Full Metal Alchameist(fma)

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  1. Ya..... its a roleplay about fma got a problem?! ok if you wanna join here 4 things we kinda need to know

    alchemy type:
    Military name:

    here's mine

    Name: Jake Freeman
    alchemy type: electricity
    Military name: the electric alchemist
    looks: tall tan military uniform inside hq with bandana around mouth outside on causal days white t-shirt bandana on mouth and his electro gloves
  2. name: Isabella nightfread
    alchemy type: metal i think mostly the i am trying to think what Edward use
    Military name: The One
    looks: shes a short drity blond hair, green eyes , and pale skin girl. wares a red black cloak with black tank top and black bag pants. she sall was waers that and if not she waers a white tank top and black jeans.
    dislikes: hates everyone but mostly Jake freeman XD
    like: herself, icecream and food
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  3. jake sat in his office messin with the light "woo" span finger in the air he was alone only one in hq today cus well he wanted to be
  4. The One went to hq wanting a new misson from the stupid head Jake face. she hated people but she purely hated jake the most out of everyone here. she walks into his ofice in her white tankto and bagys. not caring about the uniforms. "i want a misson now" she said one hand face down n his dask
  5. jake "theres a problem in the town of Dublin near the southern hq theres been talk of a gang of chimeras talking human chimeras ...."
  6. good i will take it and wait wha the gang called" her brows frown and she didnt like the sund of this
  7. jake "the Blood dragons,,,," he stood and looked out his window "if you need any help call another alchemist in....soilders wont kill them.... trust me"he took his bandana threw it on desk "and don't die ....."
  8. why would you even care about me jake" she smirked but she didnt like the sound of the name and she knew them very well. lets just say she helped them once upon a time
  9. jake "cus they killed my family...... and gave me a reason to wear my bandana......and.......ive lost to many people lately.....your .....your my only friend right now....."
  10. she was shocked she never thought of him as a friend. she had to smile there a real smile. "how can you think that after all the rude things i have said to you how. and i dont need afriend" she turned away from him upset then leaves his office. she didnt want a friend she knew if she did they can get hurt by her
  11. jake after she leaves he looks at his reflection in the window his jaw line was burnt and some part of the bone was showing he put his bandana back on and sat down picking up a flask full of whiskey
  12. she takes the tain wich is a three day train ride to the town Dubin. but she didnt care. she sat in the back cart. with her cloak she used it as a blanket but she coudnt sleep. she keeps on think about what Jake said about her and him being friends.
  13. Name: Lilia Everes
    Alchemy type: Plant
    Military name: The Evergreen Alchemist
    Looks: She has long brown hair and deep green eyes. She wears her military uniform with her hair usually up in a ponytail when she is at work. On her days off her outfit of choice is a green skirt with a grey sweater, long grey socks, and gym shoes. She, also, doesn't bother to do anything with her hair when she is not working and leaves it down.
    Likes: animals, nature, chocolate
    Dislikes: criminals, drama, big cities

    "I'm sorry I'm late!," Lilia said frantically as she rushed through the doors of the office. "I got a little lost and-" she stopped when she noticed that only Jake was in the room. "Sorry, I was just transferred from West City. I'm Lilia, The Evergreen Alchemist," she smiled as she introduced herself and waited for Jake to respond.
  14. jake "im jake the electric alchemist...."he sighed "you can go to your lodgings for the night since you just got her but tomorrow you start "
  15. "Understood," she said followed by a salute. "I am curious though, sir, about the people I will be working with. If you don't mind me asking, what are they like?" She looked curiously at Jake hoping that he would give her some insight.
  16. cure him" she said out loud with a frown. she then starts to smile thinking about what he said. "maybe i need a friend" she thinks "maybe i should try to make friends but how?" she thinks again then sghs and slowly falls asleep on the train ride.
  17. jake kicks a chair out foor her "sit 2 of us you make 3..... theres me the electric one then...." shutters
  18. Lilia sat in the chair and waited patiently for him to continue. Jake seemed nice enough, but his reaction made her nervous to meet the other person. 'I wonder how he makes the electricity,' she thought. 'Maybe his uniform is made out of fabric that is really staticky or he might just carry a taser around with him and use that.' She realized that she was zoning out and quickly brought her attention back to Jake hoping that he didn't notice.
  19. jake "her name is Isabella ... a metal alchemist also known as the one and she isn't the nicest person in the world so try to be nice to her and I bet your wondering how I make the electricity ...." he takes off his bandana again showing his torn up jaw line "my bandana is made of special fabric witch send it threw the metal pieces in my jaw line and make me able to control it and if I touch a generator id be able to wipe out a whole city...."
  20. "Woah," Lilia said in awe. She realized that she was starring and averted her gaze as to not be rude. "That's amazing!" she said to Jake. Then remembering what he had said about the other girl she asked, "Where is Isabella?"