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    Roy Mustang shook his head. He was completely wet from the sudden pouring outside. Water traced long behind him. 'Hawkeye is going to be mad at the mass.' He thought absent-mindedley as he received the greetings of the soldiers along the corridor.

    "Good Afternoon, sir."

    Liza Hawkeye greeted him in the office. She frowned slightly but didn't say anything at his wet appearance. Giving him a warm cup of coffee, she brought some paperworks. Roy gave her his coat and sat down on the chair. The warm atmosphere of the office and smell of freshly brewed coffee made him feel better. But his good mood didn't last so long. Liza opened her mouth as she ordered some papers.

    "Please don't forget that you will be teamed up with Edward Elric. He will visit you soon."

    "Hmph. Full Metal Alchemist."

    Frowing slightly, Roy sipped the coffee. He pushed the papers away from him secretly, but Liza noticed it. Without a word, she set it back in place and watched him in warning eyes. Grumbling, Roy picked up his pen and started doing his chores. But as Liza looked away from him to do her own work, he instantly put down the pen and leaned back. Sipping the hot drink, he thought about that blonde kid quick to temper.

    Personally, Roy didn't hate the Full-metal Alchemist. He respected the young alchemist as a fellow alchemist, and wished his goodwill sincerely. But every time they meet, something goes off and they begin quarreling like cat and dog. In truth, Roy was quite enjoying teasing the boy, but that would be a different thing if he's facing him everyday.


    At Liza's low voice, Roy put the cup down and started doing his papers. The pouring rain still hitting the window, and unfortunate news of teaming up with Edward Elric made him feel like the cloudy sky.
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    Taking a look outside at the pouring rain made the blond want to just pass out. It's not that Ed hated the rain so much that he was feeling sick as it was. Stomach felt like someone reached inside and turned the thing upside down and left it that way. Not only that his nose started to feel runny with a fever running.

    "Big Brother! Don't be stupid!"

    The loud voice from behind made the alchemist turn around to see the owner of the voice. His only sibling in the world standing there looking torn up and sad. His voice reflected such emotions. "You are not well! I can see you are sick and don't keep lying to me saying you are fine! Your cheeks are more red than tomatoes! You keep tripping and holding your head! The entire military isn't going to break down just because you took a sick day!"

    A soft sigh escapes his lips. Shaking his head left and right then looking up to Al with a soft smile upon his face.

    "Al. Thank you for being worried. Its ok though. I've been through worse. People have tried to kill me before. You think a simple illness will stop me?"

    The younger brother puffs his cheeks. This was really getting him mad. Ed was being so stupid! This was all because of Roy and Al knew it! If this was Mustangs day off or something happened to him then Ed would sleep and rest. Just the thought of Roy knowing that the blond did not come in tears the kid apart. "AL! I'm fine!" Both of Alphonze fists clench. "YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE AN UMBRELLA! ITS NOT LIKE WE HAVE THE MATERIALS TO MAKE ONE EARTHIER!"

    With an intense look at the other the state alchemist was off. The kid was only so mad because of his love for his own flesh. Edward would love to take a day off, but just couldn't. Running through the rain with blood crimson lighting up his cheeks like a Christmas tree. "I'm teaming up with him and will show him! If I called in he would of bragged about doing it himself probably or get one of the new recruits to do it! Something to show me up! Not happening!"

    His vision got dizzy. Tripping a little bit falling on one knee near a puddle and gets splashed a little bit. "Damn. Stupid rain. YOU WILL NOT GET THE BETTER OF ME YOU HEAR?!" getting back up the boy continued to dash with the knee feeling that fall.

    Finally making his way to the station and standing outside for a moment his nose sniffled. Pulling a tissue from his pocket he blew into it coughing. "Sore throat too?! Ah man!" If one heard his voice it was clear that the boy was all clogged up in the nozzle. Opening the door and going right for Roy the boy looks at him with red eyes. "Lets start this mission Mustang!"
  3. Roy lifted his head up to see the door opening loudly. Edward Elric, all soaked up, came in, tottering. The alchemist's face was burning, and his breathe was heavy. Roy stood up. What was wrong? This kid was fine. He shouted and quarreled just as usual yesterday. The Flame Alchemist's brows creased a little. Liza also approached Ed with worried look.

