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  1. Edlyn: *wearing red cloak and has a silver chain on hip* *sitting in train seat reading a black leather bond journal* *leg's swinging off bench and almost kicking Avery in the shins* *small quiet child* *red hair down and curled at the ends naturally* *green eye's scanning torn old pages* *wearing black leather shorts and thigh high socks* *wearing same boots as Edward* *white tank top*
    *train not crowded* *only four other passengers* *one child, one mother, one old man and a man reading a newspaper with his hat down*
  2. Avery was sitting on the train seat across from Edlyn, quietly while looking out of the window.
  3. Edlyn: *glances over book at her* Avery? Why aren't you talking? Usually you would have talked my ear off by now. Is something the matter? *put's book down in lap*
  4. Adlyn looked away from the window and over at her best friend. "Yeah, I'm okay. You just looked like you were really into what you were reading. But now that you're not reading anymore... This is so awesome!" She exclaimed excitedly, her personality changing in a snap.
  5. Edlyn: *smiles a little* there we go. *watching Avery jumping around in her seat* *hears noise in car ahead* Hm? *leans out of seat to look at door*
  6. Avery continued to talk on and on, not noticing that Edlyn wasn't paying any attention to her. "I can't believe that mom and dad let me go. They're always so protective of everything I do! Maybe it's because I'm with you? Ah, oh well! All I know is that I get to travel the world with my best friend! What more could I ask for?" She continued to jump around in her seat excitedly while looking back ad forth from Edlyn to the window, happily watching the scenery flashing by with a grin on her face.
  7. Edlyn: Avery. Hush. *watching door* someone is coming. *watches as door opens and a women steps in with a big man*
    Raven woman: Alright! All gold, silver and jewels in the bag! hurry up! I don't want to have to sick my friend on you. *smiles in a sickly sweet manner*
    Edlyn: *looks out window and covers watch with coat* ignore them Avery. *whispering*
  8. Avery did as she was told, noting the seriousness in Edlyn's voice. Nodding in response, Avery looked back out the window but wasn't watching the scenery, she was watching the reflection of the two people in the window. Sticking her hands in her coat pockets, she lightly touched a photo in one pocket and a pair of gloves in the other. Casting a glance in Edlyn's direction to see what she was doing, she looked back at the reflection as the strangers slowly moved closer.
  9. Edlyn: *keeping eyes on window*
    Raven woman: That doll has gold on it. Get it. *points at girl's doll*
    Brute: *grabs it and stuffs it in the bag*
    Mother: no! that's all her Father left her!
    Edlyn: *twitches* *takes a deep breath* Are you two done yet? We have places to be.
  10. Avery looked at Edlyn in shock, "What are you doing?!" She hissed lowly, looking back and forth between Edlyn and the two strangers. She slowly pulled out her gloves and slipped them on her hands, still looking at Edlyn like she was crazy, then suddenly realizing why she was acting like that.
  11. Edlyn: Everyone here is busy so if you would please shut up and let us resume our ride I will thank you. *cloak slips and reveal's shinning silver pocket watch*
    Raven woman: I want the watch.
    Edlyn: And I want you to give the girl her doll back. *turns head and glares at her*
    Raven woman: Care to trade? *smiles*
    Edlyn: How about you try and take it. *stands*
    Brute: *steps forward and punches her in the face*
    Edlyn: *Falls to the ground but grabs bag on the way and it rips*
    *Gold and jewels go skittering across floor*
  12. Avery gasped lightly when the woman demand for the watch but her shock turned to panic when Edlyn was punched in the face. "Eddy!" She shouted as her friend went crashing to the floor. Mentally cursing the two intruders, she subconsciously tightened her gloves on her hands, just like her dad did when he was mad.
  13. Edlyn: *pants and looks at all the jewels* *smiles slightly* *claps hands together and strikes the jewels on the ground* *big flash engulfs the train car* *stands up twirling a golden rod between her fingers* *spits blood out of her mouth* Try again.
  14. Avery grinned, fully knowing how Edlyn was when she was mad, and these people were in for it.
  15. Edlyn: *steps forward not noticing an umbrella slip around her neck until the last second* *
    Old man: I told you to stay in your seat. *yanks umbrella hard against her throat*
    Edlyn: *chokes and kicks legs wildly till she starts going weak* *looks over at Avery with glossy eyes* Won't...miss... *going limp*
    Old man: Hm? What's that? *leans in closer to Edlyn*
  16. Avery's eyes widened in horror, but soon narrowed in anger. Nobody hurt those she cared about and got away with it. Growling, she lifted her hand in front of her chest and held it in a fist before quickly snapping her fingers, letting lose a blast of blue lightning at Edlyn's attacker.
  17. Old man: *Blown back and hits floor* *Twitching and groaning*
    Edlyn: *Falls to ground rubbing neck and coughing*
    *Woman and Brute step forward*
    Edlyn: Avery. *stands* We have to fight. *sounds harsh because of being choked earlier*
  18. Avery nodded before jumping over to Edlyn, "Yeah, okay. Now, lets get this over with." She looked at Edlyn with a nervous expression, she may have sounded confident, but she was scared. Looking back at the woman and the brute in front of them, her hand ready to snap, she waited.
  19. Edlyn: I'm giving you a chance. Run.
    *The old man gathers himself and stands*
    *The couple rushes at Edlyn and Avery*
    Edlyn: Deep breath! *Spins and swipes leg under Avery's so she's flipped back at the couple and out of their reach* *Swings staff into Old man's stomach*
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