Fukanō Wanai (Nothing is Impossible) Modern Fantasy RP

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  1. Fukanō Wanai
    "Nothing is Impossible"


    Very tl;dr and still fleshing everything out.

    - Looking for Co-GM to help me out.
    - Modern Fantasy/Sci-Fi Themes
    - Small Group 5-6 People
    - Looking for Help!

    *Name of Mages is pending.

    *Faction tab in the works.

    *Science by Karakui
    SCIENCE (open)

    The History of Chimera, and the Chimera Organ

    10 years ago, a creature was found in the Amazon that had never been seen before. An insect that could do things only able to be described as miracles. Maleficus nuntius, these strange creatures could set obstacles in their path ablaze in the wet rain forest climate using no chemical reaction of any sort. Another variant could basically levitate through their will alone. Scientists across the world flocked to harvest these insects, and they reaped them to near extinction.

    Upon autopsy, the researchers found the source of the insects' abilities, a silvery translucent organ that caused the unbelievable when the brain sent signals to activate it. Extracting these organs out of several specimens, a team of geneticists saught to recreate the organ in a controlled surrounding able to implanted into other creatures. Succesfully albeit, the team was astonished of what they had made. The Chimera Organ, it was first tested on smaller mammals like mice and rabbits, testing showed that it gave similar effects to rabbits while mice were not compatable and instead became more hostile. Next, they tested it on wolves and large cats, both were compatible and able to use the organ to a more effective degree. Finally they tested in on a small group of human subjects.
    4 of the 5 subjects proved succesfully compatable with organ, a success in the eyes of the scientists. The 5th subject however did not agree.

    While other subjects from different species only became hostile when not compatable with the organ, this woman underwent a series of changes. Her skin and muscle tissue hardened to a frightening degree, her pupils slit and intensified her sight along with her other senses, and most importantly she lost every sliver of humanity. The 5th subject rampaged, killing the other subjects along with the scientists that supervised. She was the first accidental Chimera, and the project was nearly shut down because of her.
    Luckily, the high-power investors who funded the whole thing had the resources to cover it up. And under their word, the project continued on with the information they needed. The Chimera Organ was mostly human compatable, and those who were had obtained powers unable to be explained. It just needed a little more perfecting before this miracle-maker could become a goldmine.

    Their next trial involved the organ itself. They still didnt fully understand why it would cause subjects to go berserk, was it due to the body rejecting the foreign organ or something else? They turned their direction to the original host, the bug, maybe it held the answers. Investigation on its behavior showed very litte aggression at first, until one of them was placed in a container with any sort of carnivorous creature. They insect would then viciously attack the predator with a number of combustions.

    Finding a similarity, they looked further into this behavior and found that the Maleficus nuntius only reacted to predators they found threatening. This could be te cause, they thought, maybe if the subject was isolated the incompatible subjects would not go through the transformation. 5 new subjects were chosen, this time they were secluded into their own rooms. During this trial, 3 were now compatable with the organ while 2 were rejected though the changes in these two were different. The 4th subject sprouted horns from his head, his canines sharpened, and his nails formed into claws. The new 5th subject had very little changes other than a tail sprouting from her behind. What was important is that while isolated, these two did not react aggressively and while surprised of how their body had changed, they calmed after being reconciled by the voices of researchers.

    Short-lived however, as after tests were completed and the subjects were released the two rejected went berserk once again, now working together to attack the other three. Fortunately, one of the successful specimens had quickly gotten the hang of their newfound powers and subdued the two Chimeras. While unresponsive, they were subject to a plethora of experimentation and in the end, biopsied, it is then that they discovered that the organ's silver tissue spreads throughout the bodies of rejected hosts and changes everything about the anatomy of the person. The girl's muscle strucure strengthened and her body rapidly developed the bones for a tail, the man's arm and leg structure seemed more suited for high speed running on all fours.

    The Chimera Organ made it possible to do the unbelievable, or become the unbelievable.

    The World has Changed

    Chimeras, the Chimera Organ, and other scientific developments have reshaped the world as we know it. The human population has been nearly halved due to people who had gotten the Chimera Organ transplanted in them running around and causing chaos. Also, Chimeras themselves are quite plentiful and have over time adapted into society, though are still harshly discriminated against due to their prior actions towards the human race. Some Chimera sects still actively work against the human race on their own agenda, though it's not seen as that big of a threat and is mostly ignored by the Order of Worldwide Safety. Speaking of them, the Order of Worldwide Safety or "OWS" for short has dominated the political powers of the world through brute force and are now the global voice of law around the globe. Their seats are filled with an array of different able bodied people, though one things they have in common is that they are all holders of a Chimera Organ and can use them effectively.

    For the most part, all heavily populated metropolitan areas still exist and are blossoming with activity. Though, smaller towns and establishment are usually abandoned as they are too far from the OWS Protection seeing as their hubs are based in major cities. The world is a lot more dangerous. Many new species have arisen to become more hip with the coming trend of things, former lab animals escaped, bred, evolved, and now even wildlife is capable of the impossible. Though not to the same degree as a human or Chimera. these animals are still very real threats to your average citizen and the OWS's primary job is keeping these beasts in check.

    Doing the Impossible, [Mages]

    People who successfully receive a Chimera Organ Transplant become capable of doing the impossible. Modern Science is still not able to explain this phenomenon seeing as the things these people are capable of doing were only thought of possible in fantasy, and thus are given a name based on that fantasy. They are as a group called Mages, characters in fantasy settings akin to wizards or sorcerers, though what they are capable of doing is not quite casting a spell.