    "Hm? You can't even control your own body."

    But what came out was slight teasing. Smiling down at the Full Metal Alchemist, Roy shrugged, with his both hands in the air. "It seems that since my partner cannot even control himself, I should do all the mission by myself. Of course, I, alone, will be merited for all the work." Liza sighed at the man's words. He was, as always, untruthful. What he was ultimately saying was 'You need some rest, Edward Elric.'

    "I agree to the colonel, Major Elric. You can't possibly go to mission with that condition."

    Liza supported Roy for once. She didn't take any part in the usual dog fight between the two most powerful alchemists in the military, but she had to. The boy was burning with fever. He has to go to hospital right now. Roy walked toward the boy, and Liza held his arm softly, persuading the alchemist to rest.
  4. One would take a look at the outside of this scene and think that a fellow member of the military was concerned for the well-being of Edward. In the eyes of the Fullmetal Alchemist though this could not be further from the truth. Every tiny word that was said it sounded like something totally different heard.

    "Hm? You can't even control your own body?"

    This was seen as a mock. It was as if the Flame Alchemist was saying "Oh? Weak enough to let yourself get sick? Pathetic pipe squeak short stuff like always I suppose." The blond grit his teeth trying to do all he could to try and not seem as bad as he was. "I'm ... fine." This was said in such a low whisper that no one else could hear him. At least it would be safe to assume since conversation resumed like normal.

    "It seems that since my partner cannot even control himself, I should do all the mission by myself. Of course, I, alone, will be merited for all the work."

    Inside it was like Roy took a helicopter and spilled gasoline and spilled it all over the Elrics emotional forest of being and snapped his fingers to set that vulnerable field on fire until it was nothing, but ash and afterward the commanding officer would just laugh standing it. It was so hard not to just explode like TNT all over that room. "N-No. I'm honestly fine."

    "You need some rest, Edward Elric."

    Just as she said this Edwards vision was dizzy and hard to maintain. The fact he did not pass out from feeling so awful by this point was truly a showmanship of strong will and a fighting spirit that anyone who knew the boy can tell you was there in spades. The simple fact of the matter though was the kid was only human. "I ... said I was fine!" The boy was so out of it he could not even realize that his volume was so dim. In his head this was a normal speaking voice.

    "I agree to the colonel, Major Elric. You can't possibly go to mission with that condition."

    Once again the words got twisted and deconstructed thinking of something totally different from what was said. Hearing it as basically more attacks saying Ed was no good. "You will not upstage me." Was all that could be said before falling down to the ground. With all this stress and mixed with sickness of many kinds it all hit at once for a total system shut down.
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  5. "Major Elric!"

    Roy froze in his place. But his action was faster. Gritting his teeth, Roy took Edward's collasping body. He shouted to Liza. "We're going to the clinic!" Fortunately, the military base had clinic themselves, so it would take only a few minutes to visit the doctor. Roy cursed under his breathe. This foolish kid! If he was this sick, he should have already visited the hospital! The war with homunculus has ended a long tim ago, and there was peace in the Amestris. Roy didn't understand why Edward was overworking. He never imagined, not even in his dream, that he was the sole cause.

    Holding the boy in his arms, Roy followed Liza. She was running ahead to inform the doctor about the patient. Roy tutted at the burning body. "You will be disciplined for this, Full Metal Alchemist."

    As they arrived to the clinic, the doctor and Liza hurried and took Edward. Roy stood blankly as the doctor went inside and he was expelled from the clinic. He looked down at his hands. It was still warm with the fever of the boy. Roy frowned. Liza patted his shoulder slightly as she went back to take care of the papers. The colonel may be not able to work today. She sighed at the Colonel's papers and her work. Well, Liza almost always did Colonel's work anyway. She comforted herself with uncomforting facts.

    "You may go in, sir. The fever has been lowered a little, but he will still have to take care of himself."

    At the doctor's words, Roy nodded. He went inside and found Edward lying on the white bed, sleeping peacefully. Sighing relief, Roy sat down on the small chair next to the bed. The peaceful face evoked some irritation to Roy. He was so worried about this kid, and the kid is sleeping so soundly? Roy stretched Edward's cheek. Its softness surprised him a little. Edward frowned in his sleep, and Roy let go of the cheek instantly. He stopped with a dumb expression. What was that? His heart just thumped a while ago?

