Fuck-Boy : The Purge (Both one on one, and group role play)

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  1. The year is 2045. . . America abolishes all laws for 12 hours on one day of the year. Jarid Montel is a wealthy eighteen year old teenager who is spoiled, but at heart a nice guy. For this year, his family has left the country in order to escape the Purge, but they left Jarid Montel behind for what seemed to be a reasonable explanation. Their house is empty, and it is barricaded and protected with a state of the art security system. Jarid is not there, but instead lives in a secret location under the ground on his rich family's estate. The plan, is that as soon as the Purge ends, Jarid would leave his secret lair and check on the house.

    Jarid has brought his best friend _____, to his secret protected place underground. What Jarid doesn't understand is that his friend intends to Purge on Jarid. . . with sexual assault. . . His friend brings his girl friend and a small club of sex freaks to Jarid's compound. He hopes to "persuade" and coerce Jarid into joining the Sex Freaks by subjecting him to horrifying humiliation and erotic torture before the twelve hours of the Purge are over.

    *lubricant needed, no condoms needed
    *no risk of STDS or pregnancy, however, in 2040, they have preventive measures that far surpass our own
    *anal rape is allowed, but apply lubricant
    *I'm obsessed with my main character having a dick in his mouth for long periods of time
    *I'm obsessed with small penis humiliation *My character will have a four inch long dick with 1 inch in girth, but this is a special case of unusual circumstances. . . his sex organs can be grown or shrank when the situation demands it, due to technology. (Perhaps grown to huge proportions when some characters want it).
    *Be willing to play two characters. . .
    *I'm also interested in cock and ball torture. . . including optional complete emasculation, including removal of the penis through biting, and the testicles through total crushing (blunt force, repetitive punching, perhaps). This removal of his sex organs can also be healed, for repeated actions of this.

    The Sex Freaks are looking to turn Jarid into their "Fuckboy". Where he is their concubine. While the first part of the role play takes 12 hours, The Purge, the rest of the role play takes place after the Purge.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.