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  1. Hi! As the title says, I'm looking for someone to draw me a picture of a character of mine. At the moment, I'm broke, but when I do get money, I'll be able to pay if nobody is willing/can do it for free at the moment. Anyway, PM me or just post on this thread and we'll talk!

  2. Doing sketching practices with iwaku chars~ Here is Zephyr
    It's very loose so I don't know if it's usable for a reference, but it was fun playing with body shapes. ^_^

    Zephyr (open)

    Also for your reference, this was the set of notes I compiled when drawing:

    Black Hair (messy, thin ponytail, scruffy, mid-back length)
    Yellow Eyes

    Average Body, Pear-shaped, medium-large breasts, supple hips/thighs
    Dark, plain, clothing

    Nice, pleasant

    An artist usually does not need a full wall of character sheet stuff to draw a pic D: Just physical notes, and a very vague personality to match the expression with.
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  3. It's great! Thank you so much!!