    "....I need woman. I need soft and sexy girls."

    Rubbing his forehead, Roy murmured. He must be crazy. Shaking away his thought, Roy looked back at Edward. He was the usual, feisty Full Metal Alchemist. Roy sighed at the sight. So it was just confusion a while ago. He must have been too worried about the Major. Leaning back, Roy folded his arms. It was a good excuse for him not to do paperworks. He didn't want to go back where tons of papers and glaring Liza Hawkeye (lliterally hawk-eye) were waiting for him. He may just stay like this for some ti....

    Soon, Roy fell asleep. The warmth of the room, sound of rain, and sleeping Edward Elric was irresistible. The room was filled with two men's sound breathes.
  6. The unconscious Edward was deep in his sleep. While deep in his sleep the boy dreamed horrid visions.

    The scene was his home where both Elric brothers lived. The blond was busy tirelessly working on making a fullmetal suit of body armor so he could keep his fullmetal title, but also since his body had auto-mail til both boys were fixed from their victory. Looking up and seeing Alphonze stare at the blond it made for an uncomfortable circumstance. "H-Hey buddy. What's up?" Shaking his head Al kicked the suit making it shattered into many little pieces. Ed jump. That was very un-Al action. "What the hell are you doing?! Do you know how long I've been trying to make this?!"

    "YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE LIKE YOU WERE! THIS IS PATHETIC! Give it up brother. You are no longer the fullmetal! You are not as good as you were. Everything you try to do to prove otherwise is useless!"

    Hearing a knock from the door kicked Ed from a shock that he entered just unable to process all of this. It was true since his body was restored Ed wanted to keep looking good and not slip into a slump. The kid made it to the military in his teens. Countless battles were won. There was an end goal for the boy to reach and all of the energy inside that little firecracker of a man was focused upon that goal. Now ... the boy felt like he did not have a reason to live.

    Opening the door A familiar voice was heard. "Hey Alphonze. Did you want me to come over?" An angry yet grateful voice responded. "Yes General Mustang. I've decided to give what you both want!" Hearing this a neck breaking speed shift forward facing the door was made. "N-No!" A passion filled yet weakly spoke response. "Anyone, but him!"

    What in the wide world of alchemy was this?! Roy was not in his typical military garb, in fact the man was naked. Walking in and starting to flex Roy was seducing the male from afar. Every step made the legs flex. His arms started to roll and flash pecs with abs. "This is part of your problem! Not only are you useless now my brother is a freaking gay! Don't think I've been oblivious to you staring at Roy! You always lingered a few extra seconds on him! You always would have turned into a little dog for him if the order was made! Don't even lie and say it's not true! You got an erection as you stare right now!"

    Looking down the former fullmetal was now naked just like Roy. That was weird enough since there was clothes upon the body a minute ago, but now A collar starts to form around the dreaming boys neck. "What! This can't be real! This has to be another nightmare! I don't ... Please Al!" Reaching out his hand to try to grab the brother and getting up from the couch the teenager made haste. "Let's just talk ..." A deep booming and dominate voice echoes. "Heel boy."

    As if that voice was a remote control and the body was the device Ed obeyed with no objections. "MUSTANG! Please don't do this in front of my brother! I ... hate this enough as it is! My body feels funny whenever you are around and ... it just all feels so weird!" The man shifted his weight into his leg kicking the stomach. "Bad dog! No one was talking to you!" Gritting as he held his stomach and started to notice that the hands felt ... odd. Looking down the peach hands transformed into brown furry doggy paws and so did his feet. Doggy ears were on his head and finally a doggy tail from his ass. "Truely submissive. Although you wish to be totally dominate and be a pillar for your brother all that you can do is be a bitch before me! It's OK fullmetal. Or should I just call you Ed now? You will be taken care of. After all good dogs get rewards."