    Mages are restricted to one 'branch' of incredible, and it is to that branch they are restricted. The most common branch is Telekineses, though that doesn't restrict them to bending spoons with their mind, many can move ungodly heavy objects with a sufficient amount of strain, some can even fly. With use, and training, and age, a person can exercise their organ and make it stronger as time goes on. The strongest known Mage is the current Chairwoman of OWS 'Selene A. Lumell' who's branch she has called "Compress" leveled a mountain in Northwestern Europe.

    Becoming the Impossible, [Chimeras]

    People who unsuccessfully receive a Chimera Organ Transplant are overtaken by the otherworldly and become something unimaginable altogether. Chimeras are very diverse, though they can be classified into three classes; Humanoid, Beast, or Monster.

    Humanoids are the most commonly seen Chimeras as they are not afraid of showing themselves, they look very similar to humans in almost every aspect, there's quite a following for girls and boys who sprout animal ears and tails, while vampires are still a bit feared by society.

    Beasts are further from looking human, they lose most physical human traits but retain their humanity. A very revered Beast who is respected by society is Dr. Ken Ayato, formerly a surgeon who was doing Chimera Organ Transplants for extra money, he decided to try the procedure on himself and what was once a young Asian suave is now a very large wolf-like creature who can speak the human language.

    The last classification of Chimera are the Monster Class, and they are never seen in public due to the fact that they are unable to be around humans. They can range from humanoid to beastly to colossal creatures of grotesque image, though the main things that makes them different from other Chimeras is that they are vastly more dangerous. Monsters are often out in the wilds, or inhabiting abandoned towns forming colonies of Chimeras that they lead. They innately are respected by other Chimeras and are feared just the same because of how strong they are. The only Monster captured and explained thoroughly to the public was known as Annie. The Monster took the appearance of a small girl, it was explained that she looked innocent as a way to camouflage herself. As she was forced by a large number of Mages to demonstrate what she was capable, people watched in horror as she opened her mouth revealing a hard structure where her tongue would be, this structure expanded before firing a tremendous blast of force from her mouth breaking through several prepared concrete walls.

    The Plot [Why the Characters are needed, what they need to do.]

    Over the past year, more and more people have been making pilgrimages out to reestablish smaller towns because of over-population in the larger cities. However, due to the threats outside of OWS's range many of these pilgrimages end in a slaughter of weak Mages and defenseless people. The Japanese hub located in oh-lovely Tokyo has been hit some heavy blows due to criminal activity, and has hired a large number of talented Mages and Chimeras to make up for their losses. While their main forces are cleaning up the streets of our lovely city, a team is needed for the mission of escorting a promising group of pilgrims to Kawagoe. The dangers of this mission are mostly unknown, but the new recruits are in need of experience anyway.

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  2. So, there's some things I don't quite understand.

    Tell me if any of these statements are incorrect:

    Chimeras, in any form, go berserk when exposed to what they view as something threatening.
    Humanoid and Beast Chimeras retain their rationality, but will still go berserk in the face of an appropriate threat.
    Humanoid Chimeras are basically your way of going "fuck it, need cat girls".

    And a question: Do chimeras also have a branch, or does their organ manifesting physically mean they lack an ability?
  3. Humanoid and Beast Chimeras have adjusted into society, but around threatening presences "that arent fellow Chimeras" yes.

    Humanoid Chimeras lets me have fantasy characters in a modern setting, including but not limited to catgirls.

    It's possible, but very rarely happens. Monster Chimeras are the exception, but that story is for another day.
  4. Aw that's a shame, I wanted a magical catgirl. My strong points are worldbuilding and power development, and you said you're looking for help, so I can lend a hand if you want. If you feel it necessary, I can make a bit of pseudoscience to explain why the organs manipulate reality, too. Though it will be very pseudosciency.
  5. Halp? Woooo~♡

    PM about the catgirl, and shoot me some pseudo knowledge Kyubey-chan!
  6. Looks pretty interesting. If you want any help with faction stuff or mechanics go ahead and message me.
  7. I'd appeciate that!
  8. Plopping interest.
  9. Fascinating, sure as sure. Allow me to leave my interest right over here, then.
  10. Thanks for the interest!
  11. Let's do dis.

    Also, Adachi best Sekai Oni.
  12. I'm interested, but have a very limited posting schedule restricted to the weekends.
  13. No, just no.

    That's fine I'll probably have a window of at least 1 post a week.
  14. Updates were made, more coming throughout today.
  15. Faction Dump[​IMG]

    ◇ The Grand Church ◇

    Base of Operations: Rome, Italy

    The catholic church has had many changes over the past couple years. Most notably after the pope announced that he had undergone a Chimera Organ Transplant reluctantly, though god commanded for him to. He preached to the masses that he was blessed, and could now perform miracles in god's name. Recently they have been converting hundreds of other christian believers into their order and the European Territories have been increasingly overtaken in their crusade.

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  16. Been quite some time, Anderiel, how's it been going?
  17. Awesome, I'll read all the stuff and get back to you with any questions or idea-ers.
  18. L - iving
    I - ndefinitely
    F - or
    E - ntertainment
  19. N - ice
    E - xpansion
    A - pplication
    T - here
  20. The brilliant minds in this thread should help me think of a new name for those Mages.
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