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  1. All I'm asking is for this person to teach me how to roleplay, not be an asshat and make me join a roleplay that I don't want to join. I asked to roleplay with him not do a roleplay in a group or even another one x one, him!.
  2. I wish I could start everything over and relearn how to roleplay again.
  3. Well I mean... what exactly do you want to learn? How do you want to learn?

    I mean you said you wanted to "roleplay with someone" but then got mad when you were invited to a group or 1x1 RP. In that case, maybe you should be a bit clearer about what you're asking for? Because it sounds like you wanted to be in a 1x1 or something to me.

    I mean I'd gladly lend a hand if I knew what you were asking for.
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  4. I take it he must've just misunderstood and didn't mean any harm? I'm sure if you explain to him that you want to roleplay with just him so that he could teach you, he'll gladly agree to it. c: Unless you already tried that and he still insists that you join a group, in which case... maybe he feels that you may learn better in a group? I understand groups roleplays can be a bit intimidating though... so if it doesn't seem to be working, then maybe you may be best finding someone else in the meantime?

    I'm always available if you would like to learn how to RP! I'm not the best at it or anything, but the offer is open~ Plus, just know that everyone has different styles (or expectations) when it comes to RPing, so it's difficult to learn an exact "proper" way... but I think as long as you can have fun with your partner, then that's all that matters! And I can safely say that no matter what type of roleplayer you are, there's always bound to be a person that will compliment your own RP style. ^^

    Best of luck!
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  5. I get it's a rant and all, but from the limited information you provided this 'asshat' did a perfectly legitimate thing by inviting you to a roleplay. You have the freedom to turn such an offer down if you're not interested in said RP, of course, but I'm not really sure what the purpose of this thread is. You see, you're asking for someone to teach you to play pretend and then interact with other people playing pretend. If your inquiry was as vague as your rant, you must understand it is difficult to understand what you are looking for.

    I can only hypothesize what would trigger such a reaction. My guess is that it's shame. You do not want others to see your writing while you feel you're not ready. You're looking for training wheels or a shallow pool, so that if something goes wrong there's a safety net. If that is so, let me ask you why you would feel shame over being judged on playing pretend by other people playing pretend? Our goals here are to entertain our selves, for some to escape the stress of their outside lives. If you can do just that, which trust me, you probably can, where is the shame in that? Sure, different roleplays will have varying requirements. That doesn't really matter. It's not a status thing. and everyone who treats it like a status-thing is a shallow cunt because they forgot what roleplaying is about in the first place. Want to know who isn't a shallow cunt? The guy reaching out to you and inviting you to a roleplay. He is someone who wants to share his experiences with you directly. I can think of no better teaching method.

    Or maybe I'm wrong and something else is the case. Who knows.

    Nonetheless, if there are some specific topics you really feel you need to dive into, @Brovo wrote two guides that go into detail about how to set up posts and characters;

    No guide is an end-all, but these are certainly good places to start.
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  6. I'm the 'asshat' in question, and I would like to clear the air. Also, a word of advice, don't post rants about people where they can see them @SugarlizedWonderland

    She asked me to teach her how to stop writing 'one note' characters. I told her the way that I learned to be a better RPer. Sure, guides are nice and everything, but nothing compares to first hand experience. I gave her a link to an Academy RP, and I asked her to draw up a CS since I personally believe that her main problem was that her characters lacked personality. In an Academy RP, your character usually can't have the fantastic and overwhelming background stories common in Fantasy therefore you have to focus on making the character believable yet interesting.

    I never said 'Join this RP'. I asked her to make a CS and send it to me since I think that the ability to make a good character is the foundation of a good RPer. I understand where the confusion may have came from, but I would have appreciated a little bit more maturity from someone who asked me to help them. I would have explained over PM, but she immediately blocked me afterwards. I was content to let it remain water under the bridge, but I don't see any good reason for her to ostracize my actions on a public section of the forum regarding a private matter. At least not without my two cents being thrown in when the matter of the rant is directed towards me.

    I would like to thank @Kaga-kun @OtomeLove and @Kestrel for not jumping to conclusions. I was just attempting to help. I wish you the best Sugar, and I wish luck to anyone that attempts to help you after seeing this.
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  7. Rants about other members is a no-no. ):

    I gotta lock dis now.
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