    It would have been a lie if on some level Edward was not happy with the situation with Roy. This had to be wrong though! No man did this! Ed didn't do this! He can't! His brother needs someone to look up to! The man was no dog earthier! Never has such conflicting feelings battled inside someone like this. Looking over to Al the boy slowly drifted off in the distance "I never want to see you again!" The boy held out his paw wanting to try to stop his only living family member from going away, but nothing could stop it especially since Roys foot kept him down. "Kneel for master. You are Submissive now! Give in to me and beg for me to fuck you like I know you want! Get ready because the Mustang train is going to invade your tunnels!" Rock hard muscles pushed against bare back and joy mixed with self hate take over the blond.

    Shooting up like a rocket fired for the moon Edward felt sweat rolling down his body, although that could have been from his fever, not the dream. Looking down gasping for air a wave of relief came over the male once fleshy hands were seen. "They keep getting weirder." Both hands shove into his eyes as tears start to flow down his face. Those stupid dreams! The more I try to stop them the greater they come! It gets weirder all the time! I know what they are though. If I submit to my feelings ... if Al finds me like this ... no one can know of any weaknesses of mine! Things were just starting to get great for us again! Our bodies are back to normal and that full body suit of armor is turning out to be in great shape in case I need to fight again. If it was not for Roy ... I hate you Roy.

    Looking around the room it slowly dawned upon him that this was not the same room where Liza and Roy were. It was a hospital room. What happened? Last thing I remember was yelling at that gloat. Then trying to keep myself on the mission my vision got real fuzzy. Did I ... pass out? Oh great. That had to make me look so weak! Bet Roy just danced like a ballerina when that happened. Stupid IV's in me, I dont need them!

    Gripping the needles that were in him for water, since he sweated a lot already the fear of dehydration was present and the medicine to help all his symptoms the boy saw Roy over at his side. Did he carry Edward here? No, it had to be the Flame Alchemist wanted to rub it in. The last thing Edward needed on top of the emotional pain he hid from everyone and feelings that were confusing and scary to him. So leaving.

    Getting up from the bed the boy started to walk twords the door.

    Pick what Ed does.

    A Ed falls down from dizzyness again flashing ass to Roy on accident

    B Ed feels like he is going to vomit thus runs into the bathroom and wakes Roy

    C Roy wakes up before he even starts to flee and keeps Ed in bed.
  7. "What.... can't be real... Al.."

    Roy frowned in his light sleep. Someone was moaning, quite pitifully. A few minutes after, Roy heard light gasp and heavy breathings. Half-asleep, Roy didn't notice the boy has woken up. Even if he had noticed it, he wouldn't have cared about it anyway. Soon, footsteps in the hospital room were heard. So somebody must be going out of the room. Somebody... Wait. There is only Fullmetal and me in the room. ....Elric!

    Springing up from his sleep, Roy found Edward walking toward the door, staggering slightly. Roy cursed under his breathe as he stood up. Grabbing the boy's arm, Roy rubbed his eyes. He was still tired, but Fullmetal may be found dead in the street tomorrow if he let this kid go.

    "Where do you think you're going, Fullmetal?"

    Holding the back of the neck like cats hold their kittens, Roy brought Edward back to the bed. If Liza saw him, she would have nagged him for days on not holding pateints in that way, but Hawkeye wasn't here. He ignored the boy's reaction, as he almost threw Edward and forced the boy to put on the blankets. Holding the young alchemist down, Roy noticed the IV dangling at the side of the bed. Sighing, Roy called out the nun loudly.

    "Can't you act a little more submissive? I'm your superior, Edward Elric."

    Roy spoke with some irritation in his voice. For past few days, Edward was acting strange. When they were still fighting with Homunculus, Edward did respect and had some affiliation with Roy. But after the fight, it seems that the boy is trying to keep certain distance between them. That made Roy feel bad and a little, a very tiny little bit sad. Yes. Roy emphasized the very tiny little bit. There was no way the Flame Alchemist is going to be sad because of a teenager kid, or at least Roy thought so.

    Massaging his eye patch, Roy felt as if the injury was throbbing. One hand was still pushing Fullmetal down.
  8. Walking out of that room should be so simple. It should just be a doorknob turn away from freedom. It should be, but then there is Roy Mustang. With his hand interlocked on the soft fleshy arm.

    It was bad enough that Roy held Ed in such a way that makes him look like a child to his father, but then feeling his neck get taken and hauled up like a pussy made Edward all flustered and only made things worse. He took him and pushed him upon the bed in such a way that continues to make him feel things he didn't want to feel.

