Full Digital Drawings and Sketches for Characters<3

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  1. Hey y'all! Okay, so here's the deal<3 I work with a tablet on a computer with my work and can do different styles of characters, including slightly realistic ones and anime. I mostly do free commissions, and love drawing things for people and often will have these drawings done in three days or less. Anyone interested, just say so! First come first serve, and yada yada yada~

    Oh, and I'll be putting up two of my rougher drawings to show basic styles I can do for anyone^^
    For example-
    Semi-Realistic: (not finished. Still working on hair and background) elven_girl_rough_draft_by_itssarabetch-d7ui5fc.jpg and More Cartoonish (which isn't finished either, most obviously XD When I actually do these in both styles for people, I plan on adding in a lot more detailing and work): 45df967f-928e-4d1e-b9f9-a082d771f5b6.jpg
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  2. Are you familiar with the Zoras from the Zelda series? If so I did have a character I wanted made. If you dont mind that is ^.^
  3. Are you still taking free commissions?