the powder in a firearm to go off, wrecking the magizine. Controling the fire isn't his strong suit though, as he tends to layer it on until everything is turned into ash... or melted metal in the case of tanks. He can control it though, just not as well as his twin sister.

Weapon(s): Reven generally carries a special lighter with a alchemy circle on it. Spark and suddenly its like he has a mini-flame thrower. Be glad that he doesn't have a real flamethrower just yet. He also carries a small combat knife and his side arm, though only one clip. Powder can be very combustable.

Gear: Reven is usually dressed in his military uniform which he has made atleast slightly flame retardant. When in a pinch he does have a pair of spark gloves though they are usually in his pocket. He also carries an amount of saudering iron for putting alchemy circles on objects.

Appearance: http://center.jeddahbikers.com/do.php?img=596008 This is a slightly imagined picture of Reven outside of his military uniform.

Reven stands about the same height as his twin sister and he also took to dyeing his hair, which used to be black like his sister's before she dyed it, but he chose to make it red rather than white. It stands out, showing that he is quite the character. He has a thin body build and he is quite flexable, a fact which isn't lost when you consider that he is a bit hyperactive.

Personality: Reven can easily fit the dictionary example of Happy-go-lucky. He tends to always be on the move, never really stopping and always looking for a good time. Much of it tends to come from tormenting his older sister, who had the unfortunate choice of going for a mini-skirt. When it really gets down to it, and its do or die, happy go lucky get kicked out of the third story window and in comes military Reven, all business, all the time. Fortunatey, Happy-Go-Lucky Reven lands on a matress and soon takes back control from Military Reven when the crisis is over.

Biography: Reven was born the younger brother of Eilonwy, his elder sister. Neither of them got to know their parents very well as an accident robbed the twins of their parents, dooming them to the fate of orphanages. They took it in stride though, staying close throughout their childhoods.

When Eilonwy decided to take the State Alchemy exam, Reven, not wanting to be apart from his twin sister, immedately decided to take it as well, though it was slightly harder for him than it was for his sister due to his hyperactive nature causing him to rush things. He has a steady hand though and passed the exam, though not as highly placed as his sister, and became a State Alchemist.

He was assigned to the squad that Eilonwy was in and the fun hasn't stopped since.

Relations: Eilonwy, his elder twin sister.

Extra Tidbits: Due to his sister's choice of uniform, the causing of the skirt to lift up is his most common way of tormenting his sister, though it is in a joking manner rather than maliciously ment.
Everyone is looking good so far. There were a few other people who were interested from the interest thread, so i'll give them another day or two to apply before we get started. I think. I'll try pming them, and if I haven't gotten a reply or an app in here then, we'll get started.
HELL YES. I had a character ona nother RP site that i had to even make transmutation circles and submit them to be able to do my stuff as a state alchemist LETS GO!!!!

Name: Major Andre Lorenzo fabrico

State Alchemist Title: The Greenblast ALchemist


Sex: Male

Alchemy Specialization: Volatile chemical explosives,Temperature alchemy, and Botanical cumbustion theory, therefore the 'green' blast comes from the dominant color of the explosions he creates and his abilities with plants, rocks, and water.

Weapon(s): Andre carries with him a backpack sized piece of sheetmetal with many facets, carvings, and alchemy signs on it. harnessing the electrical current within him, he can bend the shape of the metal into three items, it rolls into a blunt rod, spins into a good shield, and spirals into a drill. He has a single tattoo on his body. a destructive and potent thing on his chest. shoudl he activate it, the outer membrane of his skin sheds off and forms a 'fleshbomb' this ability can level a city block with enough charge, but risks ANdre's life in the process. He nas never shown anyone the tattoo before.

Gear: A pair of enchantingly beautiful metal gauntlets with full articulated fingers. each knuckle has a different sign on it, each palm has a different sign, and through a combination of hand movements, he is able to produce alchemy at a lightning fast pace, especially when mixed with his second piece of gear. His prowess in battle is limited to close range fighting, but once your out of that range, watch out for his explosive, he carries a satchel with many different raw components, and several breakable vials filled with . once alchemy is applied tot eh sticky substance, it produces his famed Green blast. he also has a gaudy green jacket filled with particle sized dust of a metallic alloy that absorbes the impact fo most blunt damage like a pillow of steel. his last piece fo gear is a recent addition, a pair of specially made boots with air symbols on their heel for lightweight running(reduces fatigue) and jumping higher through compressed air alchemy.(also reduces damage when falling)

Appearance: Scraggley brown hair with a cleanshaven face. his green eyes and single loop earing offset his rather thin jawline and masculin features. his body is well toned, but not overly muscular. He wears a green coat, unbuttoned instead fo his military jacket, but wears the rest of the normal gear, save specially designed Metallic greaves.

Personality: intelligent and wity, Andre has fought through many problems using tactics most woudl consider idiotic. He depends on his stregths as an individual to a fault.

Biography: At the age of 14 Andre applied for the first tiem fro state alchemist. he was laughed at, but gave a good show. unfortunately, his age was an issue and he was declined. Five years later, with renewed vigor and skill, he gave a scholarly and powerful display of his force. Ishval was a terrible place to be stationed.. that is exactly why after eight years as a state alchemist working in central, Andre applied for a front lines position, not to further his career, but mostly because he woudl most likely be dumped somewhere even WORSE if he blew up another test lab. A savant by no means, Andre loves nothgin more than to make a bigger, better boom. ^_^

Relations: His parents own and operate a clothing shop in Central. He is an Only child.

Extra Tidbits: though well armed, Andre's weakness is his streamlining of alchemy. once you take out one sliver of his methods, everythign else becomes less potent emmediately. He isn't very good at alchemy without his gauntlets, but he knows how to use sheer strength.
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