    His skin by this point was so hot it only could be compared to the legendary phoenix flames. Mixing the weird feelings Roy gave and on top that

    Then the man pushed his weight and told him the one thing that could not be taken back. "JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE HIGHER THEN ME DOES NOT MAKE YOU BETTER THAN ME! I'M NOT LOSING AL BECAUSE OF YOU! I BET YOU SET ALL OF THIS UP DIDN'T YOU?! YOU ARE NOT DOING THIS TO ME YOU ... FLAME HEAD!"

    Tears roll down his face while the boy was kicking smacking and screaming. The boy believed he knew exactly what was going on now. However if someone else was looking on this scene from the outside you can tell this was just one big misunderstanding. Try telling that to Ed though.

    Trying to get free from the Colonel was an exorcise in tedium as it would not be. The man could possibly do it no problem in normal circumstances. With his current illness though it was nigh impossible.
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  9. Al? Alphonze Elric? Why did his brother come out all of a sudden? Roy tutted. This kid must not be in his right mind due to fever. He frowned at the word, 'flame head'. What was Full Metal thinking of him? Well, Roy also called the alchemist some names, but calling names and hearing one was completely different. Roy forced the boy more firnly back into the bed as the nuns hurried to the alchemists with sedatives and antifebriles. With help of the colonel, they injected the medicines to Full Metal. Roy still forced the boy down for the alchemist to cease struggling.

    Looking down at the burning alchemist, concerns and worries clouded Roy's eyes. If Edward was so sick as to say some rubbish and delirious utterances, this fever could be serious. Maybe it could even affect the brain. Roy ran his hands through his messy hair. The black strands were wet with the warmth of the room and his effort to calm down the major. After Full Metal regains some sense, he's gonna make fun of this for years, Roy made a firm resolution.

    "Calm down, Full Metal. I didn't set up anything. Alright. I'm not superior than you. So just sleep now, your fucking kid."

    Roy tried to coax Edward, but his words got a bit harsh in the end. After all, it was rainy day, and Edward was acting like a pig. Irritated and tired sigh escaped through his mouth. Roy was definitely going to ask for change in his partner later. Or at least, some vacation for Full Metal and him. He really didn't like it, but Roy may even have to go to Edward's house. Elric brothers were teens despite their abilities, and who knows what they were eating? Roy didn't expect there will be anything good for a patient to eat in the house of two teenager boys. He knew that from his own experience.

    Looking at the rains outside the window softening, Roy fanned himself a bit at the heat.
  10. The nuns and Roy were enough of a sting to the kids ego to continue to get his motor running so to speak. It was hard enough that the boy was sick and being topped in a way by the guy who was believed to be trying and turn Edward gay, but now the nuns were all sticking this needle into that and filling up that tube with such and such medicine. It was hell and a nightmare that came to life before the blonds very eyes. What was worse is that now all this happened the original plan of trying to shrug the whole sickness off and make it seem like nothing was going on was an utter failure.

    If Roy were to say right to the kids face 'I worry about you. Please tell me what is wrong.' it would only be seen as another spit in the face. In this current state of mind Ed could only be talked to directly. In this mood it would be possible to shut him up with a hot kiss and making sweet love to the kid. Although Roy naturally wouldn't have those thoughts. As much as Ed deeply confusingly wanted him too. Sighing sadly and shaking his head left to right Ed felt defeated.

    Go to sleep? That was a laugh. With those dreams that have been going on Ed would rather stay sick and awake then sleep with recovery and see buff Roy owning the kid body and soul. The fact that Edward fights sleep could be the reason sickness invaded him so easily in the first place. Thinking about that was enough to make him cry more. Tears still streamed down his face while toes curled and head shaking. Holding his face for a moment with one hand blocking one eye the boy could not be quiet.

    "Go to sleep? Do you know what nightmares plague me in my dreams?! Let me die before a hell like sleeping curses thy soul! You ask me to calm down, but if you were me then it would be all to clear. I know you must be thinking of words like 'emo' and 'goth' or whatever. The fact of the matter is a monster worse then the Humunculi is attacking inside my head! It can't be beat. I'd doubt you understand or care ... then again your the last person I'd want to talk about such things with." Ed sat up in the bed not taking out the IV's this time and looks squarely at Roy.

    "Why are you even here?! You don't care about me! All you see me as is a soldier! I'm sick and down, but still alive and likely to make a full recovery! So what is the point of sticking around?! Im just trash to you! Just a toy! Something a child plays with! You don't care!" The boy sounded like this was more to convince himself then Roy. The fact the same thing got repeated over and over so many times was more then enough of a hint on that. Both hands cover both eyes as tears really start to stream like the rain outside.
  11. Despite the sedatives, the boy was strong. He refused to go back into sleep and rashed out, shouting with all his voice. Roy motioned the nuns and doctors to move away, and close the door. It wouldn't be good to show one of the strongest alchemist of the state in half-maddened state. Roy looked at Edward.

    "Go to sleep? Do you know what nightmares plague me in my dreams?! Let me die before a hell like sleeping curses thy soul! You ask me to calm down, but if you were me then it would be all to clear. I know you must be thinking of words like 'emo' and 'goth' or whatever. The fact of the matter is a monster worse then the Humunculi is attacking inside my head! It can't be beat. I'd doubt you understand or care ... then again your the last person I'd want to talk about such things with."

    He was too careless. Edward was just a teen after all. The fight with homunculus would of course leave a huge injury to him. Even Roy himself lost Hugh and that wouldn't be cured with anything. Roy looked down at the boy with faltering eyes. He was feeling guilty especially when it was him who made Edward the state alchemist in the first place. Although it was all for the sake of his country, and he would have done the same if he's given another chance, that didn't erase his guilt from seeing the once strong boy crying like this.

    "Why are you even here?! You don't care about me! All you see me as is a soldier! I'm sick and down, but still alive and likely to make a full recovery! So what is the point of sticking around?! Im just trash to you! Just a toy! Something a child plays with! You don't care!"

    "No. You're not a toy. I've never thought of you as trash. I care about you."

    Holding the boy in his arms, Roy patted the alchemist. Tears and sweats wet his shirt, but Roy didn't care any of that right now. Roy didn't exactly understand what was troubling Edward now. But he knew that Edward was angry at something, to the point of fearing it. Roy held the boy, waiting for the sedative to take effect. Although Edward was mad, he would fall asleep in a few minutes if he thought about the volume of the sedative.
  12. What did Ed have to do?! Everything that could be hurled at the man to make him react in some way that would just create hate between the two. Revealing the true feelings so that the man can confirm them. Something! All that he did though was the total opposite of what Ed wanted.

    "No. You're not a toy. I've never thought of you as trash. I care about you."

    No! That can't be true! If he cared then Al and Ed could live in peace! With this ... Then the man hold him once again in a hug that resulted in Edward holding back tears still coming down his face. Pressing the face againt the others chest made the boy hate himself. This was what he wanted the alchemist told himself. I've lost! No matter what can be done I have lost now! That was what the boy kept telling himself. Nothing can remove the love that the boy felt for the fellow alchemist.

    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Roy. I hate you. I hate you. Do you hear me?! I hate you!" The volume kept rising. "I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate ..." The boy fell to sleep in his arms if you missed all of the other stuff you would of not known any conflict was going on. A face lovingly against the Colonels chest. The hold was tight too.

    In his dreams it happened again. Although only worse. It didnt stop once Al left.

    "I hate you brother! I've never thought you were like that!" The brother slowly drifting away. Dog paws reached out but nothing was reached. "Oh come on now Ed. Do you really need him? I mean you have me! And my hunky man dick!" [BCOLOR=#000000]Taking the boys head and pushing it up to the groin a evil smirk comes on the colonels face. "Just admit it! You got the hots for me! It's understandable! All the girls do, it was only a matter of time men did too! Come on say it! Confess!" The male tried to argue with Roy, but it was all useless. All that came out was dog barks and evil laughs from the flame alchemist. "FINE! I admit it alright! I've got a crush on you! It's weird and feels so confusing especially when I've liked woman before and it feels good when you make me submit! I don't understand it and I want to, but I just want to keep my pride and my brother and damn it am I asking that much?!" "You know pride is one of the deadly sins. You should know that better then anyone!" The rest of the dream conceived of Ed performing oral sex on Roy. Hating himself for enjoying the experience. [/BCOLOR]
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